1998 Angeles Crest Century

The 1998 Angeles Crest Century, a 100 mile bicycle ride with 10,840' of climbing in the ANF, has been cancelled because the JPL Bicycle Club is temporarily inactive. Here's the note that went to previous participants:

Dear ACC Rider,

The JPL Bicycle Club is sending this notice to recent participants of the Angeles Crest Century. At about this time you would normally have received registration information about the upcoming ride. Unfortunately, the Club will not be conducting the ride this year, and no registration material is forthcoming.

The ACC has been a tradition of the JPL Bicycle Club for over twenty years. In that time we have had over 3000 riders enjoy the event. With over 10,000 feet of climbing in just over 100 miles, the ACC has earned the reputation as one of the hardest and most rewarding centuries in the country. As you have completed the event at least once, we are sure you can attest to the high satisfaction level the ride provides.

The members of the JPL Bicycle Club would like to extend our gratitude for helping us make this ride such a long-standing success. Although we are unable to conduct the event this year, we hope you will consider riding the ACC again in the future.


The JPL Bicycle Club

Hugh Murphy plans to host an "Angeles Crest (Century) Challenge" on Sept. 19, but the name may change since the JPL Bicycle Club is retaining the name of ACC because they will probably host the ride again in future years.

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