Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve: Preliminary Plant List by Trail

This is a working list, about which I make no guarantees at all until I officially release it. Use at your own risk!

Summary Statistics

Both the list from Simpson (2000) and from myself (Chester 2003) are incomplete, and are works in progress. Nonetheless, I thought it would be interesting to make a comparison of the numbers so far. These numbers will change significantly in the future.

My list was compiled from my plant trail guides as of 26 December 2003.

Note that Simpson's list is for the entire Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve, whereas my list is compiled solely from taxa seen along the main roads and one trail (collectively called routes below). Hence one would expect that Simpson's list would contain significantly more taxa than my list.

Also, I have in general retained taxa in Simpson's list that are only identified to genera, whereas I have not listed such taxa from my plant guides. This was solely because I had his unidentified species in my database, whereas I do not put my unidentified species in my database. The only exception was Simpson's Sanicula sp., which I left off the merged list due to my positive identification of Sanicula crassicaulis.

Finally, most of my lists were compiled during the drought year of 2001-2002, and hence are known to be very incomplete, especially for annuals.

Due to these differences, and the serious incompleteness of both lists, interpretation of these numbers is hazardous!

Total number of taxa: 388.

Number of taxa in each list: 325 from Simpson; 233 from Chester.

Number of taxa in common between the two lists: 170.

Number of additional taxa from Simpson's list over that of Chester's list alone: 155.

Number of additional taxa from Chester's list over that of Simpson's list alone: 63.

Number of the 233 taxa from Chester found on each of the following routes:

RouteAbbreviation# of taxa
North Gate to GorgeN117
North Rim TrailNR62
South Gate to GorgeS192
Stone Creek LoopSC111

The abbreviations are used in the table below to identify where the taxa are found.

These numbers actually fit together pretty well, and are not terribly inconsistent with expectations from the normal distribution of plants, given the incompleteness of both lists:

# of routes# of taxa

Thus 26 taxa were found on all four routes, 47 taxa were found on three of the four routes, etc., with most taxa being found only on a single route or not being found on any route.

The only obvious problem seen in the above numbers is that the number of taxa found on just a single route is probably too low relative to the number of taxa found on multiple routes. See, for example, the same distribution from the Santa Monica Mountains. This is undoubtedly the case, since I expect that a lot of such taxa will be picked up from surveys in a normal rainfall year.

The Preliminary Plant List

Some of the plant identifications on the trails made by myself have come from the use of Simpson's list, and so are not necessarily independent confirmations of that identification. Such independent confirmations will be made in the future.

The list below undoubtedly contains some misidentifications. It also contains some taxa where the subspecies assignments are different, or not given in one list or the other. These will be resolved in the future.

An asterisk (*) before the common name indicates a non-native taxon.

I have corrected the subspecies of Quercus agrifolia from var. oxyadenia to var. agrifolia in Simpson's list per Simpson 2001, personal communication.

