Carex Species of San Jacinto Mountain

This Carex flora of San Jacinto Mountain has been constructed from:

All names are those used by the Jepson Manual, and hence the authors are omitted here for clarity.

The taxa are organized by JM Carex group, so that similar taxa are placed together.

All locations are from vouchers or floras:

The elevations in column three below are from Munz and the JM, with the JM elevations converted to feet. These are for the entire geographic range of the species (for Munz, only the Southern California portion of the range), and hence the full range often does not apply to the San Jacinto Mountains.

1C. multicaulisM: 4000-7200
J: 50-7200
Fuller Mill Creek, 5000 feet, near Idyllwild; James Reserve, 5500 feet; Devils Slide Trail, mile 0.25 and beyond, elevation 6500 feet and higher.
2C. rossiiM: 7000-11,400
J: <12,500
summit of San Jacinto Peak, 10,000 feet
3C. lanuginosaM: <7000
J: 200-10,800
Idyllwild area, N of Strawberry Valley, between Bear Trap Canyon and Lily Creek, 5200-5300 feet; SR243 at Deer Springs Trailhead, 5600-6000 feet; on Forest Service Road 4S02, ~2.5 miles due north of Pine Cove, ~0.25 miles south of Dark Canyon Campground, 5800 feet
3C. sartwellianaM: 5000-7500
J: 3900-8500
Fuller's Creek, 5000 feet; Fuller Mill Creek, 5400 feet; Strawberry Creek "above Idyllwild"; Hidden Lake, 7500 feet; "Trail from Idyllwild to San Jacinto Peak", 8600 feet.
5C. heteroneuraM: 7000-9500
J: 5900-12,500
Davidson: "Tahquitz and Round Valley"; Willow Creek Trail, mile 0.46, elevation ~8000 feet.
5C. lemmoniiM: 6500-9500
J: 2300-9850
Munz: "Meadows at 6500-9500 feet; Montane Coniferous Forest; San Jacinto Mountains;
JM: marshes, bogs; 700-3000 m (2300-9850 feet); SnJt.
6C. nebrascensisM: <9500
J: <8200
Fuller's Mill, 5800 feet; Deer Springs, 9000 feet; Round Valley (Tamarack Valley), 9000 feet. Caution: only the Round Valley voucher might be C. nebrascensis; the other two locations might actually be C. senta. See Carex Changes With Time.
6C. sentaM: <8500
J: <9500
Probably "along Tahquitz Creek, 7000 feet"; probably the "dominant Carex in Round Valley, 9000 feet; (see Carex Changes With Time for both of these); Willow Creek Trail, mile 0.52, elevation ~7900 feet; Devils Slide Trail, mile 2.35, elevation 8000 feet
7C. almaM: <8000
J: 400-7900
Strawberry Creek, 3800 feet
7C. hoodiiM: 7200-9100
J: 3900-11,200
Munz: Meadow borders and gravelly slopes, 7200-9100 feet; Montane Coniferous Forest; San Jacinto Mountains; (not in SnJt in JM)
7C. occidentalisM: ~6300
J: ~6200
On Forest Service Road 4S02, ~2.5 miles due north of Pine Cove, ~0.25 miles south of Dark Canyon Campground, 5800 feet
7C. praegracilisM: <7000
J: <8900
West end Fuller's Ridge, 5200 feet
8C. bolanderiM: <7500
J: <8200
On Forest Service Road 4S02, ~2.5 miles due north of Pine Cove, ~0.25 miles south of Dark Canyon Campground, 5800 feet
9C. abruptaM: <9500
J: 4600-10,800
West fork of Tahquitz Creek, 7800 feet
9C. athrostachyaM: 6500-7500
J: 300-10,500
Thomas Mountain, 4800 feet; Black Mountain, 7350 feet
9C. fractaM: 2600-9000
J: 2600-10,800
Strawberry Valley, 5300 feet; Devils Slide Trail, mile 0.94 and beyond, elevation 6900 feet and higher; Tahquitz Valley, 7000 feet; Willow Creek Trail, mile 0.08, elevation ~8000 feet
9C. multicostataM: 5000-11,000
J: 500-11,500
Lake Surprise, 9000 feet
9C. subfuscaM: 4000-11,500
J: 300-11,500
Fuller's Mill, 5800 feet; San Jacinto Peak Summit, 10,800 feet

The following species, all without vouchers for the San Jacinto Mountains in the online sources above, were not included in the above list:

I am deeply grateful to SMASCH, the UCR Herbarium, and the James Reserve for putting their vouchers and plant lists online. This compilation would have been depauperate without their information.

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