Update Log for San Diego County Websites

9 November 2013 updated links to simpson's floras thanks to an email from mike.

30 September 2010 added link to seaside hiking club in organized hike pages, thanks to input from Neal Hribar; and updated links on that page.

25 October 2007 updated smer page to give dave bailey as contact; removed page on currently-scheduled tours.

31 January 2007 updated smer tour page with info on matt rahn's informative tours.

16 January 2007 updated smer tour page.

19 December 2006 updated smer tour pages.

13 December 2006 added weblink to Tijuana River Valley Equestrian Association, thanks to input from them.

23 May 2006 removed contact info for sd hiking club north county, since it no longer is correct, thanks to an anonymous reader.

22 March 2006 updated smer tour pages.

5 March 2006 updated sd backcountry horsemen webpage, thanks to input from them.

17 February 2006 added tijuana river Valley Equestrian Association to trail organizations.

28 January 2006 updated some of the official smer pages links; some no longer seem reachable.

24 January 2006 updated smer tour pages.

26 October 2005 added an "april bloom in october".

24 October 2005 added 10/21/05 trip report from anza borrego.

5 September 2005 added links to floras and trail guides in plants; updated url of jack's pond flora.

22 April 2005 added trip report from dripping springs from today.

7 March 2005 updated ds trail guide with info from james dillane that an adventure pass is no longer needed.

7 January 2005 updated smer tour list.

24 November 2004 added smer tour on 27 November 2004.

20 October 2004 added cleveland nf reopening in conditions / fire.

28 September 2004 corrected typo in date for 60 hikes / miles book.

27 September 2004 added 60 hikes within 60 miles of sd to list of sd hiking books in intro to hiking site; added closure info for cleveland national forests.

19 August 2004 updated smer tours.

10 July 2004 updated url for ramona trails org, thanks to input from them.

6 July 2004 updated url for SMR watershed map; finally linked 2001 page on condition of railroad bench to smer page.

9 May 2004 added laurel canyon trail report from today.

27 April 2004 added manzanita trail report from today, and daley ranch report from 14 april.

6 April 2004 added dripping springs trail report from today.

16 March 2004 added San Diego County native plants book to plants.

24 February 2004 updated url for heise county park link, thanks to michael charters.

26 January 2004 added ds trail report from today.

7 December 2003 added natural history page to San Diego County field guide; added link to Chris Metzler's Geology Field Trip of San Diego County and terry hunefeld's upcoming nature activities, both there and in hiking.

7 November 2003 updated smer tours.

1 November 2003 added link to moths of San Diego County, found by jane strong.

27 October 2003 added link to forest closures and fire info in Southern California.

24 October 2003 updated smer tours.

22 October 2003 updated url for friends of the SMR.

13 October 2003 updated smer tours.

29 May 2003 updated page on wildflowers in the Fallbrook burn area

15 April 2003 updated smer tours.

20 March 2003 added link to page on wildflowers in the Fallbrook burn area.

10 March 2003 corrected typo in beginning of SMR at "northeastern" end of reserve, thanks to an anonymous reader.

25 February 2003 added webcam to smer page and links for specific smer entrances; added notice for smer upcoming tours that the spring celebration has been canceled.

9 February 2003 updated spring celebration date and info for smer.

2 February 2003 updated smer list of tours.

27 December 2002 added ds trip report from 12/24 hike, and updated ds page with that info, and trip reports from John; Neil and Kim Silcock; and jay hoffman.

26 December 2002 added jay hoffman's ds trip report.

6 December 2002 updated smer tour page.

22 November 2002 added note about supplying your own horse to every mention of horses on the smer tour page.

7 October 2002 updated smer tour page.

24 August 2002 moved heise park page from znet and updated it.

12 April 2002 added link to gain in organized hikes.

3 April 2002 added link to comparison of bloom at srp for 2002 vs 2001 in the smer bloom comparison page.

2 April 2002 added comparison of 2002 bloom to 2001 bloom for north rim trail, smer.

1 April 2002 updated smer calendar.

19 February 2002 reorganized "plants blooming" links in order of up-to-datedness, added cnps sd link there and in unlabeled links, corrected misspelling of borrego in plants / unlabeled links.

13 February 2002 added volkssport link to organized hiking clubs; updated smer tour schedule.

25 December 2001 added link to new official bser website; added info about xfer of ranger paul.

24 December 2001 updated smer upcoming tours.

22 December 2001 updated ds trail condition, and wrote up 12/19/01 hike.

30 November 2001 added link to santa rosa mountains page.

5 November 2001 changed "potable" and "unpotable" water in smer hike description to "treated" and "untreated" water, and added a bit more info about the aqueduct.

25 October 2001 updated list of smer scheduled tours.

5 October 2001 added walkabout international to organized hikes, thanks to Al Weiss.

20 September 2001 added geology of temecula canyon, linked from smer page.

13 September 2001 updated course syllabus for smer docent class.

5 September 2001 updated course syllabus for smer docent class.

2 September 2001 removed numbers for smer hikes, letting them be known just by their names.

1 September 2001 added loop trip to smer hikes.

1 July 2001 added mscp links to plants/other.

19 June 2001 added info about 2001 docent training class.

1 May 2001 updated smer scheduled tour pages.

6 April 2001 added bowles wildflower pages to plants/keys.

3 April 2001 added bogues to hikes to be indexed.

25 February 2001 jane added her plant recollections to blooms.

24 February 2001 added new page on blooms elsewhere in San Diego County.

13 February 2001 added postponement of 2/14/01 smer tour; new 3/10/01 smer tour.

12 February 2001 updated smer scheduled tours.

6 February 2001 added shinyleaf barberry to ds writeup, after looking up its name.

5 February 2001 updated at and ds writeups to mention the live manzanita giants remaining; added 2/5/01 ds writeup.

24 January 2001 linked all SMR stream gauges in places/smer.

21 January 2001 added chipping's plant community zones to plants/communities; Fallbrook observations of plants blooming to plants/blooming; updated url for ds link; more on srp basalts in smer house to gorge trip description.

