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A. Korkunov Dark Chocolate 72%good to very good
After Eightvery good
After Eight Dark Chocolate Thin Mintsgood
Bahlsen Afrikaunacceptable
Belgian Heartsvery good
Bernard Castelain Chocolat Noir Tradition 71%good
Brockmann's Truffini caramel mocha trufflesfair
Camille Bloch Chocolat Noir Swuisse Fouurre Moussegood
Chocolatour Tanzania Dark Chocolate 76%very good
Christopher Norman Chocolates' Four Espresso Cup and Saucer Setsexcellent
Confiserie Heidel Mocca Beans Dark Chocolatevery good
Cote d'Or Degustation Intense 70% Cacaovery good
DeBas Chcolatier Chocolate Cherriesgood
Dove Dark Chocolategood
Dove Truffle Eggvery good
Droste Bittersweet Chocolategood
Droste Bittersweet Pastillesvery good
Droste Milk Chocolate Coffee Creamgood
Ferrero Rocher wafer / milk chocolate / hazelnutsgood
Fudge Truffle Barfair
Galaxy Confectionsfair
Ghirardelli Dark Chocolatevery good
Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Mochaexcellent
Ghirardelli Intense Dark Espresso Escapevery good to excellent
Ghirardelli Intense Dark Mint Blissgood
Ghirardelli Intense Dark Twilight Delightvery good to excellent
Ghirardelli Mint Chocolatevery good
Ghirardelli Semi-Sweet Chocolatevery good
Green and Black's organic smooth dark chocolate with coffeevery good
Guylian African ebonygood
Guylian Asian Darkgood
Guylian Aztec Blackgood
Guylian Perles d'Oceanvery good
Guylina Belgian Originalgood to very good
Hachez Cocoa D'Arriba 77% Cacaofair
Harry London Milk Chocolate with Crispiesvery good
Henry's Dark Chocolate wafersgood
Hershey's Chocolategood
Hershey's Special Dark Chocolatefair
Hershey's Symphony Creamy Milk Chocolate, Almonds and Toffee Chipsvery good
Jamieson's Fine Dark Chocolate With Milkgood
Jamieson's Mellow Dark Chocolate With Milkgood
Jamieson's Rich Milk Chocolategood
Jamieson's Robust Dark Chocolate,very good
Lake Champlain Jave Truffle Dark chocolatevery good to excellent
Lazzaroni Milk Chocolate with Hazelnutsgood
Le Petit Ecolier Butter Biscuits topped with milk chocolategood
Lindt Dark Trufflegood
Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolatevery good
Lindt Excellence Extra Creamyvery good
Lindt Excellence Intense Mintvery good
Lindt Excellence Milk Chocolatevery good to excellent
Lindt Lindor Trufflesvery good
Lindt Moccagood
Lindt Surfin Swiss Bittersweet Chocolate and Chocolat Lindt Excellence Swiss Bittersweet Chocolategood
Lindt Swiss Classic Mocha-flavoured Milk Chocolategood
Lindt Trufflesgood
Mauna Loa Ghirdelli chocolate macadamiasgood
Mellow Dark Chocolatevery good
Mickey's Dark Chocolatefair
Milka Mokkavery good
Milky Way Creme Bunny, Santa, etc.very good
Mocha Javagood
Nestle Treasures Cappuccino Truffle Milk Chocolatevery good
Nestle Treasures Carmel Truffle Milk Chocolatevery good
Nestle Treasures Dark Chocolate Trufflevery good
Newman's Own Chocolategood
Peet's Semi-Sweet Chocolatevery good
Perugina Bittersweet Chocolate (Nestle)excellent
Perugina Cherryvery good
Perugina Dark Chocolate (Nestle)very good to excellent
Perugina Milk Chocolate with Cappuccino Fillinggood
Rademaker Dutch Chocolate Dark Cappuccinogood to very good
Russell Stover Crispy Milk Chocolate and Caramelfair
Sarotti Extra Semisweet Chocolateexcellent
Sarotti Truffelunacceptable
Scharffen Berger Pure Dark Chocolategood
See's Milk Chocolategood
Swartenbroeckxvery good
Swartenbroeckx Café Noirgood
Swartenbroeckx Noirgood
Terra Nostra Organic's Organic Truffle Barvery good to excellent
The Belgian: 6 chocolate mint pralinesgood
The Belgian: 6 fine chocolatesgood
The Belgian: caffe latte chocolatesgood to very good
Tobler Tradition Swiss Bittersweet Chocolatevery good
Tout Sweetvery good
Tout Sweet Dark Kona Coffee Hedgehogsgood
Trader Joe's Balgian Canache Chocolate and whole hazelnutsfair to good
Trader Joe's Balgian Canache Milk Chocolate and espressofair to good
Trader Joe's Cocoa Almondsvery good
Trader Joe's Coffee Dark and Milk Chocolatesgood
Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Belgiumgood to very good
Trader Joe's Delices de Belgiquevery good
Trader Joe's Delices de Belgique "5 Chocolates"good
Trader Joe's French Truffles (Mocha)fair (2007) to excellent (~2000)
Trader Joe's Half Pound Plus Swiss Dark Chocolatefair
Trader Joe's Imported Belgian Coffee Mousse Creamsgood
Trader Joe's Miniature Pralines Belgian Chocolategood
Trader Joe's New York Chocolate Covered Espresso Beansvery good
Trader Joe's Organic Belgian Bittersweet Chocolatevery good to excellent
Trader Joe's Organic dark chocolate 73% super darkfair
Trader Joe's Organic dark chocolate trufflepoor
Trader Joe's Pound Plus Bittersweet Chocolate Bargood
Trader Joe's Reserva Chocolate Sao Tomefair
Trader Joe's Swiss 71% dark chocolategood
Trader Joe's UFOs (Ghirardelli)good to very good
Truffes Fantaisie Natureexcellent
Unique Origin Ocumare Criollo Cocoa from Venezuelagood
Valor Dark Chocolate 70%good
Valor Milk Chocolate 38%good
Valrhona Le Noir 56% cacoavery good
Valrhona Le Noir 71% cacoagood to very good
Valrhona Le Noir Noisettesfair
Venus Sweetsfair
Villars Swiss Dark Chocolate 72%good to very good
Whole Foods Dark Chocolateexcellent
Wild Oats Imported Belgian Dark Chocolate With Toasted Cocoa Beansgood
Windsor chocolate-covered cherrygood
Windsor Truffle (chocolate and Kahlua)excellent
Last update: 8 October 2007.