Fallbrook, CA Area Employers

SANDAG reports that in 1995, there were 1,353 Fallbrook businesses employing 11,027 people at locations within the Fallbrook area (SRA 55). (In addition, there were 1,974 self-employed people, which includes domestic workers, which are not included below.) The number of employees were distributed as follows among those employers:

Number of EmployeesNumber of SitesTotal EmploymentShare of All Employment

Some of the largest employers are given in the following table, sorted by total budget. There are clearly two employers in Fallbrook each with more than 500 employees now, probably due to Color Spot Nurseries taking over another nursery a few years ago. (Pechanga does not count as a Fallbrook business, but it is listed since it is very close to Rainbow.)

Largest Budgets

RankYearBudget ($ Million)EmployeesInstitutionSource3
-1998~40~7005Fallbrook Avocado IndustryAvocados. (Not a single employer, so not given a rank.)
1???????Denarde Construction Co.VN 12/31/98, 4 says this is "Fallbrook's largest employer".
11998-930.8~4604Fallbrook Union Elementary School DistrictNCT 6/5/98, B1; 9/8/98, B2; 5/22/99, B6. ($24.2 general fund, $6.6 restricted fund, $27.1 M in 1997-8.)
32000-124.5???Fallbrook Public Utility District13.1 operating expenses, 5.0 capital improvements, 4.2 debt service, and 2.2 administrative expenses. 80% of operating expenses come from service charge. (VN 9/7/00, 5,7)
21998-920.2420Fallbrook HospitalNCT 6/19/98 A8.
41998-913.21~2406Fallbrook Union High School DistrictNCT 4/9/99, B1; 5/26/99, B1.
-1999?>10.8??Rainbow WaterNCT 9/1/99, B1. 10.8 is cost of water only.
-1997?10.2716Pechanga Casino (not in Fallbrook, but very close to Rainbow) 
?1998-97.8~1406Bonsall Union Elementary School DistrictNCT 7/5/98 B1.
?1998~7.5?2>500Color Spot Nurseries (on Ingold Lane)Flyer handed out by them at baseball game
?1997??285Fallbrook Naval Weapons Station 
?2000~3.8?2>250EuroAmerican PropagatorsVN 2/10/00, 1

 1 Quoted number is general-fund revenue that excludes the construction expenses of high school renovation. Total Revenue was $10.8 M in 1996-7, $12.0 M in 1997-8, $15.8 M in 1998-9, and is estimated to be $16.5 M in 1999-2000. Budget listed as $17.0 million in 1995-6 in NCT 12/29/97 from California Department of Education, A-4, but this probably includes the renovation expenses.
 2 Budget estimated by multiplying number of employees by assumed $15 K average payroll per employee.
 3 Blank sources are probably the NCT prior to 3/1998, when I failed to record the source of the info.
 4 Number of employees in 1997-1998. 260 teachers and "more than" 200 other employees. Total elementary and high school employees was about 680 on 9/1/99. (NCT 8/31/99, B1)
 5 Number of employees estimated by assuming 5 workers per 100 acres (see Simulation To Reproduce Fallbrook, CA Area Demographics) times 12,000 acres (see Avocados).
 6 Number of employees estimated by dividing budget by $55 K per person in 1998-9. FUHS says that ~86% of general fund revenue goes to salaries and benefits for teachers and classified employees (NCT 5/26/99, B4). Total elementary and high school employees was about 680 on 9/1/99. (NCT 8/31/99, B1)

Contrast the Fallbrook employers with those of Rancho Bernardo:

Number of EmployeesEmployer
4,500Sony Electronics (1998; said to be "one of, if not the largest, employers in North County" NCT 4/14/98, D1, D2)
1,500GDE Systems

But of course, if Fallbrook had large employers like Rancho Bernardo, Fallbrook wouldn't be rural, scenic Fallbrook... When you think about it, the largest employers in Fallbrook are exactly the kind of employers needed to preserve Fallbrook's character.

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