T. Chester's Hikes

The following table lists my hikes for the current year, including some that I have not yet written up. Hikes for previous years are linked at the bottom.

Hikes indexed in my Hikes in the SGM site are given an "SGM #", and hikes indexed in my San Diego site are marked with x in the "SD" column. A few Grand Canyon hikes are also included, marked with gc in the "SD" column, and Sierra Nevada hikes, marked with sn in the "SD" column. Hikes that are blank in both columns are SGM hikes that haven't been written up yet.

Calibrate your hiking ability against mine.

Explanation of column headings.

DateSGM #SDMileageTotal time (hours) Alt. gain (cumulative)Ave. mphName
09/05/00 x6.733.73001.8Fault Road, Los Santos Trail
09/02/00 x7.273.411502.1Dripping Springs to Tick Heaven
08/30/00 7.016.217001.1Shortcut to Chilao
08/27/00 x4.742.13002.3Waterline Road, Vista Grande Trail
08/23/00 x6.783.29502.2Rainbow Creek to Red Mountain
08/19/00 6.704.119001.7Kenyon De Vore Trail
08/15/00 x1.950.92252.1Heller's Bend
08/11/00 x4.001.6502.4San Elijo Lagoon
08/08/00 x8.254.513001.8SRP: Multiuse Trail
07/30/00 x3.352.48001.4Temecula Gorge to Ranch House
07/10/00 5.802.812002.1Grizzly Flats from SR2
07/09/00 x2.002.800.7Granite Loop Trail, SRP Plant Walk
07/06/00 x0.760.23003.3Vetter Mountain Lookout
07/06/00 x1.541.21001.3Vernal Pool Trail
07/03/00 x6.455.12001.3Hidden Valley, Los Santos, Vernal Pool, Trans Preserve, Coyote Trail
06/30/00 x8.784.44002.0Vernal Pool, Punta Mesa Trail, Monument Road, Trans Preserve Trail
06/22/00 1.961.53501.3Buckhorn Spring
06/22/00 0.800.34002.8Vetter Mountain Lookout
06/11/00 x13.256.522002.0Dripping Springs to just past Ridgetop
06/08/00  5.012.98001.8Cougar Pass Trail, San Bernardino Mtns.
06/08/00  1.281.4500.9Pebble Plains, San Bernardino Mtns.
05/26/00 x5.504.33001.3Vernal Pool, Ranch Road, Trans Preserve Trail
05/15/00 8.505.714001.5Sunset Peak via New Trailhead
05/04/00 x8.624.55001.9Vernal Pool, Punta Mesa Trail, Monument Road, Trans Preserve Trail
04/29/00 x12.307.222501.7Dripping Springs to Ridgetop
04/25/00 1.650.81752.1Millard Falls
04/25/00 9.626.522001.5Mt. Wilson Trail to Orchard Camp and Side Trail
04/19/00 x2.521.41001.9Vernal Pool, Trans Preserve Trail
04/14/00 x3.901.82502.2Vernal Pool, Ranch Road, Trans Preserve Trail
04/11/00 9.076.620001.4Mt. Wilson Trail to Orchard Camp
04/08/00 x8.505.414001.6SMER: Stone Creek to Temecula Gorge
04/02/00 x4.962.42002.1Vernal Pool, Trans Preserve Trail, Hidden Valley Road, Los Santos Trail
03/28/00 x8.274.116002.0Dripping Springs to Stream Crossing
03/23/00 x1.500.050Vernal Pool Trail
03/19/00 x5.652.73002.1SRP: Multiuse Trail (partial)
03/19/00 x1.551.2501.3Vernal Pool Trail
03/15/00 10.506.04001.8Eaton Saddle to Sunset Ridge
03/12/00 x8.324.516001.8Dripping Springs to Stream Crossing
03/09/00 x6.923.34002.1Vernal Pool, Punta Mesa Trail, Adobe Mesa loop, Lomas Trail, Trans-Preserve Trail
03/02/00 x6.334.75001.3Vernal Pool, Trans-Preserve Trail, Coyote Trail, Los Santos Trail
02/26/00 x8.754.93251.8Pinyon Wash to Split Rock, Anza-Borrega
02/18/00 x7.024.014501.8SR67 to Iron Mountain, Poway
02/07/00tbd 4.752.91001.6Barley Flats Trail: Red Box to Alder Creek
02/07/00tbd 2.501.25002.2Red Box to Saddle Below Mt. Lawlor
02/02/00 x5.502.110002.7Monserate Mountain
01/30/00 x3.522.010001.7Mission Trails: Dam and Kwaay Paay Peak
01/27/00 x9.154.99001.9Vernal Pool, Punta Mesa Trails, Monument Road, Trans-Preserve Trail
01/21/00 x16.307.131002.3Dripping Springs to Agua Tibia Mountain, Palomar Mountain Range (partway)
01/18/00 x7.803.715002.1Dripping Springs to Agua Tibia Mountain, Palomar Mountain Range (partway)
01/12/00 x6.243.011002.1Red Mountain
01/07/00tbd 8.555.516001.5Mt. Wilson Rim Trail
01/04/00 x7.274.816001.5Dripping Springs to Agua Tibia Mountain, Palomar Mountain Range (partway)

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