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Warning: your search may not find pages added or modified in the last month! See the Update Log for pages changed since the last search engine database update.

You can now also search The North County Times for articles published since 12/30/99.

I haven't been able to find any technical documentation on how this wonderful free search service works exactly. Their general keyword search help section simply says:

Don't worry about using plus and minus signs, quotation marks, asterisks, or any other symbol to narrow your search. These symbols are known as Boolean operators and are not necessary when searching with LookSmart.

A test showed that "-keyword" was treated just the same as "+keyword", and that all the keywords are ANDed together. For example:

Search keywordsNumber of results
land conservancy21
land conservancy preserves14

It has become apparent that the only time Beseen updates their database is when I request them to do so. Hence be aware that a search will not find content added after the last date above. I'll try to remember to have them update their database every month. Here's a record of such updates, beginning on 2/23/00:

Search database updatesNumber of Pages IndexedNumber of Words Indexed
23 February 200028316,000
27 April 20000!0!
28 April 200029318,400
13 July 200030018,700
8 September 200030718,800

I was surprised that the reindex on 4/27/00 failed, and hence the search feature stopped working until I asked for another reindex on 4/28/00.

Beginning Sunday, 10/8/00, Beseen will begin reindexing this site weekly on Sundays at ~3:00 a.m. I'll follow it for a few weeks to see if it occurs.

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