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9 January 2017 updated rainfall plot.

31 January 2015 updated native american uses for fallbrook plants so that the link works to the rest of liz's pages; added scientific names for birds and reptiles to the fb trails council field guide, thanks to joe comella.

29 January 2015 updated fallbrook trails council pocket field guide info; updated "smog in fallbrook" page to give 2015 numbers.

1 February 2014 updated oldest buildings with input from roy moosa.

4 February 2011 updated gopher plot for first time since 2001, and added info about the ten year variation in the number of gophers.

12 November 2009 updated places that sell flc trail guide on Fallbrook land conservancy page.

18 July 2009 updated comella and my email address on Fallbrook land conservancy page.

14 February 2009 updated Fallbrook rainfall plot

26 December 2008 updated Fallbrook rainfall plot, and added plot and tables of cumulative forward rainfall; corrected typo in xmas page and added note that the Shreiber lights are on only during the display.

25 December 2008 updated Fallbrook xmas display with additional homes with mack shreiber's fabulous display, and with two other good displays, thanks to input from nancy gilby.

18 December 2008 updated Fallbrook rainfall plot.

2 December 2008 added time of Fallbrook greening.

16 June 2008 updated url for garden club, thanks to input from nancy townley.

22 April 2008 updated seasons for end time of greening.

24 February 2008 updated rainfall plot.

23 February 2008 updated address to obtain flc pocket field guide.

22 February 2008 updated rainfall plot.

20 February 2008 updated rainfall plot.

5 February 2008 updated rainfall plot.

3 February 2008 updated rainfall plot.

28 January 2008 updated rainfall plot.

27 January 2008 updated rainfall plot.

19 January 2008 updated road condition for black mountain hike, thanks to an anonymous reader.

7 December 2007 added date Fallbrook greened up this year

12 November 2007 updated rice fire page with a few clarifications, and significantly increased the advice about how to protect one's home, thanks to comments from a fire professional.

9 November 2007 updated # of homes in valley oaks on rice fire page.

5 November 2007 corrected goof on fire travel time on rice fire page.

4 November 2007 updated rice fire page with info from de luz firefighters in nct about valley oaks fight.

2 November 2007 minor updates to rice fire page.

31 October 2007 added page on how the winterwarm area was saved from the rice fire; updated email address on main Fallbrook page.

1 June 2007 updated url for archived Fallbrook weather records at nws.

6 April 2007 updated greening end for this season.

1 April 2007 updated Fallbrook rainfall plot.

28 February 2007 updated url of garden club in orgs, thanks to an email from them.

23 February 2007 updated greening of fallbrook, rainfall page and plot; corrected error for rainfall total for 2001-2002 - I had failed to include the last few months of 2002 in the totals.

21 January 2007 updated rainfall plot; added rainfall statistics by month.

7 July 2006 added info that herban garden has apparently gone out of business, and that farmer and adell have stopped their yearly crafts fair.

23 June 2006 added link to encore club, thanks to email from their webmaster.

13 May 2006 added time of browning of yards today.

7 April 2006 added traffic lights 17-22 in Fallbrook.

6 March 2006 added k6dlv-2's weather station.

19 February 2006 updated rainfall plot.

17 November 2005 added link to bonsall charter school in schools; added link to archive.org for dead links at bottom of school page.

23 October 2005 updated greening of Fallbrook; added table rows to make the dates clearer; updated rainfall plot.

17 October 2005 updated rainfall plot.

31 August 2005 updated link for Fallbrook high school, yet again, thanks to input from an anonymous reader.

23 August 2005 added webpage link for north county cycling club, thanks to input from them.

8 August 2005 updated scott's webservices link, and added links to cbctechnical and production outlet, thanks to an email from scott.

8 July 2005 updated url for newcomers club, thanks to an email from the webmaster.

21 May 2005 added end of this season's green; corrected error in previous record green season total duration.

28 January 2005 added 1960 census number to area population.

12 January 2005 updated rainfall plot.

11 January 2005 added links to current bloom pages from 2000-2001 bloom page, and to other trail guides and floras from the red mtn page; added tidbit on wild grape name; updated rainfall plot.

8 January 2005 updated rainfall, temps, bugs plots.

1 January 2005 updated url for village news; added link to fallbrook.org; gave url and info about internet archive in links /commercial; changed link to moxon's page to go through internet archive; updated chamber of commerce link; updated urls for hotels and restaurants; admitted in calendar of yearly events I no longer have the time to keep it current; updated link to village news and chamber of commerce calendars.

3 December 2004 designated old potter site as "old site", thanks to further info from katy.

2 December 2004 added link to newer potter jhs page, thanks to an email from Katy Tobler.

19 November 2004 one correction to traffic lights, again thanks to an anonymous reader.

18 November 2004 an anonymous reader supplied all the missing information about historical installation dates of traffic lights, as well as correcting a few errors in my list.

