Plant Species of San Jacinto Mountain:
Cystopteris fragilis, brittle bladder fern

Dave has summarized the habitat of this species well:

This species seems to be everywhere there is a rock in the water in the San Jacintos and sometimes even without the rock or the water.

Fig. 1 shows the geographic distribution of locations of this species from our surveys, which bears out this summary. Many of the locations are clearly seen to be in drainages that at least seasonally have flowing water, with a smaller number of locations at higher elevation growing in cracks in boulders.

Fig. 1. The locations where we have observed Cystopteris fragilis from our digitized surveys as of 17 November 2018. The digitization is complete only above 9000 feet elevation.

Pictures from 29 June 2008:

Pictures from 15 July 2008, Round Valley Creek, below Round Valley Meadow, above intersection with Tamarack Creek (from somewhere between 8400 to 8800 feet elevation):

Pictures from 12 August 2008, Long Valley Creek Canyon, 8370 feet elevation:

Pictures from 4 August 2010, along trail from Miller Saddle to San Jacinto Peak, at 10,560 feet elevation:

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