Hikes Within 60 minutes of Fallbrook, CA

The following table lists all the hikes I know about near Fallbrook that are within 60 minutes travel time from my house, sorted by travel time from Fallbrook. If you know of hikes that I have missed, please email me.

Check Jerry Schad's Roam-O-Rama for updated information about any hike of interest. Schad's weekly hike column has been archived there since 1998, and the number of hikes is growing by 51 every year. The search engine on that page makes it easy to find out if any information is available there.

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Trail,Trailhead, or Location Length
Gain (')
Trail or Comments
~46Los Jilgueros Preserve, Fallbrook20Well-done nature trail
37Heller's Bend, Fallbrook1.5200Exploring the Preserve
815St. Margarita River County "Park", Fallbrook~2<100Short walk to River
916St. Margarita River Trail, Fallbrook5.6400Beautiful hike along a real river.
~10~16Guajome Regional Park, Oceanside5.5100? Area is very open, little shade, amongst homes on each side.
1622Wilderness Gardens Preserve, Pauma Valley6~1400 Closed for most of the 1990s, it is now finally open again on the weekends.
1124Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve6.61315South Gate to Temecula Gorge (by tour only)
~15~25De Luz Ecology Center, De Luz5100?Nature Trail
~23~27Kit Carson Park, Escondido???? 
2130Daley Ranch, West Entrance, Escondido 4.5800Engelmann Oak Loop
91500Engelmann Oak, Central Valley Loop Trails
12~1800Perimeter hike including Dixon Lake.
~17~30Oceanside Beachyour
2832 Santa Rosa Plateau (Mesa de Colorado), Visitor's Center, Murrieta7.5750 Vernal pools
1936Santa Rosa Plateau (Mesa de Colorado), Vernal Pool Trailhead, Murrieta1150Main Vernal Pool
5400Oak Tree Trail, TransPreserve Trail, Vernal Pool Trailhead, Vernal Pool Trail, Lomas Trail
6450Vernal Pool Trail, Los Santos Trail, Trans-Preserve Trail
7750Vernal Pool Trail, Punta Mesa Trail, Monument Road, Trans-Preserve Trail
2534Dripping Springs Campground, Agua Tibia Wilderness Area, near Vail Lake, Riverside County 14.43000Dripping Springs Trail to Agua Tibia Mountain
202200Wild Horse Trail to Crosley Saddle
~27~35Daley Ranch, South Entrance, Escondido12~1800November thru May best hiking time. Maximum hike includes Dixon Lake.
~27~35Dixon Lake Recreation Area, Escondido12~1800Maximum hike includes Daley Ranch.
3237Blue Sky Ecological Reserve, Poway2.1100BSER to Outdoor Classroom
3.0500BSER to Lake Poway Dam
4.0500BSER to Lake Poway / Mt. Woodson Trail Jct.
5.0800BSER to Ramona Reservoir Dam
6.31150BSER to Mt. Woodson / SR67 trail junction
9.82250BSER to Mt. Woodson
10.62400BSER to Highway 67
3339Lake Poway, Poway2.5 400Loop around Lake
7.52300Woodson Mountain - west approach
92450Mount Woodson Trail (roundtrip)
3739East End of Los Penasquitos Canyon, San Diego6.5300Los Penasquitos Canyon - east approach
????Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve west of Lake Hodges???? 
~23~41?Lake Hodges, Escondido4?100?Along shoreline
3142Hellhole Canyon Open Space Preserve, Valley Center5600Escondido siphon
82000East Loop
40?~43?La Jolla Indian Reservation, Palomar Mountain 3150 
2944S. Carlsbad Beach to Cardiff5.50Referenced hike involves car shuttle, but you can return to Carlsbad, by doubling the distance, to eliminate extra driving.
35?~45San Dieguito River Valley Regional Park, near Escondido184500 
4047Iron Mountain6.21100Highway 67 Staging Area to Iron Mountain
9.01700Ellie Lane Staging Area to Iron Mountain
~26~47Battle Monument Trail, near Escondido1240? 
33?~47?Crest Canyon, Del Mar2200? 
3548San Elijo Lagoon trail, Encinitas6.1200Partial GPS Track
3948Black Mountain, Rancho Penasquitos51000 
4148Sycamore Canyon County Open Space Preserve, just se of Poway7~900 
??~48?Oak Grove to High Point, Palomar Mountain143600 
47?~48?San Clemente Canyon, Clairemont4~100? 
47?~48?Rose Canyon, San Diego3.5100 
~43?~49?West End of Los Penasquitos Canyon, San Diego3.5120Lopez Canyon
5.5200Los Penasquitos Canyon - west approach
Torrey Pines State Reserve, La Jolla
Torrey Pines Extension
Torrey Pines State Reserve
40?~50?Dos Picos Park, Ramona?? 
??~50?Mission Trails Regional Park, San Diego 3200Oak Canyon
31000Cowles Mountain - east approach
31400Cowles Mountain - northeast approach
3950Cowles Mountain - south approach
3.21400Cowles Mountain - northwest approach
4.21000Fortuna Mountain
>10>1400Combinations of trails
43?~51?La Jolla0.5100La Jolla Coast Walk
1~20La Jolla Caves
50La Jolla Shores to Torrey Pines Beach
~41?~54?Scripps Coastal Reserve, La Jolla0.6~0 
~51?~54?Tecolote Canyon, San Diego61000 
~43?~56?Woodson Mountain, Poway 4.5 1600 Mount Woodson Trail from Highway 67
~53?~56?Sunset Cliffs Park, San Diego1~0 
??~58?Love Valley, Lake Henshaw2300 
3659Palomar State Park, Palomar Mountain 1150Doane Valley Nature Trail
1.5300Fry Creek Trail
2.5300Lower Doane Valley / Lower French Valley
2.7300Silver Crest to Boucher Hill, Boucher Trail, Harrison Road
3.0800Scott's Cabin/Boucher Hill Loop
~35?~60?Pamo Valley7?Lake Sutherland to Pamo Valley

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