Flora of Old Control Road Area, San Jacinto Mountains

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Fig. 1. Topo map showing the location of the Old Control Road (Forest Service Road 5S06) that connects SR74 just east of Hemet to Idyllwild, as well as the even older Crawford Toll Road. The Flora of the Old Control Road area is divided here into three sections: the lower-elevation part below Halfway Spring; Halfway Spring itself; and the higher-elevation part above Halfway Spring. Click on the map to get a larger version.
See also topo map with the 8 May 2017 survey shown.

Fig. 2. Google Earth View (north is to left; east is up) showing the location of the Old Control Road (Forest Service Road 5S06), with the 8 May 2017 survey path shown in light blue. Click on the map to get a larger version.

The Old Control Road is now just a rough dirt road that connects SR74 with Idyllwild that few people drive, but it has an illustrious past as the first route between Hemet and Idyllwild. The following history is summarized from the book The San Jacintos, by John W. Robinson and Bruce D. Risher, pp. 145-147.

Joseph Crawford opened his toll road in 1876 which took a very steep route up to Idyllwild, with grades up to 30%. Tourists used the road to go from Hemet to Idyllwild, and loggers used the road to bring wood from Idyllwild to Hemet.

In 1891 the Hemet Land and Water Company built a road in the San Jacinto River canyon bottom to build Hemet Dam. That road, called the Mayberry Road for Edward Mayberry, the person who planned and directed the project, went up to Keen Camp Summit and down into Garner Valley. In 1900 a steep lateral road was built from today's McCall Park to Chalk Hill in Strawberry Valley.

Riverside County built the current Old Control Road in 1908 and 1909, using and improving the lower portion of the Crawford Road and then adding a new gentler alignment in the upper portion that contoured around the steep hillside. The new portion went to Halfway Spring and the north side of Chimney Flats. The new portion rejoined the Crawford Road on the east side of Chimney Flats.

For 20 years, this Old Control Road was the main access to Idyllwild until the current version of SR74 was opened in 1929.

The current version of the Old Control Road is great for botanists, who can easily walk along the road and enjoy the plants and the views, without the high-speed traffic encountered on SR74. Botanists should still be alert for occasional bicyclist and 4 WD traffic on the weekends.

The Old Control Road is 7.9 miles from SR74 to SR243, from an elevation of 2280 feet at its bottom to 5230 feet at its top. Since its upper section is part of the Strawberry Valley Flora, the checklist present here is for the lower 4.9 miles, ending at the upper end of Chimney Flats at 4700 feet, where the road makes a turn to the northeast to head to Alvin Meadows.

The flora presented here has been compiled from:

A few additional species came from a car trip down the entire road by Tom Chester and Nancy Accola on 14 June 2016, and one additional species, Allium marvinii came from a special expedition by Dave Stith on 20 May 2014 through dense chaparral to look for it in the drainage immediately north of the Upper Control Road.

Species Checklist

Basic information about the checklist presentation and links:

An asterisk before the Common Name indicates a non-native taxon.

The three columns under the header #Plants give a minimum estimate of the number of plants we saw, up to a maximum of 99 plants, except as given below. An x in any column indicates a species that was seen by us, but whose abundance was not recorded.

The column with header B gives the number of plants seen Below Halfway Spring; the column with header HS gives the number of plants for species seen only at Halfway Spring; and the column with header A gives the number of plants seen Above Halfway Spring.

The area Below Halfway Spring is from mile 0.00 at SR74 (elevation 2300 feet) to mile 2.84 (elevation 3740 feet), where the moist area at Halfway Spring begins.

The area used for Halfway Spring is the full extent of the area with wet-area species along the Control Road, a distance of 0.18 miles, from mile 2.84 to 3.02, which encompasses the area from the toyon / sycamore at mile 2.84 to the last bay laurel tree at mile 3.02.

The area Above Halfway Spring is from mile 3.02 (elevation 3850 feet) to 4.89 (elevation 4700 feet), ending at the upper end of Chimney Flats where the road makes a turn to the northeast to head to Alvin Meadows.

A V in any column indicates a species that was vouchered, but not yet seen by us.

