T. Chester's 1999 Hikes

The following table lists most of my hikes on the web, and contains dates for some hikes that I have not yet written up. Hikes indexed in my Hikes in the SGM site are given an "SGM #", and hikes indexed in my San Diego site are marked with x in the "SD" column. A few Grand Canyon hikes are also included, marked with gc in the "SD" column, and Sierra Nevada hikes, marked with sn in the "SD" column. Hikes that are blank in both columns are SGM hikes that haven't been written up yet.

Calibrate your hiking ability against mine.

Explanation of column headings.

DateSGM #SDMileageTotal time (hours) Alt. gain (cumulative)Ave. mphName
12/30/99 x5.152.97001.8Blue Sky to Lake Poway Loop
12/19/99100 7.054.422001.6San Sevaine to Cucamonga Peak (partway)
12/14/99 1.751.53001.2Bailey Canyon Waterfall
12/14/99 3.353.08001.1Lower Clamshell Truck Trail
12/09/99 x14.807.935001.9Dripping Springs to Agua Tibia Mountain, Palomar Mountain Range
12/02/9948.3 8.005.918001.4Monrovia Canyon Park to Sawpit Canyon, Deer Park
11/28/9994 11.526.522801.8Stockton Flat Public Campground to Baldy Notch
11/25/99 x9.505.524001.7Dripping Springs to Agua Tibia Mountain, Palomar Mountain Range (partway)
11/15/9983.3 7.965.55001.5Vincent Gap to South Fork Campground via Manzanita Trail
11/06/99 sn10.206.38001.6Glacier Point to Curry Village Via Panorama Trail
10/29/99 x4.752.34502.1Los Santos Trail to Hidden Valley, Coyote Trail, Trans-Preserve Trail
10/23/9995 14.709.837001.5Manker Flat to Baldy Notch, Thunder, Telegraph, Timber Mtns., Icehouse Saddle, Icehouse Canyon via San Antonio Falls Road and Chapman Trail
10/21/99 x4.002.18001.9Desert View Loop Trail, William Heise County Park
10/15/99 x9.705.423001.8Blue Sky Ecological Reserve To Mt. Woodson
09/26/99 gc9.219.623001.0New Hance Day Hike: Rim to Redwall Descent
09/25/99 gc12.958.732161.5Bright Angel Trail to Plateau Point
09/21/9983.1 5.754.49501.3Vincent Gap to Jackson Lake via PCT, Jackson Lake Trail
09/16/9993 11.0010.246001.1Blue Ridge to Pine and Dawson Mtns. and Mt. San Antonio
09/12/99 x11.277.324001.5Dripping Springs to Agua Tibia Mountain, Palomar Mountain Range
09/09/99 x4.422.05002.2Sycamore Canyon: Loop From Sycamore Canyon Road Trailhead, Poway
09/05/99 x9.004.716001.9Ellie Lane Staging Area to Iron Mountain, Poway
08/30/99 x10.155.523501.9Blue Sky Ecological Reserve to Mt. Woodson
08/22/99 x12.958.230001.6Pine Springs to Red Tahquitz Peak
08/20/99 x7.804.218001.9Blue Sky Ecological Reserve to Mt. Woodson Ridge
08/15/99 x10.607.436001.4Fobes Ranch Trail to Spitler Peak, Apache Peak
07/30/99 5.554.02001.4Red Box to Switzer's
07/20/99 x8.454.919001.7Blue Sky Ecological Reserve to Mt. Woodson Ridge
06/30/99 9.757.228001.3Islip Saddle to Dawson Saddle
06/28/99 0.771.1Lightning Ridge Nature Trail
06/28/99 3.953.87001.0Buckhorn Campground to Cooper Falls
06/12/99 x8.006.620001.2South Ridge Trail to Tahquitz Peak Lookout, Humber Park
06/09/99 12.853000South Fork Trail to Islip Saddle, plus higher
06/05/99 Lakeview Point to antennae (San Bernardino Mtns.)
06/03/99 Toll Road to Henninger Heliport
05/29/99 Rubio Canyon
05/20/99tbs 10.902800Sam Merrill to Echo Mtn., Mt. Lowe Fire Road to Campground, Middle Sam Merrill
05/16/99  San Pasqual Valley
05/16/99  San Pasqual Valley
05/15/99  Hellhole Canyon
05/11/99  Rainbow Creek
05/06/99  Santa Rosa Plateau
04/23/99  Little Santa Anita Canyon
04/16/99  Santa Rosa Plateau
04/05/99  Rubio Canyon
03/28/99  Dripping Springs
03/18/99  Santa Rosa Plateau
03/12/9948 10.207.432001.448 Duarte to Fish Canyon, Fish Canyon Falls
03/03/99  Dripping Springs
02/27/99  Tenaja Falls
02/27/99  Lookout Peak, Santa Margarita Mtns.
02/20/99  Dripping Springs
02/16/99  Santa Rosa Plateau
01/28/99  Santa Rosa Plateau
01/15/99  Lookout Peak, Santa Margarita Mtns.
01/07/99 x7.804.213001.9Hellhole Canyon: West Trail
01/01/99 x7.003.918501.8Hellhole Canyon: Siphon Loop

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