Plant Species of San Jacinto Mountain: Ericameria species, The Goldenbushes

Bruce Watts and Tom Chester

This is a work in progress, which we've just begun.

Goldenbushes are evergreen shrubs that delight botanists by blooming in late summer and fall, or, in one case, early spring, when most other shrubby plants are out of bloom. Some of the blooms are spectacular, making the whole plant appear golden, hence the common name; see Fig. 1. As a bonus, in some species, the flowers are followed by a display of beautiful seeds.

Fig. 1. Left: Ericameria linearifolia , narrowleaf goldenbush, with flowering heads that contain both ray (petal-like) flowers and disk flowers. Right: Ericameria parishii, Parish's goldenbush, with flowering heads that contain only disk flowers.
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Table 1 gives the names of the Ericameria species found here, along with some basic information about each.

Table 1. The Ericameria species of San Jacinto Mountain

Scientific NameCommon NameElevation Range (feet)Locations
E. cuneata var. spathulatawide-leaved rock goldenbush2230-6890
E. linearifolianarrowleaf goldenbush
E. nauseosa var. bernardinaSan Bernardino rubber rabbitbrush5400-9000
E. nauseosa var. hololeucaghostly rabbitbrush4600?
E. nauseosa var. oreophilathreadleaf rabbitbrush
E. parishiiParish's goldenbush4000-6000
E. pinifoliapine goldenbush
E. teretifoliagreen rabbitbrush

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