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The Santa Rosa Plateau update page has moved here.

18 October 2004 added new book, 60 hikes, to site intro; added warning about changes due to fires; linked to current closure and fire info.

24 August 2002 updated heise county park page and moved it to tchester.org site; updated links to that page; updated links in desert view hiking page.

18 October 2001 updated goodan ranch hiking page, adding several new links, thanks to al weiss, who told me about the dead links and supplied the official website link.

5 October 2001 finally updated quicklinks to go directly to moved pages; changed quicklink to schad's vanished sidewalk site to roam-a-rama, thanks to input from jerry schad and Al Weiss on the same day, and added that link to the top of each hike table.

25 September 2001 removed rest of sidewalk links, thanks to an anonymous reader reminding me they were still there.

7 November 2000 added flc purchase of fpud lands on hold.

13 September 2000 updated yosemite panorama trail writeup with the rockfall story in more detail with references, thanks to gilliam.

11 September 2000 updated bser page and moved it and related woodson pages to new site; added more bser hikes to time lt 60 minutes page.

6 September 2000 finally updated old agua tibia pages to point to new pages, as well as hiking guide.

12 August 2000 added correct mileage and approximate time to san elijo lagoon; added gps track; updated url for sdinsider link.

7 August 2000 added smer description and hike to hiking links.

5 July 2000 updated hikes with time less than 60 minutes to remove gavilan mountain and all the sd sidewalk links, reformatted table to improve alignment.

23 May 2000 updated yosemite hike to include more information from mitch about happy isles destruction.

14 April 2000 updated hellhole page to remove dead url and wrong info about the source of aqueduct.

4 April 2000 moved srp links from this page to one devoted to srp; added writeup for 3/28/00 dripping springs hike.

24 March 2000 added link to hiker's net, removed duplicate canyoneer link.

13 March 2000 added id for tall yerba santa, link to chaparral community to d.s. writeup

12 March 2000 wrote up today's dripping springs hike, and added rough plant guide to trail.

27 February 2000 added Erdelsky's monthly hike to main page; reorganized it to put future hikes on top of other links.

28 January 2000 added more info to agua tibia.

26 January 2000 corrected spelling of murrieta in a few remaining places.

21 January 2000 updated dripping springs trail and added 3 more hike descriptions.

1 January 2000 added note about removal of schad's hikes online, and tidbit about schad's book being #1 at amazon.com.

12 December 1999 wrote up latest dripping springs hike.

25 November 1999 wrote up latest dripping springs hike.

16 November 1999 added link to canyoneer walks in other sites.

11 November 1999 minor typo corrections to yosemite hike writeup.

8 November 1999 wrote up yosemite panorama trail hike.

21 October 1999 added page on heise park, updated time and distance to it, and wrote up desert view trail hike.

13 September 1999 added trail guide and more info to dripping springs, made goto link on bottom go to hiking instead of fallbrook overview, added links back to referring page for recent hike writeups; changed table colors and goto links in time files.

12 September 1999 wrote up dripping springs hike today, and made a general agua tibia page.

10 September 1999 typo corrections and naked buckwheat id from strong to sycamore canyon.

9 September 1999 added sycamore canyon hike writeup, new index page to area, and new times to trailhead.

6 September 1999 added trip log to iron mountain writeup.

5 September 1999 added iron mountain hike writeup; updated url to jensen's guide; put correct numbers to trailhead; added missing sdut archive link to blue sky.

4 September 1999 added note on plague to main hiking page.

3 September 1999 added sdut article on blue sky to that page; added link to mtn. lion attacks in cuyamaca peak hike writeup.

30 August 1999 wrote up mt. woodson hike and nabbed all bser links for bser page.

25 August 1999 added lawhead's page to mtrp links.

17 August 1999 updated links for mission trails regional park.

1 August 1999 added fire weather forecast for cleveland nf.

23 June 1999 added john's hiking times to Tahquitz peak.

20 June 1999 added Tahquitz peak writeup.

5 March 1999 added info about San Diego chapter of sierra club to hiking clubs.

4 March 1999 added lookout peak hike.

21 February 1999 Added time and distance to dripping springs trail.

8 January 1999 corrected name of hellhole preserve.

23 December 1998 wrote up daley ranch hike of oak loop and central valley loop. Put in more accurate time to daley ranch west entrance.

20 December 1998 wrote up heller's bend hike and added to its description in conservancy.

19 December 1998 wrote up daley ranch engelmann oaks hike.

15 December 1998 wrote up hellhole canyon hike - east loop, and brought list of my hikes up to date. Added heller's bend, bser detailed hikes, separate entries for different trailheads for daley and Santa Rosa Plateau, to hikes within 60', cleaned up duplicate entry of dripping springs. Corrected lining up of numbers with names for hikes, and some problems.

4 December 1998 verified tom shore's name in cuyamaca peak hike.

15 October 1998 revised peak list in cuyamaca peak hike and added mirror-flashing.

11 October 1998 added cuyamaca peak hike and updated travel time to there.

19 September 1998 completed master list of my San Diego-area hikes back to 4/97.

16 September 1998 updated times to blue sky, hike distance and altitude gain. Added master list of my San Diego-area hikes with some of recent hikes.

12 September 1998 started mountain lion sightings page. Added master plan info to daley ranch.

27 August 1998 added actual time to los penasquitos and black mountain. Wrote up black mountain hike.

17 August 1998 added mcgrath's daley ranch paper.

5 August 1998 put in actual times to south carlsbad beach, added idyllwild hikes from humber park.

5 May 1998 updated links to greg short's daley ranch pages.

22 February 1998 added link to temecula history.

23 November 1997 rewrote index to make it clearer.

22 November 1997 finished indexing schad's desert hikes. Done! Split off hiking update log from fallbrook site update log.

21 November 1997 finished indexing schad's mountain hikes.

20 November 1997 finished indexing schad's coastal and inland hikes, and half of the mountain hikes.

19 November 1997 added ~25 links to jerry schad's hike guides on sandiego sidewalk.com.

16 November 1997 added santa margarita river trail description and map, updated santa margarita river park description.

28 June 1997 updated daley ranch, added more hiking areas.

15 June 1997 Added link to Greg Shorts' Daley Ranch pages.

1 June 1997 Added parking fee to Guajome Park in attractions. Added hellhole canyon fire to hiking guides.

30 May 1997 Added sunrise and sunset times

19 May 1997 Added another hike to lake hodges. Minor updates to Los Jilgueros Preserve in Land Conservancy.

12 May 1997 Added San Diego Hiking Club, Sierra Club, Hikers' Net, Pamo Valley hike

10 May 1997 Updated San Dieguito River Valley.

8 May 1997 Updated San dieguito river park and blue sky ecological reserve.

3 May 1997 Added hellhole canyon trip guide and log. Updated travel times from my house.

30 April 1997 added travel times and distances from my house; updated santa rosa plateau info.

28 April 1997 updated Daley Ranch percentage of Escondido.

27 April 1997 Updated Daley Ranch. Added santa margarita river county "park".

17 April 1997 Updated Daley Ranch information, added more info to hiking table.

13 April 1997 Added hell hole canyon park to nearby attractions and hiking.

4 April 1997 Added dos picos park.

3 April 1997 Added update log, north county cycling clubs, hike at lake hodges, torrey pines, los penasquitos, blue sky reserve, daley ranch map.

Previous updates not recorded

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