Fallbrook, CA Area: The Numbers

I've just begun in late 1999 to record some of the interesting numbers about Fallbrook here. Hence this page will be a very spotty, incomplete summation about Fallbrook for quite a while. I include the Table of Contents for the Economic Numbers that is also given on my main Fallbrook page.

Chamber of Commerce: Bonsall has 125 members, which "represents a majority of businesses in Bonsall as well as resident members who are encouraged to join to keep Bonsall's rural interests in mind while business is being promoted". (VN 11/11/99, A17.)

Housing: Total Number Of Single-Family Residential Parcels(includes condominiums):
    Bonsall: 2,411 ($0.517 billion assessed value in 1999-2000), down from 2,432 in in 1998-1999.
    Fallbrook: 7,776 ($1.456 billion assessed value in 1999-2000), down from 8,263 in 1998-1999.
    Entire Unincorporated County: ?? ($19.119 billion assessed value in 1999-2000)
The number of parcels decreased due to habitat conservation programs, open space dedication, and other dedications that take land off the market. (VN 8/19/99, 1). However, I find this pretty hard to believe since developers continue to split parcels, creating many parcels out of one.

Sanitary Districts: Rainbow Water has three sewage districts within its boundaries. Two of the districts send their sewage to the City of Oceanside's treatment plant, and the other district provides secondary treatment at its own facility.
The Fallbrook Sanitary District was formed in 1946 and merged with FPUD in 1994. It has two treatment plants providing tertiary treatment serving ~18,000 residents on 4,500 acres. The plants treat 1.4 million gallons per day in 1996, and have a maximum capacity of 3.1 million gallons per day. Wastewater is also ultimately discharged into the City of Oceanside's La Salina Ocean Outfall Line.
The rest of Fallbrook is on septic tanks.

Water Districts:

NameCustomersArea Served (acres)Storage CapacityPercent of Water Used By Agriculture
(acre-feet)(days of peak demand)
Fallbrook Public Utility District (FPUD)25,00028,0001,3352160
Rainbow Municipal Water District14,60047,7001,350585
San Luis Rey Municipal Water District3503,000 

FPUD was founded in 1922 and became part of the San Diego County Water Authority when it was founded in 1944. FPUD produces 200 acre-feet of water (annually?) from two small wells. Its 1,335 acre-feet of water storage is at the Red Mountain Reservoir.

In 2000-2001, FPUD projects 13,500 acre feet of potable water sales, 750 acre feet of recycled water, and treatment of 1.9 million gallons of sewage per day.

Rainbow Water is connected to the Valley Center Municipal Water District, the Vallecitos Water District, and FPUD. It serves only 17,500 acres with water out of the 47,700 acres within its boundaries.

San Luis Rey Municipal Water provides coordination between landowners operating private wells on water rights, groundwater use management, and interaction with government agencies.

Tri-Cities Municipal Water District primarily serves southeastern Orange County, but also serves 5.3 square miles of Camp Pendleton, with two reservoirs providing 4-5 days storage capacity.

The Bueno Colorado Municipal Water District and the DeLuz heights Municipal Water District were dissolved in consolidations in the 1990s.

Sources: VN 8/19/99, 9; 9/7/00, 5.

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