Update log for T. Chester's Facts Website

4 March 2007 updated rate for people without any natural teeth, thanks to input from an anonymous reader.

9 February 2006 updated rate for celiac disease, thanks to input from Monica Hart.

26 August 2000 added link to official star-naming faq.

29 September 1999 added more info about response of eye to light in color table.

22 July 1999 added link to inflation calculators in inflation.

8 July 1999 added size of web on February 1999, and new estimate of library of congress size to db sizes; percent of web covered by search engines.

28 November 1998 added size of web on 1/97 to db sizes.

17 November 1998 reploted solar spectrum using nu*f(nu).

17 October 1998 added wavelength of various colors.

27 September 1998 added source of cpi data to inflation page.

17 September 1998 added solar spectrum page.

20 August 1998 added beginning salaries of english majors.

10 July 1998 updated terraserver info.

15 June 1998 revised neat volume in largest db.

14 June 1998 added NEAT volume, updated SDSS estimates in largest db.

8 April 1998 added size of web to largest databases, and new page on percent of web covered by search engines.

15 December 1997 revised problems; recalculated rates, added them explicitly and put them in better order. added reference to analysis of problems.

14 December 1997 added bunch of stuff to problems.

30 November 1997 added eczema to problems.

18 November 1997 added more to rate of human problems.

12 November 1997 Added link to salary curve analysis.

26 September 1997 Added breast cancer rate versus age, more to rate of human problems.

26 September 1997 Added table and plots of inflation rates from 1913 to 1996.

14 September 1997 Added software/internet industry salaries.

30-31 August 1997 Added analysis of accuracy of predictions for Fallbrook high temperatures in the summer. Added income versus education.

12 August 1997 Added database sizes.

8-9 August 1997 Added more salaries, improved page. Added to rate of human problems.

4 July 1997 Added to rate of human problems.

30 June 1997 Added more salaries.

29 June 1997 Added us and ca home price info.

28 June 1997 Added mortality plot and probability of death in next 10 years.

14 June 1997 Added number of people born versus time in U.S.

13 June 1997 Added item to rate of human problems, more data to income and salaries.

2 June 1997 Added sleep problems rate to rate of human problems.

1 June 1997 Added times of sunrise and sunset versus day of year. Updated rate of human problems.

21 May 1997 Updated physicist salaries.

19 May 1997 Added physicist salaries.

12 May 1997 Added more income info from California Almanac.

10 May 1997 Added average L.A. technological salaries.

2 May 1997 Added income averages and salary information by occupation.

13 April 1997 Added index.html and this update page.

22 August 1996 Added rate of human problems.

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