48-2 Duarte to Monrovia Peak via Van Tassel Fire Road

Participants: Tom Chester and Dave Gregorich
Date: 16 April 1997 (Written up 4 May 1997)

Trailhead location, trail condition and hiking directions.

Plants in bloom: California poppy, lupine, ceonothus (California lilac), Spanish broom (just beginning), nightshade, deerweed (California broom), monkey flower, thistle, Indian Paintbrush, a 3' bush with crinkly lavendar 5-petalled flowers with a yellow center (a wild rose?), a tiny flower that looks like the flower of baby blue eyes but smaller, a bush/vine that looks very much like poison oak (except the leaves are not shiny) with many largish yellow flowers with 4 flat petals with 20 or so little yellow spikes within the flower (Potentilla? it wasn't poison oak because the poison oak was flowering with much less showy flowers), and others. California dodder (witch's hair) prominent. Yuccas sending up flower stalks.
Weather: Sunny, temperature in mid-80s.
Bugs: Considerable no-see-ums. The no-see-ums were quite annoying, starting at about 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., especially near and at the top, where they prevented us from staying in any location more than a few seconds. They were dive-bombing us in places near Mt. Bliss. It required constant waving of a hand in front of our faces to keep them away. They finally went away by the time we got to Mt. Bliss on the way down.
Number of ticks: 0, due to hiking on wide fire road sans vegetation. However, Dave reports that ticks are out in force, having picked up several just on the short trail part of the hike before the weeds were cleared out.
Number of rattlesnakes: 1, at about 2000' on way down.
Other pests: None.

Explanation of columns for all trip logs

#MileageTime arrivedTime leftAltitudeComments
00.0008:37 650Top of Mel Canyon
10.15   Trail forks, went left. Right goes to water tank and rejoins.
20.358:48  Trails rejoin.
30.40   Side trail going off to left.
40.508:53  Jct. fire road.
50.558:54  Jct. Van Tassel fire road.
61.109:11  Rounding loop to west.
71.5509:25 1700Power Tower "flat"
81.6009:30  Gate across road to keep cars out.
92.4509:59 2500Achieved ridge
102.8510:07  Road is lined with pretty trees in full bloom. View of Mt. Wilson and Monrovia Peak.
113.5510:32 3100Flat part of ridge. Large field of lupine in full bloom here and beyond.
124.0510:50 3350Jct. Powerline Road to Mt. Bliss
134.2010:53  Crest of road going by Mt. Bliss
145.1511:19 3100IN29 / GW9
155.3511:26 3100White Saddle. Sign: Red Box - Rincon Road 3.1 miles. Fish Canyon Road 6.0 miles. Monrovia Canyon Park 4.8 miles." Right on Upper Clamshell Road.
165.8511:42  Stream Crossing
176.2511:56  Stub of road to right
186.8512:13  Recent slide
197.0012:19  "1972 Slew". Hip hurts now, so have slowed down.
207.4512:32  Second "1972 Slew". Some shade now.
217.5512:35 3350Beautiful stand of california lilac covering entire hillside.
227.8012:43 4250"Burned Tree"
238.0012:52 4450Closed Gate
248.2012:57 4550A little west on Red Box - Rincon Road - good views to north
258.9001:19 4750Jct. Monrovia Peak ridge trail - turnaround
269.7501:49 4500Closed Gate
2711.6002:32 3800Spur road.
2812.0502:43 3600Stream crossing
2912.5503:00 3300White Saddle
3012.8003:06 3250White cut tank
3113.5503:28 3800IN36 sign
3213.7003:32 3600High Point by Mt. Bliss
3313.8003:36 3600Jct. Powerline Road to Mt. Bliss
3414.3503:49 3350Bliss 1 water tank
3516.5004:41 1950Gate
3617.7505:12 1150Jct. spur road to car
3718.4505:33 850Car.

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