Update Log for San Gabriel Mountains Websites

This page contains the updates from 8/1/99 to 12/1/99. Earlier updates are linked at the bottom of this page. See Later Updates for the most current updates.

1 December 1999 added hike 94, stockton flat road page and tota98 update to hiking; usgs map symbol ref to sgm; other pages referenced only in hiking to sgm, including news, books, deaths, beyond hiking, peak distances, accuracy of mileages, high temps, sunrise times, etc.; updated url for pomona maps of local geology and for noticeable butterflies; updated link status for flaxington and starbuck and added link to that page from sgm; removed bad yee's link.

30 November 1999 jane updated books with ~5 books from paul ayers and added several others from pasadena public library catalog, and split it into 3 files.

28 November 1999 changed name of san jacinto fault to punchbowl fault in 83-1 hike writeup, correcting the outdated knowledge from the eq country source.

27 November 1999 updated SR2 log with new jane and tom observations, linked elevation plot, moved page to places, made a places page for sr2, and put this link in there, as well as info from numbers and other links. updated numbers with links to sr2 and afh. removed abbreviations from numbers and made it into a separate page, to be linked from every page with abbreviations or sources; indexed "steve's mt. wilson panorama" and "marine layer" in pix.

24 November 1999 linked jane's 34-1; jane updated family hikes to link to it, changed switzer link, and deleted ref to removed schad's devil punchbowl page; jane made minor updates to 89; added jane's 57-1, 80-2.

23 November 1999 added george's comments on 48; jane's writeup of 89.

19 November 1999 fixed broken links to own pages in sgm/natural history and one in activities; added link to seasons and maps for manzanita trail; updated towner's urls; minor updates to manzanita trail and 83-3.

18 November 1999 added first of trails writeups, on manzanita trail, with jane; added starbuck's 100 hike info; broke up links by site into two files.

14 November 1999 minor revisions to afh in places, from jane and me.

13 November 1999 added barley flats road, forest highway to places, from jane; added status of starbucks baldy page; moved 91-3 links to hike_links.

12 November 1999 jane updated bighorn sheep numbers in numbers; added black bear estimates from other versions of tota to bear numbers; added rachel's name to beyond hiking, and moved ice-climbing williamson rock reports together; added idyllwild, and 2 rock climbing pages to sgm/san jacinto; added manker flat from jane; added mt. baldy link for san antonio falls to waterfall refs; switched tjc and js name order on main places page; updated sierra club address in links by site and 91-3 links; updated url for backpacker refs for 4 hikes; added mt. baldy san antonio falls link; moved 91-2 tchikes links to hike_links.

11 November 1999 added eaton falls 1898 pix to waterfalls from jane, and mill creek falls to list; separated san jac and san birdoo page into categories; updated shey's url from jane; added 2 williamson rock books to books; completed survey of williamson rock links for beyond hiking.

10 November 1999 major revision to "other" page, making it into the main sgm page, with jane a coauthor. Major revision to main hiking page, moving introductory material to another page, leaving only the main table. Updated llbean anf link; updated ringside url in sgm/general; added forest service organization directory link to sgm/general.

8 November 1999 added bernard field station's pages to other, by jane.

7 November 1999 corrected link to brennen's book.

5 November 1999 added note about falls canyon from jane; added page on adventure hikes that needs more work done on it.

4 November 1999 added waterfall locations in all region maps, updated tutorial, map explanations; corrected bad link in explanation to crash sites; added links from jane to waterfall page; separated waterfall notes into separate page; updated trail conditions.

3 November 1999 large update to waterfalls page, with more falls, more information, a few corrections, references for all height measurements, coordinates of falls and a map of the falls.

1 November 1999 put online randalls 87 report, and linked it; added more info to waterfalls and subheaders.

31 October 1999 updated waterfalls to remove our plan for ranking them, added refs for heights, moved location info to another page, and minor changes; added cal acorn report to other; added California waterfalls to books.

30 October 1999 updated waterfalls with a lot of new ayers measurements and estimates, included the other rubio falls, added ratings, added sources of measurement.

