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For possibly more up to date hours, see the official Fallbrook Library hours, and also G. Moxon's Fallbrook Library.

San Diego County Library System

The Fallbrook library is part of the San Diego County Library System, which has 31 branches, 2 bookmobiles and an adult literacy center. The San Diego County Library System serves the unincorporated areas of San Diego County plus 11 of the county's 18 incorporated cities.

The Catalog of Books is online for all branches, and will tell you whether a given book is in a given branch of the library. You can even request a given title using the web!

The San Diego County Library System is funded by a dedicated 0.43% of county property tax revenues for 75% of its budget, and gets general fund revenues for the other 25% of the budget.

Like many of the libraries in California, when the state of California took property tax revenue from county and local governments in the early 1990s, the library budget in San Diego county was reduced significantly then. Further, San Diego County is significantly below the statewide average spending on libraries.

Now that better economic times for the state of California have returned, the county Board of Supervisors have set 5 strategic goals for its long-term library plans:

An estimated $8.5 million is required to meet those goals. Three plans were presented to the Supervisors on 2/3/98 to come up with that funding. The favored plan is to reallocate more of the county's property tax funding, which will require permission from the state and the county voters.

It is interesting to note that libraries are unique among the county departments in that volunteers provide a significant amount of labor and donors provide a funds.

Source: FBVN, 2/12/98, 5, 8; San Diego County Library System.

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