Flora of Blue Ridge Trail / Big Pines Area, San Gabriel Mountains

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Species note. The plants here that correspond to Ericameria nauseosa var. mohavensis and var. oreophila along the Angeles Crest Highway and environs appear to be a single population that is intermediate between those two varieties, and thus some have been vouchered as one variety and some as the other. We've arbitrarily assigned the plants here to var. oreophila, but note that a Principal Components Analysis that we've done shows that they are distinct from the oreophila plants in San Antonio Canyon. Variety bernardina is quite distinct from this intermediate population, and is also present here.

Botanical Highlights

The north side of the Blue Ridge is the only place in the San Gabriel Mountains which contains ranger's buttons, Sphenosciadium capitellatum. These are not found directly on the Blue Ridge Trail; they are just above the trail at the drainage at mile 0.70, just above (34.37199, -117.68540) at 7020 feet elevation. In addition to these plants in the area of this trail, they also occur in Buford Canyon (Swinney 5658; Walt Fidler reported a gigantic patch of them there) and also in Government Canyon (observed by Walt Fidler). Government Canyon is the next canyon east of the area of the Blue Ridge Trail, with Buford Canyon the next canyon east of Government Canyon.

There are vouchers from Big Pines Park, which may refer to one of these localities, or may come from another nearby area.

The north side of the Blue Ridge also has perhaps the densest easily-accessible stands of Salix scouleriana in the San Gabriel Mountains. The only other locations for this species, from vouchers, in the San Gabriel Mountains is the Pine - Dawson - Baldy Ridge; north and east of Baldy Notch; Icehouse Canyon; and San Sevaine Flats. Not all of those locations may actually contain S. scouleriana, since without flowers, specimens of S. lasiolepis are easy to confuse with S. scouleriana.

The Flora

The column #V gives the number of georeferenced vouchers found in the search detailed above.

The column Mdw indicates species vouchered from the Big Pines Meadow.

The column BR indicates species vouchered from Swartout Valley or in the Blue Ridge.

The column #Pls gives a rough estimate of the minimum number of plants seen in the 15 September survey, with a maximum value of 99 plants. The main intent of this column is to indicate the species for which we found very few plants. The species identification is uncertain if there is a ~ or ? along with the number. A V in this column indicates a species vouchered from the Blue Ridge Trail that we didn't see in our late-season survey.

Species with no entry other than in the #V column may have been collected west of the Big Pines / Angeles Crest Highway junction.

See Information about the order in which the species are presented, and the links from the Scientific Name and Common Name.