A ~V in any column indicates our best guess as to which section a voucher was taken, for vouchers without that information given. The vouchers by White and Wood explicitly give the section, but the vouchers by Condit just say "road to Strawberry Valley" or "road to Idyllwild". For the Condit vouchers of species not seen by us nor vouchered by White and Wood, we have used our best judgment as to whether each of those vouchers was taken from above or below Halfway Spring, based on the usual elevation range for those taxa.

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#FamilScientific Name
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(*)Common Name
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# Plants
1SelagSelaginella bigeloviiBigelow's spike-moss9950 
2BlechWoodwardia fimbriatagiant chain fern V 
3DryopDryopteris argutaCalifornia wood fern99 12
4DryopPolystichum imbricans ssp. curtumcliff sword fern  V
5PteriCheilanthes covilleibeady lipfern4018
6PteriPellaea andromedifoliacoffee fern9912
7PteriPellaea mucronata var. mucronatabird's-foot fern5012
8PteriPentagramma triangularis ssp. triangularisgoldback fern5199
9CupreJuniperus grandisSierra juniper ~7 
10CupreSequoia sempervirens*coast redwood 5 
11PinacPinus coulteriCoulter pine  30
12PinacPinus jeffreyiJeffrey pine 12
13LauraUmbellularia californicaCalifornia bay 20 
14AdoxaSambucus nigra ssp. caeruleablue elderberry2 4
15AnacaRhus aromaticabasketbush  1
16AnacaToxicodendron diversilobumpoison oak 99 
17ApiacBowlesia incanahoary bowlesia50  
18ApiacOsmorhiza brachypodaCalifornia sweet-cicely  x
19ApiacTauschia argutasouthern tauschia35115
20AsterAcourtia microcephalapurple head  50
21AsterAgoseris retrorsaspear-leaved mountain dandelion  12
22AsterArtemisia californicaCalifornia sagebrushx  
23AsterArtemisia dracunculuswild tarragon 1 
24AsterBaccharis salicifolia ssp. salicifoliamule fat  2
25AsterBebbia juncea var. asperasweetbush36  
26AsterBrickellia californicaCalifornia brickellbush1  
27AsterCentaurea melitensis*tocalote99 20
28AsterChaenactis artemisiifoliameally white pincushion99  
29AsterChaenactis glabriuscula var. glabriusculayellow pincushion20 30
30AsterCirsium occidentale var. californicumCalifornia thistle  10
31AsterCorethrogyne filaginifoliaCalifornia-aster992050
32AsterDeinandra mohavensisMojave tarplant  V
33AsterEncelia actoniActon encelia1  
34AsterEncelia farinosabrittlebush99  
35AsterErigeron foliosus var. foliosusleafy daisy99140
36AsterEriophyllum confertiflorum var. confertiflorumgolden yarrow99 99
37AsterHeterotheca sessiliflora ssp. echioidesbristly goldenaster1?  
38AsterHypochaeris glabra*smooth cat's ear3  
39AsterLactuca serriola*prickly lettuce2 2
40AsterLasthenia gracilisgoldfields  10
41AsterLessingia glandulifera var. glanduliferasticky lessingia  1
42AsterLogfia filaginoidesCalifornia filago10  
43AsterLogfia gallica*narrowleaf filago99  
44AsterMadia gracilisslender madia  70
45AsterMalacothrix clevelandiiannual malacothrix30  
46AsterPentachaeta aureagolden daisy35  
47AsterPseudognaphalium beneolensfragrant everlasting  17
48AsterPseudognaphalium biolettiibicolored everlasting2  
49AsterPseudognaphalium californicumCalifornia everlasting 3 
50AsterPseudognaphalium microcephalumwhite everlasting3  
51AsterPseudognaphalium thermaleslender everlasting  20
52AsterRafinesquia californicaCalifornia chicory99  
53AsterSolidago velutina ssp. californicagoldenrod 50 
