Rainbow Days Picnic

Rainbow Days Picnic is sponsored by the Rainbow Property Owners Association to raise money for Vallecitos School and the Rainbow Fire Department, and to promote membership. About 160 families are members. Rainbow Days is one of two such annual events, the other being the Fall Festival for Halloween.

The plant sale raises money for the school's interscholastic athletic program. A car wash, using water straight from a fire truck, raises money for the Fire Department.

An art show and craft table displays work by Vallecitos students.

Other attractions are bingo games, raffles every 45 minutes, and free burgers and hot dogs. The Rainbow Grange sells fudge and brownies and the Junior Grange runs a face-painting booth.

In 2000, a swap meet opens at 7 a.m., and the plant sale begins at 9 a.m.

There is no admission fee. About 700-800 people attended the 1999 event.

Source: NCT 5/21/99, B1, B2.

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