Latin NameCommon NameFamilyNNRSSCSimp.
Amaranthus blitoidesmat amaranthAmaranthaceae    x
Malosma laurinalaurel sumacAnacardiaceaexxxxx
Rhus ovatasugar bushAnacardiaceaex xxx
Rhus trilobatabasketbushAnacardiaceae  x x
Toxicodendron diversilobumpoison oakAnacardiaceae  xxx
Apiastrum angustifoliumwild celeryApiaceae    x
Apium graveolens*celeryApiaceaex x x
Cicuta douglasiiwestern water hemlockApiaceae    x
Daucus pusillusrattlesnake weedApiaceae xxx 
Foeniculum vulgare*fennelApiaceae  xxx
Lomatium utriculatumcommon lomatiumApiaceae  x  
Sanicula crassicaulisPacific sanicleApiaceaexxx  
Yabea microcarpaCalifornia hedge-parsleyApiaceae    x
Apocynum cannabinumIndian hempApocynaceae    x
Nerium oleander*oleanderApocynaceae    x
Vinca major*greater periwinkleApocynaceae    x
Asclepias fascicularisnarrow-leaf milkweedAsclepiadaceae    x
Sarcostemma cynanchoides ssp. hartwegiiclimbing milkweedAsclepiadaceae    x
Acourtia microcephalaacourtiaAsteraceae    x
Ambrosia acanthicarpabur-ragweedAsteraceaexx   
Ambrosia psilostachyawestern ragweedAsteraceaexxxxx
Artemisia californicaCalifornia sagebrushAsteraceaexxxxx
Artemisia douglasianamugwortAsteraceae  xxx
Artemisia dracunculuswild tarragonAsteraceae    x
Artemisia tridentata ssp. tridentatabig sagebrushAsteraceae    x
Baccharis emoryiEmory's baccharisAsteraceae  xxx
Baccharis pilulariscoyote bushAsteraceae  x  
Baccharis salicifoliamule fatAsteraceaex xxx
Bebbia juncea var. asperasweetbushAsteraceaex x x
Brickellia californicaCalifornia brickellbushAsteraceaex x x
Carduus pycnocephalus*Italian thistleAsteraceae   x 
Centaurea melitensis*tocaloteAsteraceaexxxxx
Chaenactis artemisiifoliameally white pincushionAsteraceaex x x
Chaenactis glabriuscula var. glabriusculayellow pincushionAsteraceae xxx 
Chamomilla suaveolens*pineapple weedAsteraceae  x  
Cirsium occidentale var. californicumCalifornia thistleAsteraceae    x
Cirsium occidentale var. occidentalecobwebby thistleAsteraceae   x 
Cnicus benedictus*blessed thistleAsteraceae    x
Conyza bonariensis*little horseweedAsteraceaex x x
Conyza canadensishorseweedAsteraceaex xxx
Cotula coronopifolia*brass-buttonsAsteraceaex   x
Encelia californicaCalifornia enceliaAsteraceae    x
Encelia farinosabrittlebushAsteraceaex x x
Ericameria parishii var. parishiiParish's goldenbushAsteraceae    x
Erigeron foliosus var. foliosusleafy daisyAsteraceae  xxx
Eriophyllum confertiflorum var. confertiflorumgolden yarrowAsteraceaexxxxx
Euthamia occidentaliswestern goldenrodAsteraceaex x  
Filago californicaCalifornia filagoAsteraceae  x x
Filago gallica*narrowleaf filagoAsteraceaexxxxx
Gazania X (mounding hybrid)*gazaniaAsteraceae  x  
Gnaphalium bicolorbicolored everlastingAsteraceaexxxxx
Gnaphalium californicumCalifornia everlastingAsteraceaexxxxx
Gnaphalium canescens ssp. microcephalumwhite everlastingAsteraceaex xxx
Gnaphalium luteo-album*common cudweedAsteraceae  x  
Gnaphalium stramineumcotton-batting plantAsteraceae   x 
Gutierrezia californicaCalifornia matchweedAsteraceae  x x
Hazardia squarrosa var. grindelioidessaw-toothed goldenbushAsteraceaexxxxx
Hedypnois cretica*Crete weedAsteraceae  xx 
Helianthus annuusannual sunflowerAsteraceae    x
