Indiana Jones Funhouse

by Lauren Izzo, Liz McCarty, Ryan Linn and Dave Normandin

Manhasset Middle School, Manhasset, NY

As Indy gazed through the massive doors, he realized, "This is it, The Golden Monkey Head of the Incas, the most valuable and sought after piece from the Incas." The temple looked so small from the outside, but in it were deadly traps set to destroy anyone that quested for this magnificent relic.

A mining cart, that was left from a previous failed exposition, remained. "I can use that to get through most of the temple, because its wheel and axle allow me to travel greater distances with out walking and getting tired. He pushed the big heavy cart up the inclined plane, which made the work seem easier instead of lifting up the cart onto the platform (which he could not do alone). Then, as he reached the top he saw the steep hill below.

He counted to three, and got ready to ride down. With blinding speed, he zoomed down the hill and knocked into a wedge, stopping it. When he smashed into the wedge he created such a force that the giant lever behind the wedge started to creak and move.

Indiana jumped onto the lever wondering what its purpose was. The force of the moving mining cart made the lever tilt away from Indy. He shot up into the air, out of the mining cart because there was a huge boulder on the other side of the lever and his force was not great enough to withstand the enormous force of the boulder. Amazingly there was an old pulley system that used to transport these huge boulders. As Indy grabbed on to it, it started to pull him.

He was going up?!? When he grabbed onto it, it knocked another boulder onto it which made the platform which he was standing on rise. As the moment reached where he would arrive at the top, he wondered that if he stayed on would he drop back down to where he just was? There, he was at the top, with his lightning quick reflexes, he grabbed his whip and latched it to an old statue above. As he swung across, peering down below he saw the many obstacles that he had eluded with the mining cart and lever trick.


He got to another platform, there it was The Golden Monkey Head of the Incas! Sitting atop a box it was smiling at him, he tried to lift it off, but it was attached on with a screw. Indy carefully turned it around slowly making sure not to catch any traps. In his hands, it laid, looking at it now he knew he had fully accomplished his goal and could return home with pride. But wait, he had triggered the last trap after all, he turned around and there was...

The authors:

Lauren Izzo, David Normandin, Liz McCarty, Ryan Linn.

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Copyright © 1997 by Lauren Izzo, David Normandin, Liz McCarty, Ryan Linn.
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