Flora of San Jacinto Mountain

This page gives links to floras of the entire San Jacinto Mountain area. For floras of smaller areas, see Plants of Southern California: Regional Floras: San Jacinto Mountain.

The only flora of San Jacinto Mountain is for the pine belt and higher elevations (above roughly 5000 - 7000 feet elevation) by Harvey Monroe Hall in 1902. I am in the process of updating that flora to species names used in the Jepson Manual, and adding voucher observations made since 1902.

Because I was interested in the Carex distribution, I updated that first and was very surprised at how much work it was to update the flora for that genus. It was not just a straightforward job of updating species names, since it was in general impossible to divine the current species names attached to a given name in Hall. See Name Changes For Carex Species of San Jacinto Mountain Over Time to see the changes in detail.

Until a complete updated flora for the entire San Jacinto Mountain is available, consult these pages:

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