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#FamScientific Name(*)Common Name#VMdwBR#Pls
1DenPteridium aquilinum var. pubescensbracken1X 99
2EquEquisetum laevigatumsmooth scouring rush4X 99
3CupCalocedrus decurrensincense-cedar1  5
4PinAbies concolorwhite fir1  99
5PinPinus jeffreyiJeffrey pine   99
6PinPinus lambertianasugar pine1 X59
7AdoSambucus nigra ssp. caeruleablue elderberry1  5
8AmaAmaranthus albus*tumble pigweed3X  
9ApiLomatium dissectum var. multifidumfern-leaved lomatium2 X50
10ApiOsmorhiza berteroimountain sweet-cicely1   
11ApiSphenosciadium capitellatumranger's buttons1  5
12ApiTauschia parishiiParish's tauschia1   
13ApoAsclepias californicaCalifornia milkweed2 X1
14AstAchillea millefoliumyarrow1   
15AstAgoseris retrorsaspear-leaved mountain dandelion1  15
16AstAmbrosia acanthicarpabur-ragweed1X 60
17AstAnisocoma acaulisscale-bud1 X 
18AstArtemisia dracunculuswild tarragon2X 99
19AstArtemisia ludoviciana ssp. incomptamountain mugwort4X 99
20AstArtemisia tridentatabig sagebrush2 X99
21AstChaenactis santolinoidessantolina pincushion2  20
22AstChaenactis xantianaXantus' chaenactis2 X 
23AstCrepis acuminatalong-leaved hawksbeard2X  
24AstDieteria canescens var. canescenshoary-aster1 X25
25AstEricameria nauseosa var. bernardinaSan Bernardino rubber rabbitbrush3 X45
26AstEricameria nauseosa var. mohavensisMohave common rabbitbrush1 X 
27AstEricameria nauseosa var. oreophilathreadleaf common rabbitbrush2 X99
28AstErigeron foliosus var. foliosusleafy daisy2X 99
29AstEriophyllum confertiflorum var. confertiflorumgolden yarrow1  99
30AstGnaphalium palustrewestern marsh cudweed3X  
31AstLepidospartum latisquamumNevada broomsage2 X 
32AstMadia gracilisslender madia3 X 
33AstPackera ionophyllaTehachapi ragwort3 X15
34AstSolidago velutina ssp. californicagoldenrod2 X99
35AstStephanomeria exigua ssp. coronariaslender wreathplant1 X 
36AstTaraxacum officinale*common dandelion1X  
37AstTetradymia canescensspineless horsebrush5 X99
38AstTragopogon dubius*yellow salsify1X 1
39BorCryptantha intermedia var. intermediapopcorn flower1 X 
40BorCryptantha muricataprickly cryptantha   2
41BorCryptantha similiscushion cryptantha1 X 
42BorCryptantha simulanspine cryptantha4X 20
43BorEmmenanthe penduliflora var. penduliflorawhispering bells1 X 
44BorEriodictyon parryipoodle-dog bush1   
45BorEriodictyon trichocalyx var. trichocalyxsmoothleaf yerba santa2 X 
46BorPhacelia davidsoniiDavidson's phacelia1   
47BorPhacelia fremontiiFremont's phacelia2 X 
48BorPhacelia imbricataimbricate phacelia1  99
49BorPhacelia ramosissimabranching phacelia3XX2
50BraBarbarea orthoceraswinter cress12X  
51BraBoechera californicaCalifornia elegant rock-cress1   
52BraBoechera repandaYosemite rockcress   99
53BraBrassica rapa*field mustard1   
54BraCapsella bursa-pastoris*shepherd's purse1   
55BraCaulanthus majorslender wild cabbage1 X99
56BraErysimum capitatum var. capitatumwestern wallflower1  99
57BraHirschfeldia incana*shortpod mustard4X 2
58BraLepidium latifolium*broad-leaved pepper-grass   99
59BraLepidium virginicum ssp. menziesiiwild pepper-grass   1
60BraSisymbrium altissimum*tumble-mustard3X 45
61BraSisymbrium orientale*Oriental mustard2X  
62CapSymphoricarpos rotundifolius var. parishiiParish's snowberry10X 99
63CarSilene verecundawhite catch-fly2X 35
64CheChenopodium atrovirensforest goosefoot   50
