Fallbrook, CA Area General Email List

Alex Censor has begun a general email discussion list for the Fallbrook area. This is an interactive email forum for the community.

Alex states that the group has these intended purposes:

  1. To provide an extra way to be neighborly (offer each other ride sharing, share advice on good (or bad) luck you've had with local services, create a pool of neighbors to check on a infirm neighbor, share a chipper, or whatever.)

  2. To discuss community issues in a more direct and faster way than the newspaper lets us.

  3. To put BRIEF announcements of community events.

  4. Within reason, to post SHORT local "for sale" and "wanted" notices, provided that doesn't get too obnoxious or too high in volume.

Neither Alex or I would be surprised if people think of additional uses for this list.

To join, go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/fallbrook-chat/ and sign up.

The list was begun on 2/7/01, so it will take a while for enough people to join for it to take off. Be patient!

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