54AsterSonchus asper ssp. asper*prickly sow thistle 30 
55AsterSonchus oleraceus*sow thistle10  
56AsterStephanomeria exigua ssp. deaneislender wreathplant10 30
57AsterStephanomeria virgatatwiggy wreath plant25 20
58AsterUropappus lindleyisilver puffs25  
59BoragCryptantha intermedia var. intermediapopcorn flower99 99
60BoragCryptantha microstachysTejon cryptantha50  
61BoragCryptantha muricata var. jonesiiJones' prickly-nut cryptantha10  
62BoragEmmenanthe penduliflora var. penduliflorawhispering bells15  
63BoragEriodictyon crassifolium var. crassifoliumthick-leaved yerba santa99 99
64BoragNemophila menziesii var. integrifoliababy blue eyes1 V
65BoragPectocarya linearis ssp. feroculaslender combseed5  
66BoragPhacelia cicutaria var. hispidacaterpillar phacelia20  
67BoragPhacelia distanscommon phacelia99 40
68BoragPhacelia minorwild canterbury bells99  
69BoragPhacelia ramosissimabranching phacelia201x
70BoragPlagiobothrys collinus var. fulvescensCalifornia popcorn flower  x
71BrassBoechera californicaCalifornia elegant rock-cress  55
72BrassBrassica tournefortii*Sahara mustard30  
73BrassHirschfeldia incana*shortpod mustard50  
74BrassLepidium virginicum ssp. menziesiiwild pepper-grass5038
75BrassSisymbrium altissimum*tumble-mustard7 99
76BrassSisymbrium orientale*Oriental mustard99  
77CactaCylindropuntia californica var. parkericane chollax  
78CapriLonicera subspicata var. denudatasouthern honeysuckle99 99
79CaryoSilene gallica*windmill pink 7 
80CaryoSilene laciniata ssp. laciniatasouthern Indian pink20 x
81CaryoStellaria media*common chickweed30  
82ChenoChenopodium fremontiiFremont's goosefoot1  
83ChenoSalsola tragus*Russian thistle90  
84ConvoCalystegia macrostegiasouthern California morning-glory99  
85CrassDudleya pulverulentaCalifornia chalk lettuce5  
86CrassDudleya saxosa ssp. aloidesdesert dudleya754530
87CucurMarah macrocarpawild-cucumber25 3
88EricaArctostaphylos glandulosaEastwood manzanita5 99
89EricaArctostaphylos glaucabigberry manzanita10 7
90EricaArctostaphylos pringlei ssp. drupaceapink-bracted manzanita  7
91EricaArctostaphylos pungensMexican manzanita  32
92FabacAcmispon americanus var. americanusSpanish clover 99x
93FabacAcmispon glaber var. brevialatusshort-winged deerweed991099
94FabacAcmispon grandiflorus var. grandifloruschaparral lotus1 15
95FabacAcmispon heermannii var. heermanniisilky lotus 130
96FabacAcmispon strigosusstrigose lotus50 15
97FabacHosackia crassifolia var. crassifoliabroad-leaved lotus  x
98FabacLathyrus vestitus var. vestituswild sweetpea4 6
99FabacLupinus bicolordwarf lupine25  
100FabacLupinus concinnus ssp. optatusshowy bajada lupine  55
101FabacLupinus formosuswestern lupine  x
102FabacLupinus hirsutissimusstinging lupine121 
103FabacLupinus sparsiflorusCoulter's lupine10  
104FabacMedicago polymorpha*California burclover 5 
105FabacMelilotus indicus*sourclover 99 
106FagacQuercus acutidensTorrey's scrub oak15 12
107FagacQuercus agrifoliacoast live oak1010 
108FagacQuercus chrysolepiscanyon live oak1011
109FagacQuercus kelloggiiCalifornia black oak  1
110FagacQuercus wislizeni var. frutescensinterior live oak10199
111FagacQuercus Xmorehusoracle oak  3
112GarryGarrya veatchiicanyon silktassel2110
113GentiZeltnera venustacanchalagua  V
114GeranErodium cicutarium*redstem filaree99 99
115GrossRibes malvaceum var. viridifoliumchaparral currant2 x
116JuglaJuglans californicaSouthern California black walnut V 
