Observations of Plants Blooming on the Santa Rosa Plateau, With Locations, 2001

In these descriptions of the flowers blooming along the trails and roads, usually only the first encounter of a flower is listed, except for exceptional displays or if plants in different areas are in much different stages of bloom. If a bloom is beginning or ending it is designated with (b) or (e) after the name. Transitional cases are noted as (b-f), for beginning to full, for example.

For a narrative of general conditions at the Plateau, and other observations from these hikes, see Observations of Flowering Plants and the Main Vernal Pools on the Mesa de Colorado in 2000 - 2001.

Note the changed order. This page is now chronological, instead of reverse chronological, to match the format of the general observations page.

Observations 2001 January 7 - March 30
2001 April 1
2001 April 4
2001 April 8
2001 April 11
2001 April 14
2001 April 17
2001 April 20
2001 April 23
2001 April 26
2001 April 28
Later Observations

April 1

1:30 - 2:00 pm, conditions cool and cloudy.

April 4

12:10 - 5:26 pm, conditions cold and cloudy (52° at noon!)

April 8

1:30 - 5:00 pm, conditions partly cloudy and cold.

April 11

2:25 - 7:24 pm, conditions cloudy, cold, and then drizzly late.

April 14

3:47 - 7:17 pm, conditions pleasant and sunny for a change!

April 17

11:38 am - 3:48 pm, conditions warm, sunny and pleasant.

April 20

12:15 - 4:23 pm, conditions back to cloudy and cold.

4:55 - 6:57 pm, conditions still cloudy and even colder.

April 23

pm, conditions sunny and very warm, high in the lower 80s.

April 26

pm, conditions pleasant, high around 80 with a nice breeze.

April 28

pm, conditions sunny, cool but pleasant, high in 60s with a nice breeze.

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