22 October 2004 added Fallbrook green now, to weather / seasons.

19 October 2004 added las pilitas to Fallbrook attractions.

24 September 2004 added link to st john's church, thanks to input from them.

11 September 2004 updated I-15 border checkpoint with announcement of gao study.

30 August 2004 added new traffic light at green canyon and mission; added link to this page from traffic and tidbits.

11 August 2004 removed duplicate entry for manker flat in travel times.

17 July 2004 added analysis of harvest information for tomatoes in Fallbrook.

15 July 2004 added link to Fallbrook chapter of aauw, thanks to input from them, and Fallbrook healthcare foundation, thanks to input from an anonymous reader.

12 July 2004 added link to new Fallbrook weather station in winterwarm area; removed dead ws links.

1 July 2004 added link to reins under orgs/ other and orgs/ sports.

18 June 2004 added link to archived national weather service fallbrook temps and rainfall, thanks to an anonymous reader.

5 May 2004 added travel times to mill creek ranger station, fish creek trailhead.

26 March 2004 corrected typo in attractions.

21 March 2004 added another data point for travel time to saddle peak trailhead.

11 March 2004 updated rawhide ranch info further from email from val ewan.

23 February 2004 updated rawhide ranch info from email from val ewan; added link to their website in that page and in commercial attractions / animals; updated rainfall plot.

11 February 2004 corrected typo for "borrego" in travel times.

9 February 2004 added travel times for torrey pines, cabrillo nm.

21 January 2004 added other records for travel time to saddle peak.

9 January 2004 added link to temecula valley online in area info, thanks to an email from keith motte.

8 January 2004 updated hazardous waste disposal facility for Fallbrook.

5 January 2004 added travel time to saddle peak trailhead.

31 December 2003 updated days herban garden is open.

29 December 2003 added travel time to laurel canyon.

26 December 2003 added travel time to ccsp, caspars wp.

13 December 2003 added Millstreet Interiors & Antiques to links/ commercial / shopping, thanks to an email from them.

28 October 2003 updated home prices, temps and bugs.

27 October 2003 added link to Fire Information And Forest Closures In Southern California.

2 June 2003 added farmer and adele website to commercial links and yearly events; updated date for their craft fair in yearly events; removed the wildflowers in burn area highlight on main page.

8 May 2003 added preliminary plant guide to the north SMR trail, linked from the Fallbrook burn area pix page.

8 April 2003 updated wildflowers in burn area page.

7 April 2003 removed outdated contact info for Fallbrook newcomer's club.

5 April 2003 linked Fallbrook newcomer's club new webpage, thanks to input from their webmaster.

31 March 2003 updated url for gem society, thank to liz.

20 March 2003 added link to page on wildflowers in the burn area.

18 March 2003 updated temperature, rainfall, bug plots plots.

23 February 2003 updated temperature, rainfall, bug plots, house price plots.

10 February 2003 moved dates for annual events prior to 2003 to separate file, linked from yearly attractions; added some 2003 dates.

9 February 2003 updated gregory canyon landfill eir approval; updated link to brian webb's launch info site in views / missile launches and to vandenberg twilight phenomena page, both link updates thanks to jane strong.

2 February 2003 added dates for first four Bonsall traffic lights, thanks to input from an anonymous reader.

5 January 2003 updated temps, bugs, home prices.

19 December 2002 added gonsett's pix of san jacinto and san gorgonio to views.

8 December 2002 updated rainfall plot.

5 December 2002 updated temps, bugs, home prices.

26 November 2002 added link to bob palin's personal page in links / people.

21 November 2002 updated seasons of Fallbrook for greening date.

10 November 2002 updated rainfall.

9 November 2002 updated temps, bugs, rainfall.

27 October 2002 updated traffic light page in history.

11 October 2002 updated rosemary's mountain quarry info.

7 October 2002 added emerich's name to his rainfall data; added his analysis of the monthly averages; modified mox's position to report only significant digits; updated sales locations of flc trail guide and anticipated sell-out.

6 October 2002 added mox's rainfall data by month, and monthly and yearly totals from an anonymous resident.

14 September 2002 added links to the collector, in attractions and commercial links, thanks to input from sandy.

19 August 2002 corrected link for st. stephan lutheran church, thanks to input from their webmaster.

18 August 2002 added link for st. stephan lutheran church, thanks to input from their webmaster.

9 July 2002 updated info for la jolla waterpark, thanks to input from the manager.

30 June 2002 clarified sneller fees for farmer and adele fair.

28 June 2002 added dates for farmer and adele fair; added dates for more events.

29 May 2002 added explanation of symbols for plots in high temps vs distance from the coast, thanks to a reader question.

7 May 2002 added note about doris woods nursery probably being closed now, to attractions, thanks to input from an anonymous reader.

2 May 2002 added sage meadow es to school webpage list.

24 April 2002 updated url of fallbrook general email link, thanks to scott.

16 April 2002 added "end of green season" date to seasons of Fallbrook.

25 March 2002 updated url for emmanual baptist church, thanks to Rev. Etherton, Sr.

17 February 2002 updated url for bannerman's weather station; added lat, lon for bannerman, mox and sullivan stations; updated temps, rainfall, bugs.