117LamiaMonardella macrantha ssp. halliiHall's monardella3  
118LamiaSalvia apianawhite sage99  
119LamiaSalvia columbariaechia99  
120LamiaSalvia melliferablack sagex  
121LamiaScutellaria bolanderi ssp. austromontanasouthern skullcap  V
122LamiaStachys rigidarigid hedge-nettle 99 
123LamiaTrichostema parishiiParish's bluecurls  1
124LoasaMentzelia laevicaulisgiant blazing starx  
125LoasaMentzelia montanamountain blazing star  x
126MalvaMalacothamnus fasciculatuschaparral bush mallow  x
127MontiCalyptridium monandrumsand cress  x
128MontiClaytonia parviflora ssp. parvifloranarrow-leaved miner's lettuce99  
129MoracFicus carica*common fig V 
130NyctaMirabilis laevis var. crassifoliaCalifornia four o'clock40  
131OnagrCamissonia strigulosastrigose suncup  x
132OnagrCamissoniopsis confusaSan Bernardino suncup70 50
133OnagrClarkia dudleyanaDudley's clarkia50 x
134OnagrClarkia purpurea ssp. quadrivulnerapurple clarkia35 99
135OnagrEpilobium brachycarpumautumn willowweed  20
136OnagrEpilobium canum ssp. latifoliummountain California-fuchsia 9920
137OnagrEulobus californicusCalifornia suncup20  
138OnagrGayophytum diffusum ssp. parviflorumgroundsmoke  x
139OnagrOenothera elata ssp. hirsutissimaHooker's evening-primrose 1 
140OrobaCastilleja applegatei ssp. martiniiMartin's paintbrush75  
141OrobaCastilleja foliolosawoolly Indian paintbrush25 99
142OrobaCordylanthus rigidus ssp. setigerbristly bird's beak  99
143OrobaOrobanche bulbosachaparral broomrape2  
144PapavDendromecon rigidabush poppy  99
145PapavEhrendorferia chrysanthagolden ear drops  V
146PapavEschscholzia californicaCalifornia poppy~V  
147PhrymMimulus aurantiacus var. pubescenshairy bush monkeyflower 2030
148PhrymMimulus brevipeswide-throated yellow monkeyflower99  
149PhrymMimulus fremontii var. fremontiiFremont's monkeyflower  V
150PlantAntirrhinum coulterianumCoulter's snapdragon1  
151PlantAntirrhinum nuttallianum ssp. nuttallianumpurple snapdragon10  
152PlantCollinsia concolorsouthern Chinese houses20 99
153PlantKeckiella antirrhinoides var. antirrhinoideschaparral beardtongueV  
154PlantKeckiella ternata var. ternatawhorledleaf penstemon  4
155PlantPenstemon rostriflorusbeaked penstemon2  
156PlantPenstemon spectabilis var. spectabilisshowy penstemon  1
157PlantPenstemon XparishiiParish's penstemon  ~V
158PlataPlatanus racemosawestern sycamore 3 
159PolemAllophyllum glutinosumsticky false-gilia1 x
160PolemEriastrum sapphirinum ssp. dasyanthumsapphire woolly-star99 99
161PolemGilia capitata ssp. abrotanifoliaglobe gilia99 99
162PolemLeptosiphon ciliatuswhisker-brush  99
163PolemLeptosiphon lemmoniiLemmon's linanthus  ~V
164PolemLeptosiphon liniflorusflax-flowered linanthus  x
165PolemLinanthus dianthiflorusground pink~V  
166PolemNavarretia atractyloidesholly-leaf navarretia  x
167PolemSaltugilia australissouthern gilia10  
168PolygChorizanthe leptothecaPeninsular spineflower  V
169PolygEriogonum davidsoniiDavidson's buckwheat23020
170PolygEriogonum elongatum var. elongatumlong-stemmed buckwheat9950 
171PolygEriogonum fasciculatumCalifornia buckwheat99  
172PolygEriogonum fasciculatum var. foliolosumCalifornia buckwheatx  
173PolygEriogonum fasciculatum var. polifoliumCalifornia buckwheatx 99
174PolygEriogonum gracile var. incultumslender buckwheat99 20
175PolygEriogonum nudum var. pauciflorumnaked buckwheat  3
176PolygPterostegia drymarioidesfairy bowties, threadstem99  
177PolygRumex sp.dock 3 
178PolygSidotheca trilobatathree-lobed oxytheca  ~V
