Conversions To Travel Times From Other Cities

In my Fallbrook hiking tables, the distance to a given hike in time and miles is from Alta Vista and Acacia Lane. To convert those measures to time from another location in North County is relatively easy if one of the locations in the table below is on the way from your house to that hike. It does require some work on your part. It requires more work on your part if your location is not in North County, or if you would not go through one of the locations in the table below, and probably isn't worth it.

Below I give the time from my reference point to other locations. In order to convert a given hike, you must figure out which of those locations is on the way from my house to that hike. If that location is on the way for you to get to that hike, you can then just add the time it takes you to get to that location and subtract the time it takes me to get to that location.

Two examples, using the Santa Margarita River Trail:

Another example, using a hike in the Cuyamacas:

Time from my house to the following locations:

LocationTime (minutes)
Mission and De Luz11
I-15 and Mission11
I-15 and SR-7610
Mission and SR-767
I-15 and SR-7823

For other locations, see Travel Times and Distances From 1802 Acacia Lane, Fallbrook, CA

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