Plant Guide to PCT From Little Tahquitz Trail to Zen Trail, San Jacinto Mountains

This is a working list, about which we make no guarantees at all until we officially release it. Use at your own risk!

Introduction and Explanation of Plant Trail Guides

Highlights of This Trail
Fieldwork Dates and Summary of List Changes With Time
The Plant Guide
Comments On Specific Species


Highlights of This Trail

The botanical highlights of this trail are:

Number of Unique Taxa On This Trail

The following histogram gives the number of trails in our database that contain each taxon on this trail. We had 93 trails in our database when this histogram was made; 5 of those trails, including this one, are in this area of San Jacinto Mountain. A number of "1" means the taxon has only been found on this trail among the trails in our database; numbers of "5" or smaller may indicate taxa found only in this area of San Jacinto Mountain.

Number of Trails
Containing A Taxon
Number Of Taxa
On This Trail
% of Taxa
On This Trail
Total Taxa100%

We found x additional species not in the above table, since they have not been identified yet. The unidentified ones are marked with ? or sp in the id? column in the guide, and have no entries in the #all column.

Fieldwork Dates and Summary of List Changes With Time

The following table gives the dates the trail was walked and taxa recorded. After each visit, the table gives the total number of taxa on the list and the breakdown of the taxa without positive identification. See Explanation of Plant Trail Guides to understand the symbols below.

Visit DateVisit ## taxa# "?"# "sp"# "~"# "ssp"

The Plant Guide

This guide places all species "on trail", except for ones not easily seen from the trail, up to mile 0.75.

See also Plant List in Traditional Family Order.

Version for printing, without lines and other text on this page: html (4 pages) or pdf Clickbook booklet (1 double-sided page). (See printing instructions for an explanation of these options)

