SGM: The Waterfalls: Latitudes, Longitudes and Altitudes

This page gives the specific latitude, longitude and altitude of each falls listed in SGM: The Waterfalls. These falls will soon be shown on the maps for each region of the SGM defined on the main hiking page.

The coordinates of the falls that are explicitly shown on the USGS topo maps in Topo! Los Angeles Area have been measured using Topo!. Thus if you use these coordinates in Topo!, you'll go exactly to the location of the falls. However, these coordinates vary from the true coordinates measured from the actual USGS maps by seemingly-random errors of ~0.001°, or ~3". The elevations reported by Topo! are also in error by varying amounts, since it is difficult to interpolate the digital elevation maps they use to get true elevations in streambeds. (All of this will be the subject of a future webpage.)

Coordinates of falls not explicitly shown on the Topo! Los Angeles Area maps have a much larger error. The coordinates of Bouquet, Redrock and Cienaga Canyon falls have been read only to the nearest 30", and the elevations are blank for these. The true location of others is also uncertain, since we are not sure of the exact location of some falls. These are marked with an asterisk. Finally, we have listed Falls Canyon as having a falls from its name alone, but have no idea where the falls actually is in that canyon, and hence the coordinates are blank.

If you can supply us with better coordinates for these falls, we would welcome that.

It is interesting that it is not in general possible to look at the contours on a topo map to find the location of falls. This is probably because the falls are too small to be reliably identified in the topo map-making process.

NameEast Longitude
(decimal degrees)
North Latitude
(decimal degrees)
Elevation (')
Upper Leontine Falls*241.886834.20982,764
Bottom Tier of Upper Leontine Falls*241.886834.20982,764
Leontine Falls 241.886634.20952,652
Chapman Falls (aka Alpine Falls)*241.883934.22713,949
Thalehaha Falls 241.884434.20832,371
Lower Maple Canyon Falls*241.881734.21903,493
San Antonio Falls 242.365534.27196,577
Fish Canyon Falls 242.074534.18101,395
Lower Fall Creek Falls 241.836234.30632,426
Wolfskill 242.250534.17592,217
Millard Canyon Falls 241.856634.21892,038
Sturtevant Falls 241.980634.21172,139
Lewis Falls (aka Soldier Creek Falls) 242.163634.30634,402
Switzer's Falls 241.845134.25802,906
Lower Monrovia Falls 242.012134.18651,741
Falls Gulch*242.268034.30303,638
Upper Maple Canyon Falls*241.882034.21943,609
Trail Canyon Falls 241.744934.32042,417
Fish Canyon Falls (Upper Tier) 242.074534.18101,395
Upper Fall Creek Falls 241.836234.30632,426
Eaton Canyon Falls 241.897234.19661,420
Cooper Canyon Falls 242.097634.36085,770
Pasadena Glen Falls*241.923934.18521,758
Lower Buckhorn Falls 242.093234.35166,308
Hermit Falls*241.984634.19031,593
Placerita Canyon Falls
(aka Los Pinetos) 
Lower Devils Canyon #1 242.026734.28573,277
Lower Devils Canyon #2 242.025634.28633,374
Bouquet Canyon Falls 241.583334.5583 
Upper Big Tujunga Falls*241.863334.31122,771
Redrock Canyon 241.350034.6333 
Royal Gorge*241.836134.24772,276
Grand Canyon Falls*241.872834.22963,364
Cienaga Canyon 241.366734.6250 
Maidenhair Falls*241.883034.20611,981
Lower Switzer's Falls*241.846834.25752,890
Fish Fork Falls*242.290234.31254,304
Upper Buckhorn Falls 242.092634.35056,376
Falls of Unknown Height (Alphabetically)
Adams Falls 241.992334.21312,726
Bailey Canyon Falls 241.938034.17821,436
Bay Arbor Falls 241.882934.20661,999
Bear Creek*242.115034.28862,710
Cavity Chute Falls 241.882934.20631,990
Devil's Punchbowl*242.147534.41594,390
Upper Devils Canyon 242.056334.32275,885
Side Canyon to Lower Devils Canyon 242.024734.29093,599
Falls Canyon*   
Upper Fish Fork Falls 242.287834.31274,082
Glenn Canyon Falls*242.045434.23802,309
Grand Chasm Falls*241.883434.20712,097
Lodged Boulder Falls*241.883734.20732,166
Mt. Lewis Falls 242.198734.38426,100
Upper Monrovia Falls 242.011434.19712,931
Moss Grotto Falls*241.883134.20692,088
Ribbon Rock Falls*241.883034.20682,046
Roaring Rift Falls*241.883834.20762,219
Upper Soldier Creek Falls 242.163434.30684,418

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