Weather, Climate and Seasons of Fallbrook


Weather In Last Hour and Last Day

Weather Forecast

  • Current, 5 day, and several month extended Fire Weather Forecast from the California Wildfire Coordination Group.

  • National Weather Service San Diego County Valleys (general forecast for San Diego, El Cajon, Rancho Bernardo, Miramar, Carlsbad areas)

  • Accu-Weather (current temperatures are for Camp Pendleton, but the forecast is different. Accu-Weather also supplies the forecast for MSNBC, which on 10/19/00 at 1:20 p.m. reported that it was raining in Fallbrook, despite the sun shining with only a few light clouds in the sky!)

  • The Weather Channel Oceanside (very different high and low temperatures usually except during rainy periods), Los Angeles (closest high and low temperature predictions if there is no significant weather disturbance moving through), and San Diego - Miramar.

  • CNN (I think this is actually the Camp Pendleton forecast in disguise, since the current temperature on 6/4/99 13:00 was 61°, agreeing with that of Camp Pendleton and not Moxon's 68°.)

  • Weather Underground (also possibly the Camp Pendleton prediction, although once this seemed to be a northern Sierra Nevada prediction with a prediction of heavy snow in early 1999!)

  • Also make your own rainfall predictions from the radar loops in the next section.

Weather In Last Year

Climate and Seasons of Fallbrook

Summary of Climate (see also National Weather Service's Summary of Camp Pendleton Climate, which includes percent of days by month with a given amount of rain and given high and low temperatures, and mean values of many other parameters.)

High and Low Temperatures

Archived Weather for Fallbrook (from the official National Weather Service station at the fire station downtown)

Tap Water Temperature Vs. Time

Percentage of Possible Sunshine


Historical Heavy Rainfalls

Rainfall Records By Month


Snowfall (includes hail)

Wind Speeds

The Seasons of Fallbrook. When is Fallbrook green? When is fly and fire season? When do wildflowers bloom?


Analysis of Biases in the Official Fallbrook Temperatures

Analysis of Biases in T. Chester's Fallbrook Temperatures

Analysis of Biases in G. Moxon's Fallbrook Temperatures

Accuracy of Predicted High Temperatures for Fallbrook from Accuweather (San Diego Union Tribune and North County Times) and from Weatherdata (L.A. Times)

High Temperature versus Distance from the Coast for North San Diego County during heat waves

Thermometer Biases

Other Information

Sunrise, Local Noon, Sunset and Peak UV Times versus date for Fallbrook, CA

Background For T. Chester's Weather Records

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