Tanner, Escalante Route, New Hance: May 23-26, 1986

Participants: Rich Benson, Fred Gillett and Tom Chester
Date: May 23-26, 1986 (Written up 4 October 1999)

See New Hance Trail for an overview of that trail. I haven't yet written up any other part of this trip, except for the trip log given below.

Key for all trip logs

Recording numberMileageTime arrivedTime leftAltitudeComments
00.006:25 2600took trail on left at ~0.75 mile. It bypasses big boulders
21.507:137:253050about to leave canyon
43.008:108:223800X's tree
53.508:408:454150temporarily lost trail for 0.2 mile
63.658:55 4300spot with 2 cairns where I missed trail last year - this year there is only 1 cairn!
73.759:079:234550just before spot where rich left water last year and ate lunch
105.2510:4610:574800in upper valley now
146.4013:0013:086300at 6482
156.7513:2013:276500spot where rich met me with water last year
167.1013:4013:526850hance trail head
177.2513:57 6850road
189.0014:50  moran point

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