Helianthus gracilentusslender sunflowerAsteraceae  x x
Hemizonia fasciculataslender tarweedAsteraceaexxx x
Heterotheca grandifloratelegraph weedAsteraceaexxxxx
Hypochaeris glabra*smooth cat's earAsteraceae  xxx
Isocoma menziesiicoastal goldenbushAsteraceaex    
Isocoma menziesii var. vernonioidescoastal goldenbushAsteraceae    x
Lactuca serriola*prickly lettuceAsteraceaex xxx
Lepidospartum squamatumscale-broomAsteraceae    x
Lessingia filaginifolia var. filaginifoliaCalifornia-asterAsteraceaexxx x
Osmadenia tenellathree spotAsteraceae  x x
Pluchea odoratasalt marsh fleabaneAsteraceae    x
Porophyllum gracileodoraAsteraceaex x x
Rafinesquia californicaCalifornia chicoryAsteraceae  xxx
Senecio vulgaris*common groundselAsteraceae  xxx
Solidago californicagoldenrodAsteraceae  xxx
Sonchus asper ssp. asper*prickly sow thistleAsteraceae  x  
Sonchus oleraceus*sow thistleAsteraceaex x x
Stephanomeria diegensisSan Diego wreathplantAsteraceaexx   
Stephanomeria exigua ssp. deaneislender wreathplantAsteraceaex xxx
Stephanomeria virgata ssp. virgatatwiggy wreath plantAsteraceae    x
Stylocline gnaphaloideseverlasting nest-strawAsteraceae    x
Uropappus lindleyisilver puffsAsteraceae  xxx
Venegasia carpesioidescanyon sunflowerAsteraceae    x
Xanthium strumariumcockleburAsteraceaex x x
Alnus rhombifoliawhite alderBetulaceae  x x
Cryptantha intermediapopcorn flowerBoraginaceaex xxx
Cryptantha micromeresminute-flowered cryptanthaBoraginaceae   x 
Heliotropium curassavicumseaside heliotropeBoraginaceaex   x
Pectocarya linearis ssp. feroculaslender combseedBoraginaceae  x  
Plagiobothrys collinus var. fulvescensrusty-haired popcorn flowerBoraginaceae    x
Plagiobothrys nothofulvusrusty-haired popcorn flowerBoraginaceae    x
Brassica nigra*black mustardBrassicaceae    x
Caulanthus heterophyllus var. pseudosimulansslender-pod jewelflowerBrassicaceae  xx 
Hirschfeldia incana*shortpod mustardBrassicaceaexxxxx
Lepidium nitidum var. nitidumshining peppergrassBrassicaceae    x
Lepidium pinnatifidum*wayside pepper-grassBrassicaceaex   x
Lobularia maritima*sweet alyssumBrassicaceae    x
Raphanus sativus*purple wild radishBrassicaceae  x x
Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticumwater cressBrassicaceaex xxx
Sisymbrium altissimum*tumble-mustardBrassicaceae    x
Sisymbrium officinale*hedge mustardBrassicaceae   x 
Sisymbrium orientale*Oriental mustardBrassicaceae  x  
Thysanocarpus laciniatuslace-podBrassicaceae    x
Opuntia ficus-indica*mission cactusCactaceae    x
Opuntia phaeacanthaprickly pearCactaceae    x
Opuntia XvaseyiVasey's prickly pearCactaceae  x  
Heterocodon rariflorumfew-flowered heterocodonCampanulaceae    x
Lonicera subspicata var. denudatasouthern honeysuckleCaprifoliaceae xxxx
Sambucus mexicanablue elderberryCaprifoliaceae  xxx
Symphoricarpos molliscreeping snowberryCaprifoliaceae    x
Silene gallica*windmill pinkCaryophyllaceae xxxx
Silene laciniata ssp. majorsouthern Indian pinkCaryophyllaceae   xx
Spergularia sp.*Caryophyllaceae    x
Stellaria pallida*pale starwortCaryophyllaceae    x
Atriplex semibaccata*creeping Australian saltbushChenopodiaceaexxx x
Chenopodium album*white goosefootChenopodiaceaex x  
