Fallbrook, CA Snowfall

Needless to say, Fallbrook doesn't get much snow. Here are the historical snowfalls. For more information about three of these snowfalls, see Snowfall in Fallbrook.

1882Caused death of 6,000 sheep after the sheepherders deserted them.Snowfall in Fallbrook
1912Piled drifts up to 30" "in the foothills".Fallbrook 1869-1977
January 19491-8" of snow caused one traffic accident and the loss of a few avocado trees from limb breakage.Snowfall in Fallbrook
December 13, 19673-5". Schools were closed for a day, and drifts held up traffic on inland highways. The event was commemorated by photos on the front pages of San Francisco and L.A. Newspapers.Fallbrook 1869-1977 and Snowfall in Fallbrook.

Fallbrook 1869-1977 was published by the Fallbrook Historical Society.

It is interesting that these are not exactly the same years for which snow on the ground was recorded in parts of San Diego City: 1882, 1937, 1946 and 1949. Snow fell on ten days total during this period in San Diego City, but in amounts too small to be measured most of the time. (SDUT 3/1/00, E2)

Hail occurs around once per year, as it does in most places in Southern California, but makes the ground white only for minutes. Hail piled up several inches deep on 24 May 1996, and made for a memorable picture on Main Street, which graced the cover of the Fallbrook Directory in its 1997 edition.

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