Car Travel Logs Between Southern California and the Grand Canyon

Date: 6/2/96, taking Craig's car from the South Rim to the Hualapai Hilltop Access Road via dirt roads, to Ontario Airport.

MileageArrival TimeDeparture TimeLocations and Notes
57010:12 Tusayan
57710:21 FR 347
58410:35 "Hualapai Hilltop 46 miles"; couldn't take direct route due to gate across road
60311:08 "Hualapai Hilltop 42 miles" despite 17 miles of travel on a slow dirt road.
62111:33 Back on other side, less than 1 mile from mileage 584 point!
62912:1512:39Flat tire
6462:16 Jct. 18 - pavement!
6993:29 Jct. 66
7534:305:15Kingman DQ - Stockton Hill Rd
8206:12 Needles?
8576:456:50Rest Area
10439:39 Ontario Airport

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