65CheChenopodium fremontiiFremont's goosefoot3X 99
66CheDysphania botrys*Jerusalem oak3X  
67CheSalsola tragus*Russian thistle3X 99
68ConCalystegia occidentalis ssp. fulcratawestern morning-glory1  99
69ConCuscuta californica var. californicaCalifornia dodder1 X15
70CorCornus sericea ssp. occidentaliswestern dogwood1 X 
71CorCornus sericea ssp. sericeared osier dogwood2 X30
72EriArctostaphylos glaucabigberry manzanita2 X 
73EriArctostaphylos parryanaParry manzanita14 X9
74EriArctostaphylos patulagreen-leaf manzanita1   
75EriSarcodes sanguineasnow-plant1 X 
76EupEuphorbia luridawoodland spurge4 X 
77FabAcmispon americanus var. americanusSpanish clover2X  
78FabAcmispon nevadensis var. davidsoniiDavidson's lotus2XX8
79FabAcmispon procumbens var. procumbenssilky California broom3 X5
80FabAstragalus bicristatuscrested milk-vetch5 X 
81FabAstragalus douglasii var. douglasiiJacumba milk-vetch5 X 
82FabAstragalus lentiginosus var. antoniusSan Antonio milk-vetch2 X 
83FabAstragalus leucolobusBig Bear Valley woollypod   11
84FabHosackia crassifolia var. crassifoliabroad-leaved lotus7X 20
85FabLupinus arbustusspur lupine1   
86FabLupinus excubitus var. austromontanusmountain grape-soda lupine4  17
87FabLupinus excubitus var. johnstoniiinterior bush lupine1   
88FabLupinus formosuswestern lupine1  21
89FabLupinus latifolius var. latifoliusbroad-leaf lupine2 X 
90FabMelilotus albus*white sweetclover3X 10
91FabMelilotus officinalis*yellow sweetclover3X 10
92FabTrifolium willdenoviitomcat clover1X  
93FabTrifolium wormskioldiicows clover1X  
94FagChrysolepis sempervirensbush chinquapin3 X 
95FagQuercus chrysolepiscanyon live oak2  30
96FagQuercus john-tuckeriTucker's oak1   
97FagQuercus kelloggiiCalifornia black oak5X 99
98FagQuercus wislizeni var. frutescensinterior live oak2 X 
99GenFrasera neglectapine green-gentian8 X 
100GerGeranium californicumCalifornia geranium2X  
101GroRibes cereum var. cereumwax currant7X 46
102GroRibes nevadensemountain pink currant3X 99
103GroRibes roezlii var. roezliiSierra gooseberry5 X20
104GroRibes velutinumdesert gooseberry1   
105LamMentha spicata*spearmint3X  
106LamMonardella australis ssp. australissouthern mountain-monardella1 XV
107LamMonardella linoides ssp. strictanarrowleaf monardella2X 99
108LamSalvia columbariaechia1 X 
109LamScutellaria siphocampyloidescurve-flowered skullcap2   
110LamStachys albenscobwebby hedge-nettle2X  
111LoaMentzelia albicauliswhite-stemmed blazing star1 X 
112LoaMentzelia congestaclustered blazing star3   
113LoaMentzelia dispersascattered blazing star1 XV
114LoaMentzelia montanamountain blazing star1 X 
115MalFremontodendron californicumCalifornia fremontia1   
116MalMalacothamnus fasciculatuschaparral bush mallow1 X 
117MonLewisia rediviva var. minorbitter root2 X 
118OnaCamissoniopsis pallida ssp. pallidapale suncup2 X 
119OnaChamerion angustifolium ssp. circumvagumfireweed1   
120OnaEpilobium brachycarpumautumn willowweed1X  
121OnaEpilobium canum ssp. latifoliummountain California-fuchsia2 X99
122OnaEpilobium ciliatum ssp. ciliatumwillowherb1 X 
123OnaEpilobium ciliatum ssp. glandulosumglandular willowherb1X 1
124OnaGayophytum diffusum ssp. parviflorumgroundsmoke2X  
125OnaGayophytum heterozygumzig-zag gayophytum1X  
126OnaGayophytum oligospermumpinegrove groundsmoke1 X99
127OnaOenothera californica ssp. californicaCalifornia evening-primrose1 X 