13 February 2002 added art links to adtech, editions by apg, art and artists of Fallbrook, updated url for art and cultural center, removed additional links to cat corcelius since she has a link page now that contains them. Added commercial link to Fallbrook village from main st merchants.

28 January 2002 added commercial link to waldner and adelphia (leaving the still active and more informative link to daniel's)

20 January 2002 added dave's weather station to current weather.

15 January 2002 updated calendar for 2002 dates for garden tour, art in the park, thanks to an anonymous reader.

13 January 2002 updated calendar with 2002 dates for avo festival, flc 5K, flower show, and filled in some 12/2001 dates; special thanks to input from Fallbrook garden club for the flower show dates.

9 January 2002 updated home prices.

13 December 2001 added honda car repair and updated url for ultrastar cinema in links/commercial; corrected labeled picture for sd sedge, formerly misidentified as giant rye grass.

10 December 2001 updated home prices.

5 December 2001 updated seasons of Fallbrook for green, gophers and bugs.

28 November 2001 updated home prices, temperatures and bugs.

24 October 2001 added "dog laws" to tidbits and updated deer in Fallbrook info.

19 October 2001 updated people to people info thanks to mac.

25 September 2001 changed "unknown goldenbush" to "western goldenrod", thanks to help from nancy backstrand and jane strong.

20 September 2001 added geology of temecula canyon, linked from tidbits, places and SMR.

30 August 2001 updated temps, bugs.

14 August 2001 added links for bill and susie davidson (links/personal) and Fallbrook gymnastics (orgs/sports).

9 August 2001 updated url for the village news on ~5 pages.

15 July 2001 updated url for bird's eye maps.

12 July 2001 updated napalm page to state that the dresden bomb content was probably phosphorus, thanks again to an alert anonymous reader.

9 July 2001 updated napalm page with the final canister drained. also corrected the dresden bomb content to be phosphorus, not napalm, thanks to an alert anonymous reader.

28 June 2001 updated temps, rainfall, bugs.

28 May 2001 updated home prices.

26 May 2001 updated url for fire weather forecast.

9 April 2001 added old timers' picnic date to calendar.

30 March 2001 updated temps, bugs, rain; added Fallbrook directory and myrtle creek nursery to links/commercial; added Fallbrook directory's historical photos to history links.

23 March 2001 updated temps, bugs, rain.

21 March 2001 updated url for Christ the king Lutheran church, thanks to input from Mark Johnson.

14 March 2001 updated temps, bugs, rain.

11 March 2001 updated temps, bugs, rain.

10 March 2001 updated temps, bugs, rain.

9 March 2001 added de luz open house, dates for hot summer nights, details on walk/ride in calendar; corrected a few errors on bloom observations.

4 March 2001 added yesterday's bloom observations at de luz ecology center.

2 March 2001 updated temps, rainfall, bugs.

28 February 2001 added scott gordon's latest bloom observations.

27 February 2001 added rainbow weatherstation link to weather/index/stations, thanks to frank clark; changed which page the vessels link pointed to, thanks to Julie.

26 February 2001 updated temps, rainfall.

25 February 2001 added oak creek manor in links/hotels; wolf center to attractions/nearby; freehome4u to links/real estate; updated url of fhs (thanks to scott input).

23 February 2001 updated temps, rainfall.

21 February 2001 updated temps, bugs.

19 February 2001 updated kinder's real estate; added vessels farm, both in links/commercial.

14 February 2001 updated rainfall plot.

13 February 2001 added fyb to orgs/sports.

12 February 2001 added link to now operational Sullivan weather station in weather/current weather.

10 February 2001 added specifics on adding vinegar to dishwasher in tidbits/water quality; updated temps, rainfall, bugs.

9 February 2001 added bloom observations from today to tidbits/blooms.

8 February 2001 minor English update to email list page; added rainbow / de luz powerline to issues.

7 February 2001 added link to alex's new Fallbrook email list; stewart mine to nearby attractions.

4 February 2001 jane identified unknown plant as croton.

3 February 2001 added bloom observations of 2/1/01.

2 February 2001 updated greening of fallbrook, gophers in seasons.

29 January 2001 updated bloom observations, with mine and scott gordon's observations.

28 January 2001 updated rainfall.

24 January 2001 added cancellation of farmer's festival to yearly events; added murrieta creek stream gauge near temecula to weather/stream gauges; duplicated list of stream gauges in places/SMR.

21 January 2001 updated home prices with last six months of data; updated cooper's personal url.

20 January 2001 added bloom observations on 1/19 and 1/20; updated temps, bugs, no. on wwarm email list.

16 January 2001 updated calendar of yearly events with new dates, included smer spring celebration and ride/walk on wild side for first time and removed river awareness day since it no longer is held.

14 January 2001 removed two defunct computer stores from tidbits/hours.

12 January 2001 updated rainfall plot.

11 January 2001 corrected error in travel times ("end sr163" to "sr163 and I-8")

1 January 2001 added timely technologies to links/commercial; added descriptors to controltec, tfbnet and lightmyweb; updated tfbnet name from old file bank.

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