History of Traffic Lights in Fallbrook, CA Area

The first traffic light in central Fallbrook was placed at Alvarado and Main Streets in 1969. Six more were added in the next 20 years, for a total of seven by 1989. In the next ten years, four more were added, for a total of twelve by early 1999. The number of lights exploded in 1999 and 2000, when three were added.

Fallbrook, CA Core Area

11971Alvarado and Main Streets.
21975Fallbrook and Main Streets.
31978S. Mission Road and Stage Coach Lane.
41978S. Mission and Ammunition Roads.
51981E. Mission Road and Main Street.
61985S. Mission Road and Fallbrook Street.
71988S. Mission and N. Olive Hill Roads.
81991Alturas Street and Ammunition Road.
91991S. Mission and Winterhaven Roads.
101994S. Mission Road and Clemmens Lane.
111995E. Mission Road and Pico Road (Pico turns into De Luz Road after one block).
121996Fallbrook Street and Heald Lane.
131999E. Mission and N. Stage Coach Lane.
142000S. Mission Road and Sterling Bridge Drive.
152000E. Mission and Brandon Roads.
162004Reche and Green Canyon Roads.
172006S. Mission Road and Alvarado Street.
182006Reche and Gird Roads.
192006I-15 and Mission Road Western On/Off Ramps
202006I-15 and Mission Road Eastern On/Off Ramps
212006?Reche Road and Stage Coach Lane.
222006?Old Highway 395 and East Mission Road

Bonsall, CA Core Area

Bonsall had four lights in early 1999, doubling to eight lights in late 2000.

11989SR76 at Olive Hill Road.
21990SR76 at S. Mission Road.
31990SR76 at Vista Way.
41993SR76 at Old Highway 395.
52000SR76 and I-15 Western On/Off Ramps.
62000SR76 and I-15 Eastern On/Off Ramps.
72000Gopher Canyon and Old Highway 395.
82000SR76 and North River Road.
92002SR76 and Gird Road.

There is a light at Gopher Canyon and Vista Way, but it is not clearly in Bonsall.

Rainbow and De Luz are still blissfully sans traffic lights.

I thank an anonymous reader for supplying the dates for the first 12 Fallbrook lights, and the four Bonsall lights, which he obtained from the Signal Operations office of Caltrans and the San Diego County Signal Operations office.

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