MileS#id?Common NameScientific Name#Pls
0.00Begin guide at jct. with Little Tahquitz Trail, just south of Little Tahquitz Meadow; elevation ~8140 feet (2481 m).
0.00rSign: "PCT (ahead); Tahquitz Valley (left); Tahquitz Peak (right)"
0.00b1white firAbies concolor99 / 9
0.00r2San Jacinto Mts. keckiellaKeckiella rothrockii var. jacintensis99 / 9
0.00r3groundsmokeGayophytum diffusum ssp. parviflorum3 / 1
0.00r4pine lousewortPedicularis semibarbata99 / 9
0.00b5changeable phaceliaPhacelia mutabilis50 / 9
0.00l6sugar pinePinus lambertiana50 / 9
0.00l7spotted coralrootCorallorhiza maculata3 / 2
0.01b8Parish's snowberrySymphoricarpos rotundifolius var. parishii50 / 9
0.01l9Jeffrey pinePinus jeffreyi50 / 9
0.01l10southern mountain-monardellaMonardella australis20 / 3
0.01l11Parry's sand cressCalyptridium parryi var. parryi99 / 9
0.02l12bush chinquapinChrysolepis sempervirens50 / 9
0.04Trail curves right at ridge
0.04l13Scouler's willowSalix scouleriana1 / 1
0.04r14white catch-flySilene verecunda ssp. platyota99 / 9
0.07Trail turns left to cross south fork of Tahquitz Creek
0.07Cross Creek
The following species are in or near this fork of Tahquitz Creek within ~30 feet, given in alphabetical order by Scientific Name
0.07l15Idaho bentgrassAgrostis idahoensis5 / 1
0.07b16purple false-giliaAllophyllum divaricatum99 / 4
0.07b17western columbineAquilegia formosa30 / 1
0.07r18subarctic lady-fernAthyrium filix-femina var. cyclosorum1 / 1
0.07b19abrupt-beak sedgeCarex abrupta5 / 1
0.07b20fragile sheath sedgeCarex fracta30 / 3
0.07b21vari-nerved sedgeCarex heteroneura20 / 1
0.07r22mountain whitethornCeanothus cordulatus99 / 9
0.07l23Fremont's goosefootChenopodium fremontii30 / 2
0.07l24brittle bladder fernCystopteris fragilis1 / 1
0.07b25tall mannagrassGlyceria elata99 / 1
0.07r26bigleaf lupineLupinus polyphyllus var. burkei33 / 1
0.07r27hairy wood rushLuzula comosa5 / 1
0.07l28Brewer's monkeyflowerMimulus breweri99 / 4
0.07b29musk monkeyflowerMimulus moschatus99 / 1
0.07b30false monkeyflowerMimulus pilosus99 / 2
0.07b31larger mountain monkeyflowerMimulus tilingii20 / 1
0.07r32Nevada cinquefoilPotentilla glandulosa ssp. nevadensis5 / 1
0.07r33wax currantRibes cereum var. cereum99 / 9
0.07b34ranger's buttonsSphenosciadium capitellatum35 / 1
0.07r35small white violetViola macloskeyi1 / 1
Back on trail
0.09r36beaked penstemonPenstemon rostriflorus30 / 5
0.09r37Ross' sedgeCarex rossii75 / 3
0.12Trail turns left at drainage
0.12r38mountain pink currantRibes nevadense3 / 2
0.1539San Jacinto lupineLupinus hyacinthinus99 / 9
0.18r40~pinegrove groundsmokeGayophytum oligospermum99 / 9
0.20r41little prince's pineChimaphila menziesii8 / 2
0.21r42western wallflowerErysimum capitatum ssp. capitatum75 / 4
0.21Cross drainage
0.22r43Burlew's onionAllium burlewii99 / 9
0.22r44Suksdorf's monkeyflowerMimulus suksdorfii99 / 4
0.24b45western needlegrassAchnatherum occidentale ssp. occidentale55 / 4
0.26b46limber pinePinus flexilis30 / 9
0.28b47lodgepole pinePinus contorta ssp. murrayana10 / 5
0.28Cross drainage
0.28b48San Jacinto buckwheatEriogonum apiculatum99 / 4
0.29b49naked buckwheatEriogonum nudum var. pauciflorum99 / 9
0.31r50pussy pawsCalyptridium monospermum99 / 2
0.32l51green-leaf manzanitaArctostaphylos patula30 / 9
0.32Trail turns right at ridge
0.33r52Sierra Nevada lotusLotus nevadensis var. nevadensis4 / 2
0.33r53broad-seeded rock-cressArabis platysperma5 / 2
0.35r54pinewoods rock-cress"Arabis holboellii"10 / 4
0.37Cross small drainage
0.39Cross small drainage
0.42r55snow-plantSarcodes sanguinea5 / 1
0.46Cross ridge with view rock to left
0.52r56Sierra mousetailIvesia santolinoides /
0.55l57mountain mugwortArtemisia ludoviciana ssp. incompta40 / 3
0.55r58squirreltailElymus elymoides40 / 3
0.56Cross small drainage
0.58l59rush blue grassPoa secunda ssp. juncifolia20 / 2
0.59Trail curves right at ridge
0.61Trail curves left at drainage
0.63r60Watson's spike-mossSelaginella watsonii3 / 1
0.64r61forest mariposa lilyCalochortus invenustus6 / 2
0.70Cross small drainage
0.76l62forest goosefootChenopodium atrovirens50 / 1
0.77rJct. use trail to Red Tahquitz; elevation 8320' (2536 m)
0.77r63*downy bromeBromus tectorum99 / 9
0.79l(Saddle and view rock beyond)
0.81First of many minor local high points
0.83Cross several very small drainages; enter Mountain Fire (2013) burn area
0.88Cross small drainage
0.89Cross small drainage
0.91r64blue elderberrySambucus mexicana20 / 9
0.99l65Sierra gooseberryRibes roezlii var. roezlii15 / 5
1.13rLand of big boulders
1.17l66horseweedConyza canadensis1 / 1