128OnaOenothera elata ssp. hirsutissimaHooker's evening-primrose1  1
129OroCastilleja affinis ssp. affiniscoast Indian paintbrush1 X 
130OroCastilleja applegatei ssp. martiniiMartin's paintbrush4X 55
131OroCastilleja miniata ssp. miniatagiant red paintbrush2  3
132OroCastilleja plagiotomaMojave Indian paintbrush6 X 
133OroCordylanthus neviniiNevin's bird's beak1  99
134OroOrobanche fasciculataclustered broomrape   17
135OroPedicularis semibarbatapine lousewort   53
136PapArgemone munitaprickly poppy1 X 
137PapEhrendorferia chrysanthagolden ear drops2   
138PhrMimulus floribundusfloriferous monkeyflower2X  
139PhrMimulus guttatuscommon monkeyflower4X  
140PhrMimulus moschatusmusk monkeyflower2X  
141PlaCollinsia callosadesert collinsia1 X 
142PlaCollinsia torreyi var. wrightiiWright's collinsia6XX50
143PlaPenstemon grinnellii var. grinnelliiGrinnell's beardtongue2  27
144PlaPenstemon labrosusSan Gabriel beardtongue2X 6
145PlaPenstemon rostriflorusbeaked penstemon3X 99
146PlaPenstemon speciosusshowy penstemon3X  
147PlaPenstemon spectabilis var. spectabilisshowy penstemon1 X 
148PlaPlantago lanceolata*English plantain   10
149PlaVeronica anagallis-aquatica*water speedwell1X  
150PolAllophyllum divaricatumpurple false-gilia1 X 
151PolAllophyllum integrifoliumwhite false-gilia2X 50
152PolEriastrum densifolium ssp. austromontanumsouthern mountain woolly-star1 X 
153PolEriastrum sapphirinumsapphire woolly-star1X  
154PolGilia modocensisModoc gilia1 X 
155PolGilia ochroleuca ssp. vividaSan Gabriel Mountain gilia1  99
156PolGilia sinuatarosy gilia2 X 
157PolLeptosiphon breviculusMojave linanthus6 X30
158PolLeptosiphon nuttalliiNuttall's linanthus1   
159PolMicrosteris gracilisannual phlox1 X 
160PolPhlox diffusaspreading phlox3 X1
161PolSaltugilia splendens ssp. splendenssplendid gilia1 X7
162PolAcanthoscyphus parishii var. parishiiParish's oxytheca2   
163PolEriogonum cithariforme var. agninumCithara buckwheat1   
164PolEriogonum davidsoniiDavidson's buckwheat4 X99
165PolEriogonum fasciculatum var. polifoliumCalifornia buckwheat4 X 
166PolEriogonum microthecum var. corymbosoidesSan Bernardino buckwheat2   
167PolEriogonum nudum var. pauciflorumnaked buckwheat3 X99
168PolEriogonum parishiiParish's buckwheat1 X 
169PolEriogonum saxatilerock buckwheat1   
170PolEriogonum umbellatum var. munziisulphur buckwheat8  99
171PolEriogonum wrightii var. subscaposumWright's buckwheat3 X99
172PolPolygonum aviculare ssp. depressum*knotweed3X 30
173PolPolygonum douglasiiDouglas' knotweed3X  
174PolRumex crispus*curly dock1   
175PolRumex salicifoliuswillow-leaved dock   ~15
176RanAquilegia formosawestern columbine   3
177RanClematis ligusticifoliavirgin's bower2 X17
178RanDelphinium patens ssp. montanumspreading larkspur1   
179RanRanunculus cymbalariaRocky Mountain buttercup1 X 
180RanThalictrum fendleri var. polycarpummeadow-rue2X 20
181RhaCeanothus cordulatusmountain whitethorn5 X99
182RhaCeanothus cuneatusbuck brush1   
183RhaCeanothus integerrimus var. macrothyrsusdeer brush2X  
184RhaCeanothus tomentosusRamona-lilac1   
185RhaCeanothus vestitusMojave ceanothus2   
186RhaFrangula californica ssp. cuspidataSierra hoary coffeeberry2 X 
187RosAmelanchier pallidapallid service-berry2 X 
188RosAmelanchier utahensisUtah service-berry2  10
189RosCercocarpus betuloides var. betuloidesbirch-leaf mountain-mahogany1   
