Plant Species of San Jacinto Mountain:
Mimulus guttatus complex,
creek or seep monkeyflowers

This page just holds the key to separate the four species in the Mimulus guttatus species complex recognized in the 2018 Jepson eFlora revision, in which they have all been placed in the genus Erythranthe.

1. per plants with rhizomes

2. rhizomes not filiform, 1 to few; stems (6)1565(80+) cm; infl a bracted raceme; fls (1)3-20(28) per stem ..... E. guttatus

2'. rhizomes filiform, gen branching, forming a mass; stems 2-35 cm; infl not bracted; fls 1-5 per stem .... E. tilingii

1' ann, plants without rhizomes

3. infl not a bracted raceme; corolla tube-throat exserted 2-6(8) mm beyond calyx ... E. microphylla

3'. infl a bracted raceme; corolla cleistogamous, or tube-throat exserted 1-2 mm beyond calyx .... E. nasuta

See a great comparison between E. microphylla on left and E. nasuta on right for how exserted the corolla is from the longest part of the calyx.

See a pix showing the "nose" for M. nasuta, the longer hooked upper calyx lobe.

Mark Egger suggested that stipulate-glandular calyces might be diagnostic for E. microphylla, but is not certain that this is a 100% reliable trait. See iNat observation by Jim Roberts.

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