Telephone Scams

American Deputy Sheriff's Association

In 1999 and 2000, an organization claiming to be a non-profit support organization to the Sheriff's department has been calling Fallbrook-area residents. They in fact have no connection with the San Diego Sheriffs.

Sheriff's Deputy Rob Heltmach said:

This organization does exist, in Louisiana, but our Sheriff's department here sees little or none of this money they are collecting from citizens.

Residents have brought this to our attention and we are letting people know that we do not have an association that calls people over the phone to solicit donations. We have our own organization, the San Diego County Sheriff's Association. It operates solely on dues we pay into it. These people are having donations they have solicited sent to a PO Box.

They are telling people that the money they donate goes to provide scholarships, training and equipment. We have our own training programs and so on.

The Sheriff's Department fraud unit is investigating the callers.

Source: VN 11/9/00, B10.

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