Mission Resource Conservation District

The Mission Resource Conservation District is a Fallbrook-based non-profit agency which advises residents on management of soil, water, soil amendments and other resources, as well as for agriculture and home gardening. MRCD is supported by state and local grants that they have been very successful in obtaining. MRCD does not enforce any regulations and serves only the interests of local residents and businesses.

MRCD has maps of the local soils and descriptions of them, along with a beautiful display of soil profiles for Fallbrook soils. They have a lot of free information available at their office in the new FPUD building at 1181 E. Mission Road at the corner with Santa Margarita Dr. 728-1332.

They sponsor once a month sessions in the evenings at which you can "ask an expert" about soil problems, bug problems, etc.

See their webpage for more details.

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