Chenopodium ambrosioides*Mexican teaChenopodiaceae    x
Chenopodium pumilio*clammy goosefootChenopodiaceae    x
Chenopodium rubrumred goosefootChenopodiaceae  x  
Salsola tragus*Russian thistleChenopodiaceaexxxxx
Helianthemum scopariumrockroseCistaceae  x x
Calystegia macrostegia ssp. intermediasouth coast morning-gloryConvolvulaceae x   
Calystegia macrostegia ssp. tenuifoliaSan Diego morning-gloryConvolvulaceaex xxx
Crassula connatapygmy-weedCrassulaceae    x
Dudleya edulisladies fingersCrassulaceaexxx x
Dudleya lanceolatalanceleaf dudleyaCrassulaceaex x x
Dudleya pulverulentachalk lettuceCrassulaceae    x
Dudleya pulverulenta ssp. pulverulentaCalifornia chalk lettuceCrassulaceaex x  
Marah macrocarpus var. macrocarpuswild-cucumberCucurbitaceaexxxxx
Cuscuta californica var. californicaCalifornia dodderCuscutaceaex x x
Cuscuta subinclusacanyon dodderCuscutaceae    x
Datisca glomerataDurango rootDatiscaceae    x
Arctostaphylos glandulosa ssp. glandulosaEastwood manzanitaEricaceae    x
Arctostaphylos glaucabigberry manzanitaEricaceae    x
Arctostaphylos rainbowensisRainbow manzanitaEricaceae    x
Xylococcus bicolormission manzanitaEricaceae xxxx
Chamaesyce micromeraSonoran spurgeEuphorbiaceae    x
Chamaesyce polycarpasmall-seeded spurgeEuphorbiaceaex x x
Croton californicusCalifornia crotonEuphorbiaceaex   x
Eremocarpus setigerusdove weedEuphorbiaceae  xxx
Tetracoccus dioicusParry's tetracoccusEuphorbiaceae  x x
Amorpha fruticosawestern false-indigoFabaceae    x
Hoita macrostachyaleather rootFabaceae    x
Lathyrus vestitus var. alefeldiiSan Diego peaFabaceae  xxx
Lotus corniculatus*bird's-foot lotusFabaceae    x
Lotus hamatusSan Diego birdsfoot lotusFabaceae   xx
Lotus heermannii var. heermanniisilky lotusFabaceaex xxx
Lotus purshianus var. purshianusSpanish cloverFabaceaex   x
Lotus scoparius var. brevialatusshort-winged deerweedFabaceaexxxxx
Lotus scoparius var. scopariusdeerweedFabaceae    x
Lotus strigosusBishop's lotusFabaceaex xxx
Lotus strigosus var. hirtellusBishop's lotusFabaceae    x
Lotus strigosus var. strigosusBishop's lotusFabaceae    x
Lupinus bicolordwarf lupineFabaceae  x x
Lupinus concinnusbajada lupineFabaceae  x  
Lupinus hirsutissimusstinging lupineFabaceaex x x
Lupinus sparsiflorusCoulter's lupineFabaceae  xxx
Lupinus truncatuscollar lupineFabaceaex xxx
Medicago polymorpha*California burcloverFabaceaexxxxx
Medicago sativa*alfalfaFabaceae  x x
Melilotus albus*white sweetcloverFabaceaex x x
Melilotus indicus*sourcloverFabaceaexxxxx
Trifolium willdenoviitomcat cloverFabaceae    x
Vicia benghalensis*purple vetchFabaceae    x
Vicia villosa ssp. varia*winter vetchFabaceaex x  
Quercus agrifolia var. agrifoliacoast live oakFagaceaexxxxx
Quercus berberidifoliascrub oakFagaceae    x
Quercus berberidifolia X Q. engelmanniiscrub oak X Engelmann oakFagaceae    x
Quercus engelmanniiEngelmann oakFagaceaexx  x
Quercus engelmannii X Q. XacutidensTorrey oak X Engelmann oakFagaceae  x  
Quercus wislizeni var. frutescensinterior live oakFagaceae    x
Quercus XacutidensTorrey's scrub oakFagaceae  xx 
Centaurium exaltatumdesert centauryGentianaceae    x
Centaurium venustumcanchalaguaGentianaceae    x
