Most Common Plants Blooming in the San Gabriel Mountains

This page lists our most frequently-observed blooms for the current month, and archives the list for previous months. The intent is to help hikers identify the most common plants in bloom at a given time.

Ideally, we would sum the number of hikes in a given month in which each plant was observed to be blooming, and then list the plants seen the most often. However, we will not be able to do that until our recorded Observations of Plants Blooming With Locations spans a period of ~3 years.

As a substitute measure of frequency, we have used our Bloom Identification Guide which spans the last three years. We simply note how many times each species was observed to be blooming in the last three years. The entries below list all species observed every year in the last three years. If that list contains fewer than 5 species, we also list species observed two times in the last three years.

The numbers immediately following each month are the total numbers of species observed to bloom at least once in that month in the last three years.

January (35 species):

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