Plant Guide to Mill Creek Summit Trail

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Introduction and Explanation of Plant Trail Guides

Highlights of This Trail
Fieldwork Dates and Summary of List Changes With Time
The Plant Guide
Comments On Specific Species


Highlights of This Trail

The botanical highlights of this trail are:

Number of Unique Taxa On This Trail

The following histogram gives the number of trails in our database that contain each taxon on this trail. We had 23 trails in our database when this histogram was made. A number of "1" means the taxon has only been found on this trail among the trails in our database.

Number of Trails Containing A TaxonNumber Of Taxa On This Trail% of Taxa On This Trail
Total Taxa100%

We found x additional species not in the above table, since it has not been identified yet.

Fieldwork Dates and Summary of List Changes With Time

The following table gives the dates the trail was walked and taxa recorded. After each visit, the table gives the total number of taxa on the list and the breakdown of the taxa without positive identification. See Explanation of Plant Trail Guides to understand the symbols below.

Visit DateVisit ## taxa# "?"# "sp"# "~"# "ssp"

The Plant Guide

Mile#id?Common NameLatin NameComments# on all trails
0.00  Beginning of paved trail, a sidewalk, at the parking lot. Sign: Welcome to Mill Creek Summit part of the Big Tujunga Auto Tour ..."
0.001 *black locustRobinia pseudoacacia 3
0.002 big-berry manzanitaArctostaphylos glaucaforma eremicola7
0.003 wild tarragonArtemisia dracunculus 9
0.004 toyonHeteromeles arbutifolia 11
0.005 scarlet buglerPenstemon centranthifolius 4
0.01  Trail turns 90 degrees right toward bathrooms.
0.016 California-asterLessingia filaginifolia var. filaginifolia 10
0.017 *Arizona cypressCupressus arizonica ssp. glabra 2
0.018?pine goldenbushEricameria pinifolia 1
0.019 incense-cedarCalocedrus decurrens 6
0.0110~hybrid big-berry manzanitaArctostaphylos glauca X A. parryanashrub strongly resembles A. glauca forma eremicola in habit, except this specimen lacks decumbent stems, has tomentulose twigs, and non-spreading bracts on the infl. The shrub was apparently paved with asphalt at some time in the past, with the asphalt still remaining in the center and at some edges.1
0.02  Trail turns 90 degrees left at bathrooms.
0.0211sspCalifornia buckwheatEriogonum fasciculatum var. foliolosum 10
0.0312 ghostly rabbitbrushChrysothamnus nauseosus ssp. hololeucus 1
0.0313~southern mountain woolly-starEriastrum densifolium ssp. austromontanumone bract had only 3 lobes, but it was brittle and I might have missed its lower lobes. A voucher for this area gives this ssp.4
0.0314 chaparral whitethornCeanothus leucodermis 7
0.0415 bur-ragweedAmbrosia acanthicarpa 3
0.0416 sugar bushRhus ovata 8
0.04  Trail gradually curves 90 degrees left.
0.0417 blue elderberrySambucus mexicana 10
0.04  Begin railing on right.
0.0518 velvet ashFraxinus velutina 1
0.05  Picnic table on left
0.0519ssp*rattail fescueVulpia myuros 1
0.0520 *downy bromeBromus tectorum 11
0.05  Trails turns 90 degrees left, then 90 degrees right almost immediately.
0.0621 squawbushRhus trilobata 6
0.0622 interior live oakQuercus wislizenii var. frutescens 3
0.07  Trails turns 90 degrees right again.
0.0723 whorledleaf penstemonKeckiella ternata var. ternata 1
0.0724 *white goosefootChenopodium album 6
0.08  Begin railing on both sides; cross small drainage
0.0825spAvena sp.
0.08  Good example of a manzanita without a burl just up the drainage, with the red bark extending to the roots and not stopping at a burl.
0.0826 mountain sagebrushArtemisia tridentata ssp. vaseyana 3
0.0827 *ripgut bromeBromus diandrus 12
0.0828 chamiseAdenostoma fasciculatum 10
   The second Arctostaphylos glauca forma eremicola.
0.0929 Parry manzanitaArctostaphylos parryana 4
0.0930 cupped-leaf ceanothusCeanothus greggii var. perplexans 5
0.09  ~Arctostaphylos glauca forma glauca.
0.1031 Davidson's buckwheatEriogonum davidsonii 4
0.1132 California sagebrushArtemisia californica 12
0.1233 San Gabriel manzanitaArctostaphylos gabrielensis 1
0.12  San Gabriel manzanita #2, with the best burl of any on this trail.
0.12  Good examples of chamise burls here and following.
0.13  San Gabriel manzanita #3, 4 (immediately next to each other), and 5 (a short distance away).
0.14  End trail. Sign: "Mill Creek Overlook ....". Return the same way.

Comments On Specific Species

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