Plant Checklist For Dark Canyon, San Jacinto Mountains

This is a checklist for Dark Canyon below the top of the 7 Pines and Marion Mountain Trails. It thus does not include the Deer Springs Campground area and higher elevations such as the Fuller Ridge Trail, which are given in separate floras. It currently includes species from the Fuller Mill Creek area as well to make the checklist more complete, since no survey has been done by us along the North Fork itself due to the Creek closure for the mountain yellow-legged frog.

The checklist has been compiled from vouchers, from the species seen on the 7 Pines Trail, from species seen on the Marion Mountain Trail, and from a single survey of the area along the road for the 1.5 miles from the junction with the Marion Mountain Campground Road to the bridge over the North Fork. That survey was done on 3 November 2018 by Tom Chester, Nancy Accola, and Walt Fidler.

Vouchers from the Consortium of California Herbaria were searched on 1 November 2018 for vouchers with "Dark Canyon" in their locality, as well as georeferenced vouchers in the area from 33.78 to 33.82° N. latitude and -116.75 to -116.71° E. Longitude, finding 816 vouchers. Vouchers not clearly from the Dark Canyon area below the top of the 7 Pines and Marion Mountain Trails were tossed, leaving 443 vouchers.

In addition, the following species were rejected as being probably misdeterminations:

Voucher determinationNotes
Carex schottii Probable misdetermination of C. senta
Chenopodium hians Probable misdetermination of C. atrovirens
Juncus macrophyllus Probable misdetermination of J. longistylis
Polypodium californicum P. californicum is absent from SnJt except at the very base of the mountain
Selaginella asprella This is a very unlikely area for S. asprella
Woodsia oregana Dupe voucher is Cystopteris fragilis

There were 149 taxa from the remaining vouchers.

The 7 Pines Trail contains 156 taxa from our surveys, and the Marion Mountain Trail 117 taxa.

The Dark Canyon Road survey found 82 taxa.

The union of the above contains 234 taxa. 42 of the remaining 43 taxa in the checklist came from vouchers from a larger area surrounding Dark Canyon, primarily from the Fuller Mill Creek area, and one, Asclepias eriocarpa, came from our surveys along the lower part of the Azalea Trail Road.

The following gives basic information about this checklist.


An asterisk before the common name indicates a non-native species.

Separate columns are given for the number of vouchers from Dark Canyon (header #V), truncated at 9 vouchers; and the number of plants from the 7 Pines Trail (header 7P), Marion Mountain Trail (header MM, and the Dark Canyon Road (header Rd). Taxa with no entry in any of those columns primarily come from vouchers from a surrounding larger area.

