Plants Blooming or Displaying Color at the Santa Rosa Plateau Now

Latest observations reported here: 14 and 21 December; 4 and 17 January on Vernal Pool, N. and S. Trans Preserve, Granite Loop, Coyote, Lomas, and S. Los Santos Trails; Hidden Valley, Waterline, Faultline and Ranch Roads.

This year is already looking much better than last year. Many annuals have germinated this year that never grew at all last year. Many perennials are flowering much earlier than normal, perhaps due to the early rain, followed by warm weather. If the rains continue, this should be an excellent year for wildflowers.

Unfortunately, at least four species will not bloom, or produce only minimal bloom, this year, no matter how much rainfall we get, because they were unable to set flower buds during the last drought year. The four species are Eastwood manzanita, mission manzanita, sugar bush, and hoaryleaf ceanothus. Perhaps squawbush also falls into this category. (Only a few favored plants of these species, in wetter locations, may bloom.)

New species beginning their show recently (dates are when I first observed them; (1) means only a single plant was in bloom):

There are currently 12 species not yet at full show, 8 species in full show, 1 species ending their show, and 1 species (1 from last year's show) that are finished with their display this year.

List of plants in bloom or displaying colorful seeds, fruit or leaves:

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