Explanation of columns for hiking logs

Column nameExplanation
Recording number (#)A sequential number identifying the data recorded
MileageThe cumulative mileage given by a pedometer. It is usually accurate to about 10% versus "truth" and from comparing "up" miles with "down" miles. A detailed comparison of my pedometer against the very accurate Bright Angel Trail mileages shows overall excellent agreement.
Pedometer history:
  • Got new pedometer 12/95, set at 1.5' per step.
  • 7/23/96: changed setting to 1.75' per step. It is interesting that this pedometer reads roughly the same as another pedometer I have that is set to 2.6' per step! My step size is surely actually closer to the 2.6', but I use whatever works to give accurate results.
Time arrivedThe time that I arrived at the place that is being recorded.
Time leftIf present, the time that I left that place that is being recorded. If absent, I left at the same time as I arrived.
AltitudeThe altitude given by my altimeter. It is usually within 100-200' of the true altitude. I never reset my altimeter, so it is not guaranteed to be more accurate at the beginning of a hike. (I haven't found it necessary to reset it, since it is generally within the quoted 100-200'.) Differential measurements are of course independent of my lack of resetting, so if you desire, you can recalibrate it if you can determine the true altitude for some stop.
CommentsCryptic pieces of information that are sometimes added for a given stop, some of which I no longer know what they mean! Here are some I do know:
  • The notation =2 for a given stop means that this is the same stop as the previous #2 stop, for example.
  • Items with names and mileages in quotation marks are usually signs at that stop giving someone's idea of the mileages to different places. Sometimes I put Sign in front of the quoted text.
  • 3 liters means I've consumed 3 liters of water up to that point.
  • 76° gives a temperature reading I made at or near that point.
  • Left means I took the trail going left at that point.
Additional Columns for T. Chester's Hikes
DateThe date I did that hike.
Total time The total time that the hike took, including all stops.
ave. mphMy average hiking speed, including all stops.
Alt. gain (cumulative)The total "up" part of the hike, measured in feet, and usually obtained from the topo map, or a reliable source. Sometimes I use a rough reading given by the cumulative positive change of my altimeter. See the entry in Explanation of Column Headings for the Hike Tables for further clarification.

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