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#FamilScientific Name
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Common Name
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#V# Plants
1SelagSelaginella watsoniiWatson's spike-moss115  
2BlechWoodwardia fimbriatagiant chain fern    
3DennsPteridium aquilinum var. pubescensbracken2999999
4DryopDryopteris argutaCalifornia wood fern    
5DryopPolystichum imbricans ssp. curtumcliff sword fern1  2
6DryopPolystichum scopulinummountain holly fern  5 
7PolypPolypodium hesperiumwestern polypody140  
8PteriAdiantum aleuticumfive-fingered fern2   
9WoodsAthyrium filix-femina var. cyclosorumsubarctic lady-fern310 10
10WoodsCystopteris fragilisbrittle bladder fern22020 
11CupreCalocedrus decurrensincense-cedar3999999
12PinacAbies concolorwhite fir1999999
13PinacPinus contorta ssp. murrayanalodgepole pine 71 
14PinacPinus coulteriCoulter pine 50322
15PinacPinus flexilislimber pine  1 
16PinacPinus jeffreyiJeffrey pine19999 
17PinacPinus lambertianasugar pine2999999
18PinacPinus ponderosa var. pacificaponderosa pine 409950
19AdoxaSambucus nigra ssp. caeruleablue elderberry 55 
20AmaraAmaranthus albus*tumble pigweed 4  
21ApiacAngelica tomentosawoolly angelica    
22ApiacOsmorhiza berteroimountain sweet-cicely 25  
23ApiacOxypolis occidentaliswestern cow-bane 50  
24ApiacPerideridia parishiiParish's yampah 20  
25ApiacSphenosciadium capitellatumranger's buttons15042
26ApiacTauschia argutasouthern tauschia    
27ApiacTauschia parishiiParish's tauschia220 2
28ApocyApocynum cannabinumIndian hemp    
29ApocyAsclepias eriocarpaIndian milkweed    
30AsterCorethrogyne filaginifoliaCalifornia-aster45 99
31AsterEricameria cuneata var. spathulatawide-leaved rock goldenbush11 3
32AsterEricameria nauseosa var. bernardinaSan Bernardino rubber rabbitbrush 50155
33AsterErigeron foliosus var. foliosusleafy daisy130? 25
34AsterEriophyllum confertiflorum var. confertiflorumgolden yarrow 8 5
35AsterGnaphalium palustrewestern marsh cudweed150  
36AsterHelianthus californicusCalifornia sunflower2   
37AsterHemizonella minimadwarf madia1   
38AsterHieracium albiflorumwhite hawkweed2 301
39AsterHieracium horridumprickly hawkweed1501 
40AsterHulsea heterochromared-rayed hulsea1   
41AsterHulsea vestita ssp. callicarphabeautiful hulsea440  
42AsterPseudognaphalium californicumCalifornia everlasting  1 
43AsterPseudognaphalium microcephalumwhite everlasting1   
44AsterPseudognaphalium thermaleslender everlasting12062
45AsterSenecio triangularisarrowhead butterweed 99  
46AsterSolidago velutina ssp. californicagoldenrod1305099
47AsterSonchus oleraceus*sow thistle  1 
48AsterStephanomeria virgatatwiggy wreath plant  1 
49BoragCryptantha affiniscommon cryptantha 99  
50BoragCryptantha intermedia var. intermediapopcorn flower    
51BoragCryptantha micrantha var. lepidamountain red-root cryptantha33020 
52BoragCryptantha muricata var. jonesiiJones' prickly-nut cryptantha1151 
53BoragCryptantha simulanspine cryptantha 2010 
54BoragNemophila menziesii var. integrifoliababy blue eyes    
55BoragPhacelia austromontanasouthern Sierra phacelia 9950 
56BoragPhacelia brachylobashort-lobed phacelia    
57BoragPhacelia mutabilischangeable phacelia19999 
58BrassBoechera californicaCalifornia elegant rock-cress    
59BrassBoechera retrofracta Xmountain rock-cress 1  
60BrassDraba saxosaSan Jacinto rock draba 10  
61BrassErysimum capitatum var. capitatumwestern wallflower19999 
62BrassLepidium virginicum ssp. menziesiiwild pepper-grass1   
63BrassStreptanthus bernardinusLaguna Mtns. jewel-flower38 5
64CapriLonicera subspicata var. denudatasouthern honeysuckle   6
65CapriSymphoricarpos rotundifolius var. parishiiParish's snowberry 99  
66CaryoSagina saginoidespearlwort 351 
67CaryoSilene parishiiParish's campion1992 
68CaryoSilene verecundawhite catch-fly199504
