Angeles Forest Highway Road Log

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from Clear
Creek Jct.
in Feet
003648Clear Creek StationJct: Angeles Crest Hwy, SR2
Jct: Mt. Josephine Fire Road
View of San Gabriel Fault trace
0.40.43440The Pines Picnic AreaView of Clear Creek (west)
1.00.63368Jct: Clear Creek Camp roadClear Creek Outdoor Education Center
3.72.73242Jct: Big Tujunga Road (west); light-colored Mt. Josephine granodiorite begins (east)
4.81.13020Lucas CreekLarge turnout (east)
6.11.32880Shoening Springs Picnic AreaMaple and willow trees, no restroom (east)
6.30.22880Big Tujunga Narrows BridgeView of The Narrows (west)
Large turnout (east)
6.70.43020Tunnel Banded gneiss on west side of south entrance
6.90.23080Hidden Springs Picnic GroundJct: Fall Creek Trail 500 feet north
8.11.23320Monte Cristo StationWhite-colored anorthosite begins
8.30.23353Jct: Upper Big Tujunga Road (east)Camp Colby access
9.61.33600 Monte Cristo Campgroundand road to Monte Cristo Gold Mine (east)
10.50.93760Baughman SpringLarge cottonwood tree (west)
14.54.04910Mill Creek Summit and Picnic Area
Jct: Santa Clara Divide Road 3N17
Highest point on AFH
PCT Crossing
Mt. Gleason, Messenger Flats, Lightning Point and Mt. Pacifico access
15.20.74700Aliso Springs Picnic AreaNo alisos; only canyon oaks (east)
17.32.14200Jct: Aliso Canyon Road(west) headwaters of the Santa Clara River
19.72.43800Jct: Mt. Emma - Little Rock Cutoff Road(east) straight away on alluvium
22.73.03500Edison Substation(west) "yeah, it's big!"
24.31.63300Vincent Junction / Soledad PassJct. SR-14

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