Eustoma exaltatumcatchfly prairie-gentianGentianaceae    x
Erodium botrys*long-beaked filareeGeraniaceae    x
Erodium cicutarium*redstem filareeGeraniaceaexxx x
Erodium moschatum*white-stemmed filareeGeraniaceaexxx  
Geranium carolinianumCarolina geraniumGeraniaceae    x
Ribes indecorumwhite-flowering currantGrossulariaceae    x
Ribes malvaceumchaparral currantGrossulariaceae    x
Eriodictyon crassifolium var. crassifoliumthick-leaved yerba santaHydrophyllaceae    x
Eucrypta chrysanthemifolia var. bipinnatifidaeucryptaHydrophyllaceae    x
Eucrypta chrysanthemifolia var. chrysanthemifoliaeucryptaHydrophyllaceae  xx 
Phacelia cicutaria var. hispidacaterpillar phaceliaHydrophyllaceae   xx
Phacelia minorwild canterbury bellsHydrophyllaceaex xxx
Phacelia ramosissima var. latifoliabranching phaceliaHydrophyllaceaex xxx
Pholistoma auritum var. auritumfiesta flowerHydrophyllaceae  xxx
Hypericum sp. Hypericaceae    x
Juglans californica var. californicaSouthern California black walnutJuglandaceae    x
Marrubium vulgare*horehoundLamiaceaex  xx
Salvia apianawhite sageLamiaceaexxxxx
Salvia columbariaechiaLamiaceae xxxx
Salvia melliferablack sageLamiaceae xxxx
Stachys ajugoides var. rigidarigid hedge-nettleLamiaceae    x
Trichostema lanceolatumvinegar weedLamiaceae    x
Lythrum californicumCalifornia loosestrifeLythraceae    x
Malacothamnus fasciculatuschaparral bush mallowMalvaceaex xxx
Malva parviflora*cheeseweedMalvaceae    x
Malva sylvestris*high mallowMalvaceaex    
Sidalcea malviflora ssp. sparsifoliacheckerbloomMalvaceae  xxx
Eucalyptus camaldulensis*Red River gumMyrtaceae    x
Eucalyptus globulus*blue gumMyrtaceae    x
Eucalyptus sideroxylon*red iron barkMyrtaceae    x
Eucalyptus tereticornis*forest red gumMyrtaceae    x
Abronia umbellata ssp. umbellatapink sand verbenaNyctaginaceae    x
Mirabilis californicaCalifornia four o'clockNyctaginaceaexxx x
Fraxinus velutinavelvet ashOleaceae    x
Olea europaea*oliveOleaceae    x
Camissonia bistortasouthern suncupOnagraceae  x  
Camissonia californicaCalifornia suncupOnagraceaex x x
Camissonia robustarobust sun-cupOnagraceae   x 
Clarkia purpurea ssp. quadrivulnerapurple clarkiaOnagraceae    x
Epilobium canum ssp. canumCalifornia fuchsiaOnagraceae  x x
Epilobium ciliatum ssp. ciliatumwillowherbOnagraceaex x x
Oenothera californica ssp. californicaCalifornia evening-primroseOnagraceae    x
Oenothera elata ssp. hookeriHooker's evening-primroseOnagraceae    x
Oxalis albicans ssp. pilosaCalifornia oxalisOxalidaceae  x x
Paeonia californicaCalifornia peonyPaeoniaceae x  x
Dicentra chrysanthagolden ear dropsPapaveraceae    x
Eschscholzia californicaCalifornia poppyPapaveraceaex xxx
Plantago erectaCalifornia plantainPlantaginaceae  xxx
Plantago lanceolata*English plantainPlantaginaceaex xxx
Plantago major*common plantainPlantaginaceae    x
Platanus racemosawestern sycamorePlatanaceae  xxx
Allophyllum gilioides ssp. gilioidesdense false-giliaPolemoniaceae    x
Eriastrum sapphirinumsapphire woolly-starPolemoniaceae    x
Gilia angelensisangel's giliaPolemoniaceae    x
Linanthus dianthiflorusground pinkPolemoniaceae    x
Navarretia atractyloidesholly-leaf navarretiaPolemoniaceae    x