2 January 2001 added 11/29 and 12/31 ds hike writeups.

24 December 2000 added tom hill's agua tibia hike to places/agua tibia.

5 December 2000 added a few tidbits to bser from 12/3/00 sdut article.

1 December 2000 added link to smer docent program brochure.

26 November 2000 updated smer scheduled hikes; added comments from previous tour participants.

23 November 2000 added pyle's trail writeups to unindexed hikes.

21 November 2000 added trail organizations.

19 November 2000 significantly updated bear page, tempering conclusions, thanks to input from an anonymous reader.

17 November 2000 added more info on 1/20/01 smer tour; added days of week to scheduled tours; added tours now allowed on weekdays.

15 November 2000 added mileage of farm to gorge and back in smer; added plants of jack's pond to plants.

10 November 2000 updated ds trail conditions, wrote up last two ds hikes.

7 November 2000 added "rain or shine" to smer tour page.

5 November 2000 updated links to my new srp pages.

4 November 2000 added trail news page with one item.

1 November 2000 addeed terraserver picture and topo map links to blue sky; list of currently scheduled smer tours and navigation links to procedure for scheduling tour to smer.

30 October 2000 added info from agua tibia management plans.

26 October 2000 added link to pocket field guide.

23 October 2000 added link to plants blooming at smer; completed changeover of links to new official sdsu smer site.

20 October 2000 added names for different smer tours; renumbered them per printed brochure; changed "hikes" to "tours".

17 October 2000 added city of san marcos trails page to links to add.

13 October 2000 added directions to rainbow glen entrance to smer.

11 October 2000 clarified which tours for smer left from which gates.

8 October 2000 added a few more sightings of black bears.

7 October 2000 completed bear page.

6 October 2000 began bear page with minimal info.

26 September 2000 added simpson's lists to plants.

25 September 2000 added 4 nct articles as links in smer page.

20 September 2000 corrected minor error for an elevation for smer gorge hike, changing total gain slightly.

14 September 2000 minor updates to bser; corrected url for smer page in gorge hike page.

11 September 2000 added official number of smer acres, from claudia; moved bser and mt woodson hiking page here from Fallbrook site; updated and much extended bser page.

9 September 2000 updated temperatures, added temecula.

6 September 2000 added clarifying information from leona about the dozer line on agua tibia.

4 September 2000 put all tchikes/ds pages into ds directory; updated ds info with the actual burn info from leona.

3 September 2000 added new tour request info to smer page; added new links to agua tibia page: gorp, etreking, prostrate spineflower, paleoseismology, total escape and boy scouts; added 2000 fire info to agua tibia page; wrote up 9/2/00 ds hike and split ds pages into two, one for each season.

2 September 2000 restored links to smer pages; revised house to gorge trip with claudia's input.

25 August 2000 removed links to smer pages until they are officially approved by sdsu.

24 August 2000 added accuracy of mileages and altitudes to smer trail to gorge.

23 August 2000 added plant guide to rainbow creek to red mountain trail.

18 August 2000 eliminated question about imported water in smer trail to gorge description, thanks to a question from an alert reader.

12 August 2000 added smer hike in trails list; added first gps track to trails.

7 August 2000 added smer main page and south gate to gorge hike description.

12 June 2000 updated ds trail to warn against june hikes, and added more landmarks near top; added log for last hike.

30 May 2000 added natural history : plants index page, with links to sdnhm pages, my ds page, my srp pages, the plants blooming elsewhere page, and the other appropriate links from the similar SGM page.

9 May 2000 updated dripping springs trail: corrected typos, clarified a few sentences, and made mileages in description consistent with the latest detailed mileage log; corrected typo in intro; all due to jane strong comments.

8 May 2000 updated temps.

6 May 2000 added places / agua tibia mountain, trails / dripping springs, tchikes / dripping springs writeups and logs. Most was moved from znet site, but a lot of new info was added, such as the detailed trip log, pictures, and other info to make it consistent with SGM writeups. Added trip report from 4/29.

21 April 2000 added intro paragraph to intro; updated temps; added box canyon page in backlog; added backlog page to Field Guide.

17 April 2000 added link to poway's trail booklet.

1 April 2000 updated temps; added leech's sd hikes page.

24 March 2000 added list of organized hikes.

22 March 2000 added analysis of high temps in San Diego County.

13 March 2000 corrected typos in links in intro_hike.

11 March 2000 added caveat about usgs topo map date errors.

7 March 2000 added page for hike writeups not yet indexed; added Lambrecht's page.

4 March 2000 added skeleton main San Diego page; dinosaurs in San Diego county.

3 March 2000 added skeleton main hikes page showing only active links, and intro page.

1 March 2000 added list of all usgs topo maps covering San Diego county, with last update date for each.

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