69CaryoStellaria calycanthanorthern starwort    
70CelasEuonymus occidentalis var. parishiiParish's burning bush9  99
71ChenoChenopodium atrovirensforest goosefoot 3050 
72CornaCornus nuttalliiPacific dogwood9  22
73CornaCornus sericeaAmerican dogwood1   
74EricaArctostaphylos glandulosaEastwood manzanita    
75EricaArctostaphylos patulagreen-leaf manzanita 2070 
76EricaArctostaphylos pringlei ssp. drupaceapink-bracted manzanita3995799
77EricaChimaphila menziesiilittle prince's pine553052
78EricaChimaphila umbellatapipsissewa2 99 
79EricaPterospora andromedeapinedrops510101
80EricaPyrola aphyllaleafless wintergreen3  1
81EricaPyrola dentatatoothed wintergreen1   
82EricaPyrola minorlesser wintergreen 10  
83EricaPyrola pictawhite-veined wintergreen3 1034
84EricaRhododendron occidentalewestern azalea9509999
85EricaSarcodes sanguineasnow-plant12020 
86EuphoChamaesyce serpyllifolia ssp. hirtulahairy thyme-leafed spurge    
87EuphoEuphorbia luridawoodland spurge3   
88FabacAcmispon grandiflorus var. grandifloruschaparral lotus7  55
89FabacAcmispon heermannii var. heermanniisilky lotus1   
90FabacAcmispon nevadensis var. nevadensisSierra Nevada lotus2405099
91FabacAcmispon strigosusstrigose lotus    
92FabacAstragalus douglasii var. parishiiParish' Jacumba milk-vetch    
93FabacHosackia crassifolia var. crassifoliabroad-leaved lotus333099
94FabacHosackia oblongifolia var. oblongifoliastreambank lotus4  40
95FabacLupinus concinnus ssp. optatusshowy bajada lupine2   
96FabacLupinus excubitus var. austromontanusmountain grape-soda lupine 5 77
97FabacLupinus formosuswestern lupine2   
98FabacLupinus hyacinthinusSan Jacinto lupine2309912
99FabacLupinus latifolius var. parishiiParish's lupine410502
100FabacTrifolium monanthum ssp. grantianummountain carpet clover199  
101FabacTrifolium variegatumvariegated clover1   
102FagacChrysolepis sempervirensbush chinquapin23099 
103FagacQuercus chrysolepiscanyon live oak3999999
104FagacQuercus kelloggiiCalifornia black oak2303550
105FagacQuercus wislizeni var. frutescensinterior live oak    
106GentiFrasera parryiParry's green-gentian1   
107GeranGeranium californicumCalifornia geranium23  
108GrossRibes cereum var. cereumwax currant 350 
109GrossRibes malvaceumchaparral currant    
110GrossRibes montigenummountain gooseberry 3  
111GrossRibes nevadensemountain pink currant4999999
112GrossRibes roezlii var. roezliiSierra gooseberry 1020 
113HydraPhiladelphus microphylluslittle-leaf mock orange7   
114HyperHypericum anagalloidestinker's penny3   
115HyperHypericum scouleriScouler's St. Johnswort2   
116LamiaMonardella australis ssp. australissouthern mountain-monardella250  
117LamiaMonardella breweri ssp. lanceolatamustang mint4   
118LamiaMonardella nanashort-flowered monardella9999930
119LamiaScutellaria siphocampyloidescurve-flowered skullcap1   
120LamiaStachys rigidarigid hedge-nettle4  5
121LoasaMentzelia dispersascattered blazing star  99 
122MontiCalyptridium monospermumpussy paws  30 
123MontiCalyptridium parryi var. parryiParry's sand cress    
124MontiClaytonia parviflora ssp. utahensisnarrow-leaved miner's lettuce    
125MontiClaytonia parviflora ssp. viridisgreen miner's lettuce 1010 
126MontiClaytonia perfoliata ssp. mexicanasouthern miner's lettuce 5  
127OnagrCamissonia strigulosastrigose suncup    
128OnagrCamissoniopsis confusaSan Bernardino suncup    
129OnagrChamerion angustifolium ssp. circumvagumfireweed15  
130OnagrClarkia rhomboideadiamond-petaled clarkia1   
131OnagrEpilobium canum ssp. latifoliummountain California-fuchsia6999999
132OnagrEpilobium ciliatum ssp. ciliatumwillowherb53  
133OnagrEpilobium ciliatum ssp. glandulosumglandular willowherb1   
134OnagrEpilobium glaberrimum ssp. glaberrimumglaucus willowherb2510 
135OnagrEpilobium lactiflorumwhite-flowered willowherb110  
