Hiking the Santa Rosa Plateau: Vernal Pool Trail, Los Santos Trail, Coyote Trail, Trans Preserve Trail

Participant: Susan and Tom Chester
Date: 29 October 1999 (Written up 29 October 1999)
Numbers: 4.8 miles, ~450' elevation gain.

Most of this trip is described in 1999 - 2000 Observations of Wildflowers and the Main Vernal Pools. It was a bit warmer than we had hoped for, with temperatures in the low 80s, so we cut our hike a little shorter than we had originally planned.

Explanation of column headings

Detailed Hiking Log
00.0010:04 1800Vernal Pool Trailhead.
10.1710:06 1900Jct. Los Santos Trail. Left.
21.2510:37 1800Jct. Los Santos Road. Left.
31.4810:43 1800Trail forks for Overlook Loop. Took right branch.
41.6010:47 1900Loop branchs rejoin.
51.6510:4910:571900Gerken Overlook with bench.
62.3511:14 1700Jct. Hidden Valley Road. Left.
72.5011:20 1800Hidden Valley Trailhead, Jct. Coyote Trail. Right.
83.0011:34 1700Jct. Trans Preserve Trail. Right. 80°
93.3011:43 1700Jct. trail to Ranch Road and Lomas Trail
103.7011:53 1800Jct. Los Santos Road. Left.
114.4812:14 2000Jct. Vernal Pool Trail. Right.
124.7512:23 2000Car. 82°.

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