179RanunDelphinium parryi ssp. parryiblue larkspur60  
180RanunDelphinium patens ssp. montanumspreading larkspur  10
181RhamnCeanothus cuneatus var. cuneatusbuck brushV 13
182RhamnCeanothus leucodermischaparral whitethorn112099
183RhamnFrangula californicaCalifornia coffeeberry  3
184RhamnRhamnus ilicifoliahollyleaf redberry514
185RosacAdenostoma fasciculatumchamise99x99
186RosacAdenostoma sparsifoliumred shanks  99
187RosacCercocarpus betuloides var. betuloidesbirch-leaf mountain-mahogany20399
188RosacDrymocallis glandulosa var. viscidasticky cinquefoil  10
189RosacFragaria vescawoodland strawberry 1 
190RosacHeteromeles arbutifoliatoyon33 
191RosacPrunus ilicifolia ssp. ilicifoliahollyleaf cherry4072
192RosacRosa californicaCalifornia wild rose 2 
193RubiaGalium angustifolium ssp. angustifoliumnarrowleaf bedstraw75x99
194RubiaGalium aparinecommon bedstraw99 5
195RubiaGalium californicum ssp. primumCalifornia bedstraw~1 V
196SalicSalix laevigatared willow 1 
197SaxifLithophragma affinewoodland star1  
198ScropScrophularia californicaCalifornia bee plant 10x
199SolanSolanum parishiiParish's purple nightshade30 x
200ViscaPhoradendron serotinum ssp. tomentosumoak mistletoe101099
201AgavaHesperoyucca whippleichaparral yucca40 99
202AgavaYucca schidigeraMohave yuccax  
203AlliaAllium marviniiYucaipa onion  99
204AlliaAllium peninsulare var. peninsulareMexicali onion15 24
205JuncaJuncus effusus ssp. austrocalifornicusSonoran rush 15 
206LiliaCalochortus palmeri var. munziiSan Jacinto mariposa lily  x
207LiliaCalochortus plummeraePlummer's mariposa lily23  
208OrchiEpipactis giganteastream orchid 75 
209PoaceAristida adscensionissix-weeks three-awn99  
210PoaceAvena barbata*slender wild oats992010
211PoaceBromus carinatus var. carinatusCalifornia brome  ~10
212PoaceBromus diandrus*ripgut brome999999
213PoaceBromus halliiHall's brome1  
214PoaceBromus hordeaceus*soft chess  7
215PoaceBromus madritensis ssp. rubens*red brome99 10
216PoaceBromus tectorum*downy brome99 99
217PoaceElymus condensatusgiant wild-rye 10 
218PoaceElymus elymoidessquirreltail  2
219PoaceElymus trachycaulus ssp. trachycaulusslender wheatgrass V10
220PoaceFestuca microstachyssmall fescue  99
221PoaceFestuca myuros*rattail fescue99  
222PoaceHordeum murinum*foxtail barley5  
223PoaceKoeleria macranthaJune grass  5
224PoaceLamarckia aurea*goldentop85  
225PoaceMelica imperfectacoast-range melic9921
226PoaceMuhlenbergia microspermalittleseed muhly99  
227PoaceMuhlenbergia rigensdeergrass  99
228PoacePennisetum setaceum*fountain grass12  
229PoacePoa secunda ssp. secundaone-sided bluegrass99 40
230PoaceSchismus barbatus*Mediterranean schismus99  
231PoaceStipa coronatagiant needlegrass10  
232ThemiBloomeria croceagoldenstar14 10
233ThemiDichelostemma capitatum ssp. capitatumblue dicks99 2

Notes on Some Species

Eriogonum fasciculatum. Both variety foliolosum and variety polifolium are found along the lower part of this road, sometimes almost side by side. We did not count the number of plants for each variety separately for that section, and just report the numbers for the species, with an x in the column B for each variety, indicating they both exist here. All the plants are var. polifolium above Halfway Spring.

Voucher data provided by the participants of the Consortium of California Herbaria (ucjeps.berkeley.edu/consortium/) on 10 May 2017.

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