1.18(rose sage, Salvia pachyphylla; San Bernardino rubber rabbitbrush, Chrysothamnus nauseosus ssp. bernardinus; Wright's buckwheat, Eriogonum wrightii var. subscaposum; goldenrod, Solidago californica; granite prickly phlox, Leptodactylon pungens; Martin's paintbrush, Castilleja applegatei ssp. martinii)
1.19rFirst glimpse of top of rock wall that we'll round later
1.20l67pinedropsPterospora andromedea1 / 1
1.20Cross small drainage
1.28r68California chicoryRafinesquia californica1 / 1
1.29r69California bromeBromus carinatus var. carinatus5 / 1
1.29l70California thistleCirsium occidentale var. californicum2 / 2
1.29r71poodle-dog bushTurricula parryi1 / 1
1.29r72San Jacinto prickly phloxLeptodactylon jaegeri15 / 2
1.29r73new rockcressArabis sp. nov.99 / 1
1.34Minor local high point at saddle at head of Andreas Canyon; elevation 8360' (2548 m); field of Carex rossii
1.34b74San Bernardino rubber rabbitbrushChrysothamnus nauseosus ssp. bernardinus50 / 9
1.34b75California-asterLessingia filaginifolia var. filaginifolia20 / 3
1.3576golden yarrowEriophyllum confertiflorum var. confertiflorum99 / 9
1.36Check for Penstemon grinnellii here
1.36l77purple nightshadeSolanum xanti5 / 2
1.40r78Parish's campionSilene parishii10 / 5
1.40b79red-rayed hulseaHulsea heterochroma5 / 1
1.40View down Andreas Canyon and first view of desert as trail curves right
1.45b80canyon live oakQuercus chrysolepis99 / 9
1.47r81shaggy-haired alumrootHeuchera hirsutissima30 / 5
1.48b82Grinnell's beardtonguePenstemon grinnellii var. grinnellii99 / 9
1.51l83beautiful hulseaHulsea vestita ssp. callicarpha10 / 3
1.52r84goldenrodSolidago californica50 / 9
1.52b85Wright's buckwheatEriogonum wrightii var. subscaposum30 / 9
1.52First view of Santa Rosa Mountains and Desert Divide
1.54l86Parish's goldenbushEricameria parishii var. parishii10 / 3
1.57r87mountain California-fuchsiaEpilobium canum ssp. latifolium50 / 9
1.57r88curl-leaf mountain-mahoganyCercocarpus ledifolius2 / 2
1.57r89granite prickly phloxLeptodactylon pungens30 / 9
1.58Enter lush area due to extra water draining from rocks above
1.58b90brackenPteridium aquilinum var. pubescens50 / 4
1.59rFirst full view of Red Tahquitz
1.59r91slender everlastingGnaphalium canescens ssp. thermale6 / 4
1.60r92California coffeeberryRhamnus californica20 / 9
1.61r93pink-bracted manzanitaArctostaphylos pringlei ssp. drupacea20 / 5
1.62l94San Jacinto Mtns. bedstrawGalium angustifolium ssp. jacinticum99 / 7
1.62r95short-flowered monardellaMonardella nana ssp. tenuiflora1 / 1
1.66Switchback left; elevation 8320' (2536 m)
1.69l(California cliff-brake, Pellaea mucronata var. californica; prickly hawkweed, Hieracium horridum)
1.71l96California cliff-brakePellaea mucronata var. californica20 / 7
1.72l97Martin's paintbrushCastilleja applegatei ssp. martinii10 / 3
1.73l98?Trisetum sp.? /
1.74l99woodland spurgeEuphorbia palmeri3 / 2
1.76r100hybrid manzanitaArctostaphylos patula X A. pringlei ssp. drupacea1 / 1
1.78Switchback right near saddle
1.80r101slender wheatgrassElymus trachycaulus10 / 2
1.85r102prickly hawkweedHieracium horridum1 / 1
1.86r?(like sonchus)
1.86r103bluish spike-mossSelaginella asprella5 / 2
1.94rUnusual bird's foot fern with three kinds of leaves
2.07l(rose sage, Salvia pachyphylla)
2.08r104sticky cinquefoilPotentilla glandulosa ssp. reflexa20 / 2
2.14b105rose sageSalvia pachyphylla40 / 9
2.14r106Parish's needlegrassAchnatherum parishii20 / 5
2.14r(canyon dudleya, Dudleya cymosa ssp. pumila; dusky onion, Allium campanulatum)
2.21r107Parish's bedstrawGalium parishii30 / 9
2.22r108rock goldenbushEricameria cuneata var. cuneata20 / 9
2.31r109rock buckwheatEriogonum saxatile10 / 2
2.33r110canyon dudleyaDudleya cymosa ssp. pumila5 / 2
2.33r?(Poa secunda?)
2.34r111chaparral whitethornCeanothus leucodermis5 / 5
2.37r112California bee plantScrophularia californica ssp. floribunda10 / 3
2.39Switchback right on ridge
2.40r113bush monkeyflowerMimulus aurantiacus5 / 2
2.48r114Wright's buckwheatEriogonum wrightii var. membranaceum20 / 3
2.57Saddle below Red Tahquitz; elevation 7840' (2390 m)
2.59r115~California brickellbushBrickellia californica10 / 3
2.59r116~white-bark raspberryRubus leucodermis5 / 2
2.61r117sppenstemonPenstemon sp. /
2.70Saddle #2 below Red Tahquitz
2.72b118bristly bird's beakCordylanthus rigidus ssp. setigerus50 / 9
2.79r119spMojave lomatium?Lomatium mohavense? /
2.80Cross Saddle #3 (below 7900' peak) to west side of Desert Divide; elevation ~7750' (2362 m)
2.81Switchback right
2.85Switchback left
2.93Local high point; elevation ~7600' (2316 m)
2.93End current trail guide
Offtrail only species
2.15120dusky onionAllium campanulatum /

Comments On Specific Species


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