136OnagrGayophytum diffusum ssp. parviflorumgroundsmoke 9999 
137OnagrGayophytum oligospermumpinegrove groundsmoke 101 
138OrobaCastilleja applegatei ssp. martiniiMartin's paintbrush24101
139OrobaCastilleja miniata ssp. miniatagiant red paintbrush 1530 
140OrobaCastilleja minor ssp. spiralislesser paintbrush1   
141OrobaCordylanthus neviniiNevin's bird's beak2999910
142OrobaCordylanthus rigidus ssp. setigerbristly bird's beak   5
143OrobaPedicularis semibarbatapine lousewort19950 
144PhrymMimulus brevipeswide-throated yellow monkeyflower    
145PhrymMimulus breweriBrewer's monkeyflower 9999 
146PhrymMimulus cardinalisscarlet monkeyflower4101760
147PhrymMimulus diffususPalomar monkeyflower1   
148PhrymMimulus floribundusfloriferous monkeyflower  99 
149PhrymMimulus fremontii var. fremontiiFremont's monkeyflower4   
150PhrymMimulus guttatuscommon monkeyflower4 1 
151PhrymMimulus moschatusmusk monkeyflower19930 
152PhrymMimulus pilosusfalse monkeyflower2 9910
153PhrymMimulus primuloides var. primuloidesprimrose monkeyflower 30  
154PhrymMimulus suksdorfiiSuksdorf's monkeyflower 550 
155PhrymMimulus tilingiilarger mountain monkeyflower12015 
156PlantCollinsia torreyi var. wrightiiWright's collinsia 99  
157PlantKeckiella ternata var. ternatawhorledleaf penstemon    
158PlantPenstemon centranthifoliusscarlet bugler3  3
159PlantPenstemon grinnellii var. grinnelliiGrinnell's beardtongue 999 
160PlantPenstemon rostriflorusbeaked penstemon350998
161PlantPenstemon spectabilis var. spectabilisshowy penstemon    
162PlantVeronica serpyllifolia ssp. humifusathyme-leaved speedwell 10  
163PolemAllophyllum divaricatumpurple false-gilia 9950 
164PolemAllophyllum glutinosumsticky false-gilia    
165PolemEriastrum densifolium ssp. austromontanumsouthern mountain woolly-star 20  
166PolemLeptosiphon ciliatuswhisker-brush45505
167PolemLinanthus pungensgranite prickly phlox 158 
168PolemNavarretia capillarisminiature gilia1   
169PolemSaltugilia splendens ssp. splendenssplendid gilia599205
170PolygBistorta bistortoideswestern bistort 40  
171PolygEriogonum apiculatumSan Jacinto buckwheat550  
172PolygEriogonum davidsoniiDavidson's buckwheat5 70 
173PolygEriogonum gracile var. incultumslender buckwheat150  
174PolygEriogonum molestumpineland buckwheat150  
175PolygEriogonum nudum var. pauciflorumnaked buckwheat3998599
176PolygEriogonum parishiiParish's buckwheat2   
177PolygEriogonum saxatilerock buckwheat 10  
178PolygEriogonum umbellatum var. munziisulphur buckwheat3991037
179PolygEriogonum wrightii var. membranaceumWright's buckwheat4991099
180PolygEriogonum wrightii var. subscaposumWright's buckwheat    
181PolygPolygonum douglasiiDouglas' knotweed 99  
182PolygRumex californicuswillow-leaved dock1   
183PolygRumex salicifoliuswillow-leaved dock 5  
184PolygSidotheca caryophylloideschickweed oxytheca1 30 
185PrimuDodecatheon alpinumalpine shooting star 5  
186PrimuDodecatheon redolensscented shooting star 99  
187RanunAquilegia formosawestern columbine4502099
188RanunThalictrum fendleri var. fendleriFendler's meadow-rue110302
189RanunThalictrum sparsiflorumfew-flowering meadow-rue 10  
190RhamnCeanothus cordulatusmountain whitethorn29999 
191RhamnCeanothus leucodermischaparral whitethorn1  4
192RhamnCeanothus palmeriPalmer's ceanothus6  99
193RhamnFrangula californicaCalifornia coffeeberry 2 5
194RhamnRhamnus ilicifoliahollyleaf redberry   1
195RosacAmelanchier utahensisUtah service-berry1  8
196RosacCercocarpus betuloides var. betuloidesbirch-leaf mountain-mahogany   1
197RosacDrymocallis glandulosa var. viscidasticky cinquefoil2309999
198RosacDrymocallis lactea var. lacteaNevada cinquefoil 510 
199RosacFragaria vescawoodland strawberry   50
200RosacHolodiscus discolor var. microphyllusmountain spray 33 
201RosacHorkelia clevelandii var. clevelandiiCleveland's horkelia210502
202RosacPotentilla gracilis var. fastigiataslender cinquefoil    