26 October 1999 added writeup of #95, corrected mileages and altitude gain/losses for 95 - 95.3.

25 October 1999 corrected bad link to #48 from tota update, thanks to jane.

24 October 1999 added great paragraph on fish canyon trail by reader whose return email address didn't work to #48, and that page to tota98 update; corrected altitude gains from robinson for 95.x hikes and added 95.3 hike.

21 October 1999 added further news about recent plague findings; jane updated islip saddle and south mt. hawkins with sr-39 update and some new links for islip.

20 October 1999 updated conditions and added high temps page; updated news with sr-39 work, extent of bridge fire, eaton park plague, vehicle arson fires; reopening of upper big tujunga road.

19 October 1999 jane updated family hikes with info about when claremont park is open and its only entrance, and added close tags to name tags.

18 October 1999 updated bad links, from jane: shaffer, avtrails, kenney's site, river-running tujunga, loop fire, delta h trips; jane and I added blue ridge summit to places.

17 October 1999 slight tweak to refs for usage - other, putting them all at end; jane added claremont hills wilderness park to family hikes; I added it to other; updated tchikes to include latest non-anf hikes and split it into 1999 and previous hikes.

16 October 1999 jane updated numbers:
changed a few road designations to achieve uniform style, i.e., N3 to N-3
changed a few elevations to conform, i.e., 3000 to 3,000
changed numbers of campgrounds, group campgrounds, picnic areas to those on 1995 ANF map - all reduced in number
changed number of winter sport areas to 5 because Mtn Hi West and Mtn Hi East are now New Mtn Hi
enlarged the entry for record rainfall in one day

14 October 1999 minor updates to some places files for consistency by jane.

13 October 1999 added % of anf as wilderness, compared to national average. Jane and I added a bunch of new places: charlton flat, dawson saddle, devil's punchbowl, eaton saddle, islip saddle, jackson flat, red box, shortcut saddle, south fork, south mt. hawkins, 3 points, and vincent gap. Also we added a new page of definitions.

12 October 1999 jane updated numbers with snowfall table, no. and drop for ski lifts; and rave suspension to news.

11 October 1999 jane and I added some mt. waterman info to numbers, and suspension of rave parties; put new 54.2 and 54.4 link pages online, from jane, with jane's new map now linked and jane's hike-write now online; changed devil's peak to devil peak on jane's input.

6 October 1999 finally was able to add beseen's search tool, since it now works for more than one page!

3 October 1999 added mtn. safety quiz, link found by ted finamore.

1 October 1999 jane and I updated numbers to add more oldest tree info, and added big pines as visitor center, now open 7 days; added table to tota 1998/1990 comparison giving some changes during various printings of 1990 edition.

30 September 1999 added jane's hike 59-2 and linked it, and corrected shaffer omission in links by site.

22 September 1999 added hikes 83.1, 83.2 and 89.3, and jane and my writeup of 83.1.

20 September 1999 added view params and labeled photo of desert and sierra view from pine mtn to hike 93.

18 September 1999 added lausd's clear creek to places, from jane. Added my hike 93, and updated total comparison for correct altitude gain for the hike.

14 September 1999 jane corrected tom error for position of williamson rock in sr2 road guide. I had it on the wrong side of islip saddle, failing to correct for my direction of travel that day. Added link to switzers. Added coauthor info for road guide, waterfalls, and numbers on main page, where I had forgotten to do so. Added buckhorn campground from jane and me, buckhorn guard station from jane.

13 September 1999 jane and I updated sr2 road guide.

11 September 1999 eliminated nickname for mrs. Waterman due to confusion about correct nickname, put it in as a typo for tota in tota updates; added typo for miles to trailhead for trip 38; added tota update for hike 60 directions; added new table of sr2 mileages and travel times, with jane.

10 September 1999 added places/switzer_picnic, with jane. Minor mods to region main pages (table color, html cleanup).

8 September 1999 added monrovia plans to build home in the San Gabriel Mountains to news, and foothill wildlife conservancy to other/places; added last 3 strong hikes to links by site; updated islip map with 2 new trailheads; updated no labels maps for mt wilson and chilao, which I had forgotten to do much earlier; updated chilao and islip region tables with new hikes.