Navarretia hamata ssp. hamatahooked skunkweedPolemoniaceae    x
Navarretia intertexta ssp. propinquaneedleleaf navarretiaPolemoniaceae  x x
Polygala cornuta var. fishiaeFish's milkwortPolygalaceae  xxx
Chorizanthe fimbriata var. fimbriatafringed spineflowerPolygonaceae  x x
Eriogonum elongatum var. elongatumlong-stemmed buckwheatPolygonaceae    x
Eriogonum fasciculatum var. fasciculatumCalifornia buckwheatPolygonaceae    x
Eriogonum fasciculatum var. foliolosumCalifornia buckwheatPolygonaceaexxxx 
Eriogonum fasciculatum var. polifoliumCalifornia buckwheatPolygonaceaex   x
Eriogonum gracile var. gracileslender buckwheatPolygonaceae    x
Polygonum lapathifoliumwillow weedPolygonaceae    x
Pterostegia drymarioidesthreadstemPolygonaceae   xx
Rumex crispus*curly dockPolygonaceaex    
Rumex salicifolius var. salicifoliuswillow-leaved dockPolygonaceae    x
Calandrinia ciliatared maidsPortulacaceae    x
Calyptridium monandrumcommon pussypawsPortulacaceae   x 
Claytonia perfoliata ssp. mexicanasouthern miner's lettucePortulacaceae  xxx
Claytonia perfoliata ssp. perfoliataminer's lettucePortulacaceae    x
Anagallis arvensis*scarlet pimpernelPrimulaceaexx xx
Dodecatheon clevelandii ssp. clevelandiishooting starPrimulaceae    x
Samolus parvifloruswater-pimpernelPrimulaceae    x
Clematis lasianthavirgin's bowerRanunculaceae  x  
Clematis ligusticifoliavirgin's bowerRanunculaceae    x
Clematis paucifloravirgin's bowerRanunculaceae xxxx
Thalictrum fendleri var. fendleriFendler's meadow-rueRanunculaceae  x  
Ceanothus crassifoliushoaryleaf ceanothusRhamnaceae  x x
Ceanothus crassifolius X C. greggii var. perplexanshybrid ceanothusRhamnaceae    x
Ceanothus crassifolius X C. ophiochilushybrid ceanothusRhamnaceae    x
Ceanothus integerrimusdeer brushRhamnaceae    x
Ceanothus tomentosusRamona lilacRhamnaceae    x
Ceanothus tomentosus var. olivaceusRamona lilacRhamnaceae  xx 
Rhamnus crocearedberryRhamnaceae    x
Rhamnus ilicifoliahollyleaf redberryRhamnaceaexxxxx
Adenostoma fasciculatumchamiseRosaceaex x x
Cercocarpus betuloides var. betuloidesbirch-leaf mountain-mahoganyRosaceae    x
Cercocarpus minutiflorusSan Diego mountain mahoganyRosaceae  x x
Heteromeles arbutifoliatoyonRosaceaex xxx
Potentilla glandulosa ssp. reflexasticky cinquefoilRosaceae    x
Prunus dulcis*almondRosaceae    x
Prunus ilicifolia ssp. ilicifoliahollyleaf cherryRosaceae    x
Prunus persica*Rosaceae    x
Rosa californicaCalifornia wild roseRosaceae  x x
Rubus ursinusCalifornia blackberryRosaceae  xxx
Galium angustifolium ssp. angustifoliumnarrowleaf bedstrawRubiaceaexxxxx
Galium aparinecommon bedstrawRubiaceae   xx
Galium nuttallii ssp. nuttalliiclimbing bedstrawRubiaceae xx  
Populus balsamifera ssp. trichocarpablack cottonwoodSalicaceaex   x
Populus fremontii ssp. fremontiiFremont cottonwoodSalicaceaex x x
Salix exiguanarrowleaf willowSalicaceaex x x
Salix gooddingiiblack willowSalicaceaex   x
Salix laevigatared willowSalicaceaex xxx
Salix lasiolepisarroyo willowSalicaceaex x x
Anemopsis californicayerba mansaSaururaceae    x
Jepsonia parryicoast jepsoniaSaxifragaceae  x x
Lithophragma affinewoodland starSaxifragaceae    x
Antirrhinum kelloggiitwining snapdragonScrophulariaceae    x
