Update Log for Grand Canyon Website

20 July 2001 corrected typo in pedometer accuracy (repetition of "downhill"), thanks to input from an anonymous reader.

30 November 2000 added art's last name to 1985 hike.

27 February 2000 added link to haughey's supai pages.

10 November 1999 added sherry's dm1 writeup.

26 October 1999 added more explanation to key.

22 October 1999 added steve's input about the improvement to the "terrifying descent" near beaver falls.

14 October 1999 added the wonderful input from barefoot@well.com on mooney and his tunnels.

8 October 1999 updated new hance writeups thanks to jane's comments; added bit more on heat problems to bright angel trail and corrected 3 typos.

6 October 1999 added new hance trail overview, and the 990926, 850629 and 860526 hikes.

2 October 1999 added bright angel 971020 and 990925 hikes.

23 September 1999 added two car travel logs 5/31/96 and 6/2/96. Linked pedometer page to gc finally!

18 September 1999 added experimental verification of what causes pedometer observed accuracy.

27 May 1999 added travel times from kingman and peach springs to supai fact sheet.

9 May 1999 added steve's observations about mooney tunnels.

11 October 1998 added page about origin of tunnels at Mooney Falls. Started update page for this site.

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