7 September 1999 added two more anf forest service hikes (#3-4 on their list) to tables; added schaffer's buckhorn and cooper falls pages to #62, took out schad's link there, updated url for willi wilkens; added 3 strong hikes in buckhorn area.

6 September 1999 added another bear population estimate thanks to patrick moore; added new hikes in chilao area from charlton flats from anf forest service hiking page, and two new trailheads; deleted schad la times and adventure west links from links by site only; added number of incidents in 1994 to numbers and deaths.

4 September 1999 updated fire info in news, sb.

3 September 1999 minor revisions to lion attacks; linked it from other; linked strong's mammals page in other.

2 September 1999 added page on fires in san birdoos; updated bugs; added list of all mountain lion attacks in California.

1 September 1999 updated link status with schad's hikes disappearance; added numbers, l.a. rainfall, l.a. county drainage map, san andreas and San Gabriel river field trips to other; jane added that 3/4 of lakes are sag ponds.

31 August 1999 added road to nowhere to other; jane and I added road info, drug budget, no. of confiscated pot plants, no. of rave parties, big tujunga road and bridge to numbers; jane added 4 public reservoirs to numbers. Jane and I added radioactive water, plague news, fires to news. Linked sr2 elevation page to other and numbers, from jane. Added current fire info links to main page, from jane. Paul corrected height of chapman falls, seasonality of chapman, punchbowl and saucer, in waterfalls. Added waterfall links to main page and other.

30 August 1999 finally remembered to link fish canyon hike to list of tchikes.

29 August 1999 added latimes hiking guide to problem links. Updated waterfalls with jane's additions from aalac, additional photos, and revisions.

28 August 1999 jane updated numbers: Broke out climate from water resources as a new subheading, Added record high and low temps for Mt. Wilson, Made table for record largest trees, Added names of perennial streams, Put LAT and PSN in italics.

27 August 1999 added separate expanded table of waterfalls, authored with strong and ayers, reached from "other" and "numbers". Added shaffer to other.

25 August 1999 updated number of miles of ohv use, no. miles of pct, no. of visitor's centers, from 1995 map, added date of San Gabriel wilderness area, length of sr2 and closure, number of lakes and reservoirs, swapped a few sections between usage and admin, added visitor info, rainfall, more oldest trees, number of vascular plant species and rare plants, in numbers. Jane added annual precip for various places.

24 August 1999 updated black bear numbers further, and made that a TOTA98 update; added cal scenic drives, adkison, sc guide, eq country, wild gardens to books; jane added Island Called California and Six Historical Hiking Trails to books; clarified no. of miles of trail from various sources in numbers.

23 August 1999 updated black bear numbers, and gave detailed source info for the estimates.

21 August 1999 added gorp's san jacinto and san bernardino pages to other; corrected typo in numbers for region for eaton canyon falls and added tier explanation, thanks to ayers.

20 August 1999 added table of waterfalls to numbers.

18 August 1999 jane and I added no. marijuana plantations, rescues, mt. wilson snow records, number of debris dams, pronghorn antelope, updated number of black bears and visitors, added hyperlinks to some sources and attached sources of animal numbers directly to the animal, improved consistency of formatting, all to numbers. Took the "under construction" off of numbers.

16 August 1999 added California canine hikers to faq - dogs and other.

14 August 1999 removed extraneous partial link in index; added Idyllwild trails, tramway and their hiking page, mt. San jacinto state park to other; added 89-2 with link to js hike; corrected url for 16-7.

11 August 1999 added "estimated" to oldest anf tree, and jane added specific refs for some numbers.

10 August 1999 jane added tree statistics to numbers and anf #1 in visitors.

6 August 1999 added 2 refs to pedometer accuracy.

4 August 1999 jane added more to numbers.

3 August 1999 jane added: Geology of California, Wildflowers of Mt. Wilson Trails, Mammals of the SGM and Animal Tracks to books; further updates to numbers by both of us.

2 August 1999 updated url for usno sunrise/sunset in uv; jane and I added more to numbers; moved numbers to directory tables.

1 August 1999 corrected minor typo in eq. 11 in atmospheric refraction calculation; added fire weather forecast link; added "the numbers" page as under construction.
Jane added tarragon to culinary; swimming holes and dog walks to books.

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