203RosacPotentilla rimicolacliff cinquefoil374  
204RosacPrunus emarginatabitter cherry  50 
205RosacPrunus virginiana var. demissawestern choke-cherry7   
206RosacRosa californicaCalifornia wild rose2 499
207RosacRubus parviflorusthimbleberry9505099
208RubiaGalium angustifolium ssp. angustifoliumnarrowleaf bedstraw    
209RubiaGalium angustifolium ssp. jacinticumSan Jacinto Mtns. bedstraw3999999
210RubiaGalium parishiiParish's bedstraw 1  
211SalicSalix laevigatared willow   1
212SalicSalix lasiolepisarroyo willow2   
213SalicSalix scoulerianaScouler's willow310817
214SaxifHeuchera hirsutissimashaggy-haired alumroot    
215SolanNicotiana attenuatacoyote tobacco    
216SolanSolanum xantipurple nightshade    
217UrticUrtica dioica ssp. holosericeastinging nettle   40
218ViolaViola macloskeyismall white violet 20  
219ViolaViola pinetorum ssp. pinetorumpine violet 5010 
220ViolaViola purpurea ssp. quercetorumgoosefoot yellow violet    
221ViscaArceuthobium campylopodumpine dwarf-mistletoe199 50
222ViscaPhoradendron bolleanumfir mistletoe3201545
223ViscaPhoradendron juniperinumincense-cedar mistletoe259199
224ViscaPhoradendron serotinum ssp. tomentosumoak mistletoe1998099
225AlliaAllium burlewiiBurlew's onion 99  
226CyperCarex abruptaabrupt-beak sedge 101 
227CyperCarex bolanderiBolander's sedge9  5
228CyperCarex fractafragile sheath sedge250995
229CyperCarex heteroneuravari-nerved sedge  V 
230CyperCarex multicaulisforest sedge1 630
231CyperCarex nebrascensisNebraska sedge1   
232CyperCarex occidentaliswestern sedge2   
233CyperCarex pellitawoolly sedge1   
234CyperCarex rossiiRoss' sedge  1 
235CyperCarex sartwellianaYosemite sedge8  10
236CyperCarex sentaswamp sedge320  
237CyperCarex subfuscabrown sedge 1  
238CyperScirpus microcarpuspanicled bulrush    
239IridaSisyrinchium bellumblue-eyed grass    
240JuncaJuncus duraniiDuran's rush1 15 
241JuncaJuncus effusus ssp. austrocalifornicusSonoran rush  3010
242JuncaJuncus longistylislong-styled rush 2099 
243JuncaJuncus macrandruslong-anthered rush 10  
244JuncaJuncus mexicanusMexican rush    
245JuncaJuncus oxymerispointed rush    
246JuncaJuncus rugulosuswrinkled rush1   
247JuncaJuncus tiehmiiTiehm's rush    
248JuncaLuzula comosahairy wood rush 20  
249LiliaCalochortus invenustusforest mariposa lily19950 
250LiliaLilium parryilemon lily43911 
251MelanVeratrum californicum var. californicumCalifornia corn lily 50  
252OrchiCorallorhiza maculataspotted coralroot 2220 
253OrchiEpipactis giganteastream orchid5   
254OrchiListera convallarioidesbroad-lipped twayblade 99  
255OrchiPlatanthera dilatata var. leucostachyswhite bog orchid330  
256PoaceAgrostis exarataspike bentgrass11101
257PoaceAgrostis idahoensisIdaho bentgrass1520 
258PoaceAgrostis scabrarough bentgrass25  
259PoaceBromus carinatus var. carinatusCalifornia brome 20  
260PoaceBromus grandistall brome1   
261PoaceBromus halliiHall's brome2203~1
262PoaceBromus richardsoniifringed brome  10 
263PoaceBromus tectorum*downy brome 20350
264PoaceDeschampsia elongataslender hairgrass1710 
265PoaceElymus elymoidessquirreltail 1031
266PoaceElymus glaucus ssp. glaucusblue wildrye35030 
267PoaceElymus trachycaulus ssp. trachycaulusslender wheatgrass210 15
268PoaceElymus triticoidescreeping wild rye    
269PoaceFestuca microstachyssmall fescue    
270PoaceFestuca myuros*rattail fescue1 10 
271PoaceGlyceria elatatall mannagrass950  
272PoaceKoeleria macranthaJune grass    
273PoaceMuhlenbergia richardsonismat muhly  201
274PoaceMuhlenbergia rigensdeergrass 13099
275PoacePhleum alpinummountain timothy    
276PoacePoa bolanderiBolander's blue grass 10  
277PoaceStipa occidentaliswestern needlegrass 20  
278PoaceTrisetum canescenstall trisetum3   
279PoaceTrisetum spicatumspike trisetum    

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