A Few of T. Chester's Hikes on the Santa Rosa Plateau

Explanation of column headings

This page contains only the few longer hikes that I have written up.

DateTotal milesTotal time (hours) Alt. gain (cumulative feet) ave. mph Name
10/29/994.752.34502.1Los Santos Trail to Hidden Valley, Coyote Trail, Trans-Preserve Trail
11/20/987.303.8750 Santa Rosa Plateau: Vernal Pool Trailhead to Adobes, Punta Mesa Trail, Monument Hill, Trans-Preserve Trail
1/30/975.754.64501.2Vernal Pool Trail, Los Santos Trail, Trans-Preserve Trail
11/7/964.852.84001.8Oak Tree Trail, Trans-Preserve Trail, Vernal Pool Trailhead, Vernal Pool Trail, Lomas Trail

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