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General Information

Eaton Canyon Natural Area Park (hereafter Eaton Canyon Park) is located where the mountain stream debouches into the foothill wash at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains. Eaton Canyon itself is a major canyon beginning at Eaton Saddle near Mount Markham and San Gabriel Peak. Drainage flows into the Rio Hondo, then into the Los Angeles River.

Various agencies have jurisdiction over the canyon:

Eaton Canyon Park has a Nature Center, which reopened with a newly-constructed building on 11/21/98, after the previous building was destroyed by the 10/93 Altadena Fire. Inside are displays of local animals, geology, ecology and a well-stocked bookstore. Plants blooming now are labeled and there is a book with pictures of all the other plants to aid in identification. Outside is a native plant garden, also labeled. Around the building are nature trails highlighting different things: the Mary Shannon Preschool Trail for small children, the Fire Ecology Trail showing how the common shrubs respond to fire, and the Oak Terrace Trail interpreting the local landscape. Brochures are available inside the building.

Eaton Canyon was named for Judge Benjamin Eaton who was hired by Don Benito Wilson to bring water to his Fair Oaks Ranch.



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By Car:
From I-210 East:
Take the Altadena Drive Exit, and go north on Altadena Drive.
From I-210 West: Take the San Gabriel Boulevard Exit (signed for Eaton Canyon Nature Center), continue past Sierra Madre to Altadena Drive, and turn right (north) on Altadena Drive.

The entrance to Eaton Canyon Nature Center is 1.6 miles north of I-210, just past New York Drive on the right (east side), marked with a large entrance sign. Drive down the winding entrance road to the parking lot at the end of the road.

By Trail: Altadena Crest Trail and Mt. Wilson Toll Road from bridge, also from equestrian trail cut-off on Toll Road.


Warning: this list does not get updated as often as the hikes listed in the region tables. Consult Mt. Wilson Region Hikes for the latest listing.

26.151500nov-mayEaton Canyon Nature Center to Henninger Flats
2794500nov-junMt. Wilson Toll Road - Altadena to Mt. Wilson
27.19-4500nov-junMt. Wilson Toll Road - Mt. Wilson to Altadena
27.22184500nov-junMt. Wilson Toll Road - Altadena to Mt. Wilson Round-Trip
28134100nov-mayAltadena to Henninger Flats, Idlehour Trail to Eaton Canyon, Idlehour Trail Camp, Inspiration Point, Castle Canyon, Echo Mountain, back to Altadena
342.5800nov-junMt. Wilson to Harvard-Wilson Saddle, Mt. Harvard
(one way)
3150nov-mayBailey Canyon to Mt. Wilson Toll Road, Henninger Flats, Eaton Canyon Nature Center

Other Information

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