T. Chester's Hikes Before 1999

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DateANF #SDMileageTotal time Alt. gain (cumulative) ave. mphName
12/27/98 x4.103.42001.2Vernal Pool Trail to Adobes, Trans-Preserve Trail, Santa Rosa Plateau
12/26/98 x9.855.122501.9Blue Sky Ecological Reserve to Mt. Woodson via ridge trail
12/22/98 x9.004.415002.0Daley Ranch: Engelmann Oak, Central Valley Loop Trails
12/16/98 x4.502.98001.6Daley Ranch: Engelmann Oak Loop
12/10/9887.17.105.121001.487-1 East Fork Ranger Station to Bonita Peak
12/03/98 x8.253.920502.1Hellhole Canyon: East Loop
11/27/98 x1.501.02001.5Heller's Bend
11/20/98 x7.303.87501.9Santa Rosa Plateau: Vernal Pool Trailhead to Adobes, Punta Mesa Trail, Monument Hill, Trans-Preserve Trail
11/16/98 x10.605.124002.1Blue Sky Ecological Reserve to Highway 67
11/10/98 x9.754.722502.1Blue Sky Ecological Reserve to Mt. Woodson
11/03/98 x7.803.615502.2Blue Sky Ecological Reserve to Mt. Woodson (partial)
10/23/9819p 3.752.52001.5Millard Canyon to Dawn Mine (partial)
10/19/9880x 9.056.721001.4Dawson Saddle to Throop Peak, Mt. Baden-Powell, Vincent Gap
10/16/9824p 3.451.69502.2Sam Merrill Trail - Altadena to Echo Mountain (partial)
10/10/98 x10.257.822501.3Cuyamaca Peak
10/04/9823x 9.354.528002.1Sam Merrill Trail - Altadena to Echo Mountain, Inspiration Point
09/30/98 x6.303.411501.9Blue Sky Ecological Reserve to Lake Poway, Mt. Woodson / Highway 67 Trail Separation
09/25/9839 7.054.319501.6Sierra Madre to Orchard Camp
09/16/98 x5.452.48002.3Blue Sky Ecological Reserve to Ramona Reservoir
09/09/9896 9.206.226001.5Icehouse Canyon to Icehouse Saddle
08/27/98 x4.802.18002.3Black Mountain
08/19/98 x7.203.01002.4East End, Los Penasquitos Canyon
08/13/9824p 5.152.113002.5Sam Merrill Trail to just before Echo Mountain
07/29/9824 5.903.215001.8Sam Merrill Trail to Echo Mountain
07/24/98 x10.007.22301.4Humber Park to Tahquitz Peak
07/01/9826.1 6.352.816002.3Eaton Canyon Nature Center to Henninger Flats
06/01/98 5.152.215502.3Little Santa Anita Canyon
05/28/98 4.802.513501.9Bailey Canyon to Old Cabin
05/20/98 5.603.015001.9Sam Merrill Trail to Echo Mountain
05/01/98 x7.906.111501.3Cuyamaca State Park
04/27/98 2.701.25002.3Sam Merrill Trail to Power Lines, halfway to Echo Mountain
03/01/98 6.904.024501.7Mt. Wilson Trail, Ridge to Jones Peak, Bailey Canyon Park
02/21/98 x4.003.52001.1Vernal Pool Trail to Adobes, Trans-Preserve Trail, Santa Rosa Plateau
02/14/98 x5.602.34002.4San Diego State Ecological Reserve
01/28/98 x5.402.82001.9Santa Margarita River Trail
01/17/98 x5.402.82001.9North Bank of Santa Margarita River
10/14/975.803.013501.9Sam Merrill Trail to Echo Mountain
10/08/9726.1 6.052.615502.3Eaton Canyon Nature Center to Henninger Flats
10/01/975.002.39502.2Gould Mesa to Nino Picnic Area, Arroyo Seco
09/17/9711.407.96501.4East Fork Ranger Station to the Narrows
09/07/97 x6.104.99001.2Middle Peak, Cuyamacas
09/05/97 x7.506.020001.3Devil's Slide Trail, Idyllwild
08/16/97 x2.751.27002.3Oso Trail, Caspers Regional Park
07/23/975.002.610001.9George's Gap #2
07/16/974.252.08002.1George's Gap #1
06/21/97 x6.504.84501.4200" to High Point, Palomar Mountain
06/11/975.702.98002.0Mt. Lukens Fireroad from Angeles Crest Highway
05/28/976.753.412002.0El Prieto Trail
05/07/975.752.916502.0Little Santa Anita Canyon to Helicopter Landing Spot
05/03/97 x4.953.56501.4Hellhole Canyon State Park
04/16/9748.218.458.948902.1Duarte to Monrovia Peak via Van Tassel Fire Road
03/25/9739.311.808.031501.5Bailey Canyon to Mt. Wilson Toll Road, Henninger Flats, Eaton Canyon Nature Center
03/07/9730.13.803.46501.1Eaton saddle to Mt. Markham
01/30/97 x5.754.64501.2Vernal Pool Trail, Los Santos Trail, Trans-Preserve Trail
11/07/96 x4.852.84001.8Oak Tree Trail, Trans-Preserve Trail, Vernal Pool Trailhead, Vernal Pool Trail, Lomas Trail
10/23/96245.302.514502.1Sam Merrill Trail - Altadena to Echo Mountain
10/16/96265.152.412752.1Altadena to Henninger Flats
10/02/9639.23.201.89001.8Sierra Madre to First Water
09/23/96 x2.301.3501.8st. marg.
