SGM: The Waterfalls: Locations and Height Source

This page gives the general location and reference for the quoted heights of the falls listed in SGM: The Waterfalls. See Abbreviations and Sources for full reference information, as well as Sette.

In the references, if only a single source is given, that source gave the height information. When multiple sources give heights, the height is quoted from each source in the reference, and usually a range of heights is reported in the main table. The only exception is that a measurement made by Ayers is taken to be the actual height of any measured waterfall. For the waterfalls with no height information, nhg means no height given by a specific source. Page numbers given for TOTA are for the 1990 edition.

The buried falls of Rubio Canyon are listed at their full height in the table, since we expect that they will be uncovered either sooner by court order or later by natural processes!

See also the specific latitude, longitude and altitude of each falls.

Region is the hiking region defined on the main hiking page. Maps available for each region will soon plot these waterfalls.

NameLocationRegionSource of Height Measurement
Upper Leontine FallsRubio CanyonMt. WilsonAyers estimate
Bottom Tier of Upper Leontine FallsRubio CanyonMt. WilsonAyers estimate; Reid 100' "above" Leontine
Leontine FallsRubio CanyonMt. WilsonReid: 105'
Chapman Falls (aka Alpine Falls)Grand CanyonMt. Wilson?Ayers. measurement by sounding method; Ayers: "at least 130' according to Reid"?
Thalehaha FallsRubio CanyonMt. WilsonSette: 80'. Currently 54' from Ayers measurement by weighted tape.
Lower Maple Canyon FallsRubio CanyonMt. WilsonAyers measurement of 96' 7.5" by sounding line.
San Antonio FallsSan Antonio CanyonBaldyBrown: 80': Schad: 100''; SAR: 3 tiers of 250'?
Fish Canyon FallsFish CanyonSan Gabriel RiverTOTA: 80' stairway, #49, p. 122
Lower Fall Creek FallsFall Creek, Big Tujunga CanyonTujungaFall Creek Swimming Hole
PunchbowlMillard CanyonMt. WilsonAyers estimate
WolfskillWolfskill CanyonSan Gabriel RiverSan Gabriels: 60', p. 188
Millard Canyon FallsMillard CanyonMt. WilsonReid: 58'; Brown 60'; TOTA 50'
Sturtevant FallsBig Santa Anita CanyonMt. WilsonBrown: 60'; Schad 50'
Lewis Falls (aka Soldier Creek Falls)Soldier CreekSan Gabriel RiverBrown; TOTA; Schad
Switzer's FallsArroyo Seco CanyonMt. WilsonBrown: TOTA; Schad
Lower Monrovia FallsMonrovia CanyonMt. WilsonBrown
Falls GulchEast Fork of San Gabriel RiverSan Gabriel RiverSchad: 50', p. 263
Upper Maple Canyon FallsRubio CanyonMt. WilsonAyers measurement of 39' 5" by 100' steel tape.
Trail Canyon FallsTrail CanyonTujungaBrown 50': Schad 30'
Fish Canyon Falls (Upper Tier)Fish CanyonSan Gabriel Rivertjc estimate from pix?
Upper Fall Creek FallsFall Creek, Big Tujunga CanyonTujungaFall Creek Swimming Hole
Eaton Canyon FallsEaton CanyonMt. WilsonReid: 40'; Brown ~40'; Schad 35'
Cooper Canyon FallsCooper CanyonIslipBrown: 35'+ 15' cascades; Schad 25'
Pasadena Glen FallsPasadena GlenMt. WilsonThe 35' falls: TJC estimate from Duttweiler's pix; the 15' falls: an estimate from Dan Simpson
Lower Buckhorn FallsCooper CanyonIslipSchad 30'; Schaffer 100' for both upper and lower
Hermit FallsBig Santa Anita CanyonMt. WilsonBrown
Placerita Canyon Falls
(aka Los Pinetos)
Placerita CanyonTujungaBrown
SaucerMillard CanyonMt. WilsonAyers estimate: 25', with 15' chute above and 18' chute below
Lower Devils Canyon #1Devils CanyonChilaoBrown; Schad
Lower Devils Canyon #2Devils CanyonChilaoSchad
Bouquet Canyon FallsBouquet CanyonNorthwestShaffer estimate
Upper Big Tujunga FallsBig Tujunga CanyonTujungaSchaffer: 20'; TOTA, #52, pp. 130-1, nhg
Redrock CanyonCastaic CreekNorthwestSchad: 20', p. 137
Royal GorgeArroyo Seco CanyonMt. WilsonSchad
Grand Canyon FallsGrand CanyonMt. WilsonAyers: was 92' high according to Reid?
Cienaga CanyonCastaic CreekNorthwestSchad
Maidenhair FallsRubio CanyonMt. WilsonAyers measurement by weighted tape.
Lower Switzer's FallsArroyo Seco CanyonMt. WilsonSchad:15', p. 160
Fish Fork FallsFish Fork of East Fork of San Gabriel RiverSan Gabriel RiverSchad
Upper Buckhorn FallsCooper CanyonIslipSchad 10'
Falls of Unknown Height (Alphabetically)
Adams FallsBig Santa Anita CanyonMt. Wilsonmap: 6 Historic Trails, nhg
Bailey Canyon FallsBailey CanyonMt. WilsonSchad
Bay Arbor FallsRubio CanyonMt. WilsonSette
Bear CreekWest Fork of San Gabriel RiverSan Gabriel RiverTOTA: #74, p. 169, nhg
Cavity Chute FallsRubio CanyonMt. WilsonSette
Devil's PunchbowlDevil's PunchbowlIslipSchad: p. 236, nhg
Upper Devils CanyonDevils CanyonChilaoOn topo map
Side Canyon to Lower Devils CanyonDevils CanyonChilaoSchad: two tier fall in side canyon above lower devils canyon #1, p. 219
Falls CanyonWest Fork of San Gabriel RiverMt.Wilsonjust from the name?
Upper Fish Fork FallsFish Fork of East Fork of San Gabriel RiverSan Gabriel RiverSchad
Glenn Canyon FallsWest Fork of San Gabriel RiverSan Gabriel RiverTOTA: #71, pp. 164-5 nhg
Grand Chasm FallsRubio CanyonMt. WilsonSette
Lodged Boulder FallsRubio CanyonMt. WilsonSette
Mill Creek FallsMill CreekTujungaValle
Mt. Lewis FallsBig Rock CreekIslippersonal observation
Upper Monrovia FallsMonrovia CanyonMt. Wilsontopo map
Moss Grotto FallsRubio CanyonMt. WilsonSette
Ribbon Rock FallsRubio CanyonMt. WilsonSette
Roaring Rift FallsRubio CanyonMt. WilsonSette
Upper Soldier Creek FallsSoldier CreekSan Gabriel RiverSchad: half a dozen small cascades

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