190RosCercocarpus ledifoliuscurl-leaf mountain-mahogany1 X6
191RosDrymocallis glandulosa var. reflexasticky cinquefoil1X ~50
192RosDrymocallis lactea var. lacteaNevada cinquefoil4 X 
193RosHorkelia rydbergiiRydberg's horkelia1   
194RosPotentilla gracilis var. fastigiataslender cinquefoil3X  
195RosPrunus emarginatabitter cherry7 X 
196RosPrunus fasciculatadesert almond1 X 
197RosPrunus virginiana var. demissawestern choke-cherry12XX35
198RosRosa californicaCalifornia wild rose3X  
199RosRosa woodsii ssp. gratissimainterior rose4 X10
200RosRubus parviflorusthimbleberry1 X99
201RubGalium halliinodding bedstraw2 X 
202RubGalium johnstoniiJohnston's bedstraw2  99
203SalSalix lasiolepisarroyo willow   1
204SalSalix scoulerianaScouler's willow3 X30
205SaxLithophragma tenellumslender woodland star2   
206SolSolanum umbelliferumblue-witch nightshade1 X 
207SolSolanum xantipurple nightshade1   
208UrtUrtica dioica ssp. holosericeastinging nettle1X 3
209VerVerbena lasiostachys var. lasiostachyswestern vervain8X 30
210VioViola purpurea ssp. mohavensisMojave goosefoot violet2   
211VisArceuthobium campylopodumpine dwarf-mistletoe1   
212VisPhoradendron bolleanumfir mistletoe   99
213AllAllium fimbriatum var. fimbriatumfringed onion1 X 
214AllAllium monticolaSan Bernardino Mountain onion1 X 
215CypCarex abruptaabrupt-beak sedge4X  
216CypCarex almasturdy sedge1  17
217CypCarex fractafragile sheath sedge4X  
218CypCarex pellitawoolly sedge1X  
219CypCarex praegracilisclustered field sedge2X  
220CypCarex rossiiRoss' sedge   20
221CypCarex schottiiSchott's sedge4X  
222CypCarex sentaswamp sedge1 X 
223CypCarex subfuscabrown sedge5X  
224CypEleocharis parishiiParish's spikerush1   
225CypEleocharis rostellatabeaked spikerush1 X 
226JunJuncus balticus ssp. aterwire rush1X  
227JunJuncus bufonius var. bufoniustoad rush1X  
228JunJuncus bufonius var. occidentaliswestern toad rush2X  
229JunJuncus macrandruslong-anthered rush1X  
230LilCalochortus invenustusplain mariposa lily1X 5
231MelVeratrum californicum var. californicumCalifornia corn lily5X  
232PoaAgropyron cristatum ssp. pectinatum*desert crested wheatgrass3 X2
233PoaAgrostis exarataspike bentgrass5 X 
234PoaAgrostis gigantea*giant bentgrass2X  
235PoaAgrostis stolonifera*creeping bentgrass8X  
236PoaBromus carinatus var. carinatusCalifornia brome2  15
237PoaBromus halliiHall's brome3X  
238PoaBromus hordeaceus*soft chess2 XV
239PoaBromus inermis*smooth brome   2
240PoaBromus tectorum*downy brome2  99
241PoaDactylis glomerata*orchard-grass4 XV
242PoaElymus elymoidessquirreltail   99
243PoaElymus glaucus ssp. glaucusblue wildrye1   
244PoaElymus hispidus*intermediate wheatgrass1 X99
245PoaElymus ponticus*tall wheatgrass1 X 
246PoaElymus triticoidescreeping wild rye3X  
247PoaFestuca arundinacea*tall fescue3 X 
248PoaMelica strictarock melica3 X 
249PoaPhleum pratense*timothy1X  
250PoaPoa annua*annual blue grass1X  
251PoaPoa palustris*fowl blue grass1   
252PoaPoa pratensis ssp. pratensis*Kentucky blue grass1X  
253PoaPoa secunda ssp. secundaone-sided bluegrass   99
254PoaPoa trivialis*rough blue grass1X  
255PoaPolypogon monspeliensis*rabbits-foot grass1X  
256TheMuilla maritimamuilla1 X 

Voucher data provided by the participants of the Consortium of California Herbaria (ucjeps.berkeley.edu/consortium/) on 4 July 2014.

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