09/18/9639.14.602.412751.9Bailey Canyon to old cabin
09/06/96 gc5.805.017501.2esplanade to bill hall trailhead
09/05/96 gc12.6511.029501.1upper tapeats to deer creek, esplanade
09/03/96 gc11.6010.3Bill hall trail to Upper Tapeats Campground
08/14/9621.15.002.46002.1Brown Mountain Fire Road to West Ridge of Brown Mountain
08/07/9626.15.102.815001.8Eaton Canyon Nature Center to Henninger Flats
07/30/9644.15.702.712502.1Chantry Flat to Microwave Antennae on San Olene Fire Road
07/23/96245.302.914001.8Sam Merrill Trail - Altadena to Echo Mountain
07/20/96changed pedometer setting to 1.75'/step.
07/15/9619.15.553.115751.8Millard Canyon to Dawn Mine, Dawn Mine Trail, Mt. Lowe Fire Road, Sunset Ridge
07/09/96396.953.120502.3Sierra Madre to Orchard Camp
06/19/9639.14.752.212752.2Bailey Canyon to old cabin
06/01/96 gc16.9513.837501.2
05/22/961213.759.034251.5Condor Peak
05/14/9646.112.406.819001.8Chantry Flat to Newcomb Pass, Newcomb Saddle
05/08/9623.19.354.728502.0Lake Ave. to Echo Mtn, Castle Canyon Trail to Inspiration Point, Sam Merrill Trail
04/10/96x4.002.04002.0Eaton Canyon bushwhacking
04/03/96396.803.320002.1Sierra Madre to Orchard Camp
02/06/9639.15.302.213002.5Bailey Canyon to old cabin
02/06/96note: "2.2 mi" old pedometer (new pedometer read 2.75 mi) changed old pedometer to 1.75'/step
12/25/95got new pedometer
11/28/95386.353.06002.2Red Box to Strawberry Spring
11/22/9526.15.602.515002.3Eaton Canyon Nature Center to Henninger Flats
10/31/9522.x5.002.114002.4Sunset Ridge to Echo Trail Junction
10/25/9539.xLittle Santa Anita - exploring west
10/04/9522.x1.8Sunset Ridge to Echo Trail Junction
09/27/952.1Bailey Canyon to old cabin
09/20/95242.5Sam Merrill Trail to Echo Mtn
09/13/95242.4Sam Merrill Trail to Echo Mtn
08/23/9539x2.4Sierra Madre to just past first water
08/08/95668.9Angeles Crest Highway to Mt. Williamson, Pleasant View Ridge, Burkhart Saddle, Little Rock Creek, Eagles Roost
07/11/95lost old faithful pedometer
07/11/95748.2San Gabriel Wilderness: Highway 39 to Smith Saddle, Bear Creek, West Fork of San Gabriel River
07/03/95  Icehouse Canyon
06/28/95  CCC Ridge
06/14/95  Sunset Ridge
06/02/95  Dripping Springs
05/23/95  Echo Mountain
05/17/95  Bailey Canyon
05/10/95  Henninger Flats from Nature Center
10/12/94  Henninger Flats
09/28/94  Bailey Canyon
09/21/94  Henninger Flats
09/07/94  Little Santa Anita
08/31/94  Echo Mountain (partial)
12/02/93  Bailey Canyon
11/25/93  Echo Mountain
06/30/91  Sunset Ridge
06/23/91  Arroyo Seco
06/16/91  Henninger Flats
05/12/9162 Buckhorn to Cooper Canyon
05/03/91  Bright Angel
05/02/91  Tonto East
05/01/91  S. Kaibab
04/27/91  Little Santa Anita
04/20/91  Henninger Flats, Idlehour, Inspiration Point, Echo Mountain
04/13/91  Winter Creek Trail
04/06/91  Van Tassel Fire Road
03/31/91  Inspiration Point
03/23/91  Echo Mountain
03/09/91  Little Santa Anita
02/23/91  Sunset Ridge to top of Millard Falls
02/02/91  Sunset Ridge to Echo Trail Junction
01/26/91  Echo Mountain
01/19/91  Echo Mountain
01/12/91  Echo Mountain
06/12/90  Waimea Canyon
06/09/90  Halemaumau
05/24/90  Echo Mountain
04/24/90  Henninger Flats
03/10/90  Mt. Bliss
12/23/89  Afton Canyon
11/12/89  Condor Peak
11/09/89  Griffith Park
11/06/89  Henninger Flats
10/23/89  Henninger Flats
09/23/89  Hermit Trail
09/22/89  Boucher - Hermit
09/21/89  Colorado River
09/20/89  Boucher Trail
09/15/89  Echo Mountain
09/13/89  Henninger Flats
09/03/89  Three T's
08/15/89  Widforss Trail, Grand Canyon
07/29/89  Old Boney Mountain, Santa Monica Mountains
07/13/89  Devils Canyon
07/09/89  Henninger Flats
05/26/89  Eaton Canyon Waterfall
05/19/89  Millard Canyon
05/12/89  Arroyo Seco
05/06/89  Liebre Mountain
05/05/89  Monrovia Canyon to the Falls
05/01/89  Henninger Flats
04/04/89  Supai to Hualapai Hilltop
04/03/89  Supai to (almost) Colorado River
04/02/89  Hualapai Hilltop to Supai, exporing behind lodge
03/29/89  Echo Mountain
03/19/89  Chantry Flat - Lower Winter Creek to Hoegee's and Mt. Zion
03/04/89  Echo Mountain
11/20/88  Sunset Ridge Fire Road
10/08/88  Dawson Saddle - Baden-Powell - Vincent Saddle
09/29/88  Henninger Flats
08/26/88  Twin Peaks and Mt. Waterman
08/21/88  Lytle Creek to Icehouse Canyon Saddle
08/11/88  West Fork to Mt. Wilson via Rattlesnake Trail
08/02/88  Henninger Flats
07/13/88  Henninger Flats
06/29/88  Echo Mountain
06/15/88  #28, Peak 2049, Santa Monica Mountains
06/01/88  Placerita canyon State Park
05/18/88  Cucamonga Peak
05/04/88  South Kaibab Trail
05/03/88  Clear Creek Trail
05/02/88  Bright Angel Trail to Plateau Point, Phantom Ranch
04/27/88  Echo Mountain, Inspiration Point
04/22/88  Mt. Wilson Toll Road to Mt. Wilson
04/16/88  Brown Mountain Loop
04/07/88  Mt. Hawkins and South Mt. Hawkins
04/06/88  Soldier Creek
04/03/887 Oak Spring
03/13/88  Sunset Peak
02/04/88  Verdugo
12/28/87  Topanga State Park
11/27/87  Mt. Disappointment and San Gabriel Peak
11/12/87  Inspiration Point
09/30/87  Pine Hollow to Throop Peak
09/06/87  Esplanade to Rim
09/05/87  Colorado River, Esplanade
09/04/87  Thunder River
09/03/87  Thunder River
08/30/87  Toll Road to Idlehour Jct.
08/27/87  Sam Merrill (partial)
08/23/87  Toll Road to 1.1 mile above Idlehour
08/20/87  Henninger Flats
08/03/87  Arroyo Seco - Brown Mountain Fire Road
07/29/87  Sunset Ridge Trail
07/23/87  Echo Mountain
07/21/8770 Islip Saddle to South Fork Campground
07/15/87  Henninger Flats
06/23/87  Henninger Flats
02/28/97  Condor Peak
01/31/87  Switzers, Bear Canyon, Tom Sloan Saddle, Eaton Saddle
01/17/8735 Josephine Peak
01/10/87  Toll Road to Rubio Canyon Trail
01/03/87  Henninger Flats
12/20/86  Echo Mountain
12/14/86  B-R and back
10/01/8621 Brown Mountain via Millard, Tom Sloan Saddle
08/08/8393 11.004600Blue Ridge to Pine and Dawson Mtns. and Mt. San Antonio
12/24/77  Toll Road to 2 miles beyond Henninger
12/04/77  Millard Falls with cat
11/27/77  Devils Punchbowl with cat (day after thanksgiving - I guessed the date)
11/06/77  Rubio Canyon
08/13/77  Mt. Waterman - my first hike in SGM!

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