Antirrhinum nuttallianum ssp. nuttallianumpurple snapdragonScrophulariaceaex  xx
Castilleja exserta ssp. exsertapurple owl's cloverScrophulariaceae    x
Collinsia heterophyllaChinese housesScrophulariaceae    x
Cordylanthus rigidus ssp. setigerusbristly bird's beakScrophulariaceae xx x
Keckiella antirrhinoides var. antirrhinoideschaparral beard-tongueScrophulariaceae  xxx
Keckiella cordifoliaheartleaf penstemonScrophulariaceaexxxxx
Kickxia spuria*roundleaf fluellinScrophulariaceae  xx 
Linaria canadensisblue toad-flaxScrophulariaceae    x
Linaria canadensis var. texanarough-seeded blue toad-flaxScrophulariaceae   x 
Mimulus aurantiacusbush monkeyflowerScrophulariaceaexxxxx
Mimulus brevipeswide-throated yellow monkeyflowerScrophulariaceae   xx
Mimulus cardinalisscarlet monkeyflowerScrophulariaceae    x
Mimulus guttatuscommon monkeyflowerScrophulariaceae    x
Penstemon spectabilis var. spectabilisshowy penstemonScrophulariaceae    x
Scrophularia californica ssp. floribundaCalifornia bee plantScrophulariaceaex x x
Veronica anagallis-aquatica*water speedwellScrophulariaceae    x
Datura wrightiisacred daturaSolanaceaex x x
Nicotiana glauca*tree tobaccoSolanaceaex xxx
Solanum douglasiiwhite nightshadeSolanaceae    x
Solanum parishiiParish's purple nightshadeSolanaceae  xxx
Solanum xantipurple nightshadeSolanaceae    x
Tamarix ramosissima*saltcedarTamaricaceae  x x
Tropaeolum majus*nasturtiumTropaeolaceae  x  
Parietaria hespera var. hesperapellitoryUrticaceae   x 
Urtica dioica ssp. holosericeastinging nettleUrticaceae    x
Verbena scabrarough vervainVerbenaceae    x
Vitis girdianawild grapeVitaceae  xxx
Carex barbaraevalley sedgeCyperaceae    x
Carex spissaSan Diego sedgeCyperaceae  xxx
Carex triquetratriangular-fruit sedgeCyperaceae  x  
Cyperus eragrostisumbrella sedgeCyperaceae    x
Cyperus involucratus*umbrella plantCyperaceae    x
Eleocharis montevidensissand spikerushCyperaceae    x
Scirpus americanusAmerican tuleCyperaceaex x x
Scirpus californicusCalifornia tuleCyperaceae    x
Scirpus cernuusannual tuleCyperaceae    x
Scirpus maritimusprairie rushCyperaceae    x
Scirpus microcarpusmountain bog bulrushCyperaceae    x
Scirpus pungensthree-squareCyperaceae    x
Sisyrinchium bellumblue-eyed grassIridaceae    x
Juncus bryoidesmoss rushJuncaceae    x
Juncus effusus var. pacificusPacific rushJuncaceae  x x
Juncus mexicanusMexican rushJuncaceae    x
Juncus oxymerispointed rushJuncaceae    x
Juncus xiphioidesiris-leaved rushJuncaceae    x
Lemna sp.duckweedLemnaceae  x x
Asparagus officinalis ssp. officinalis*asparagusLiliaceae    x
Calochortus splendenssplendid mariposa lilyLiliaceae  x x
Chlorogalum pomeridianum var. pomeridianumsoap plantLiliaceae xx  
Chlorogalum sp.soap plantLiliaceae    x
Dichelostemma capitatum ssp. capitatumblue dicksLiliaceae  xxx
Yucca schidigeraMohave yuccaLiliaceae  x  
Yucca whippleichaparral yuccaLiliaceaex xxx
Achnatherum coronatumgiant needlegrassPoaceaex x x
Aristida adscensionissix-weeks three-awnPoaceae  x  
Arundo donax*giant reedPoaceae    x
Avena barbata*slender wild oatsPoaceaexxx x
Avena fatua*wild oatsPoaceaexxx  
Bromus carinatus var. carinatusCalifornia bromePoaceae  xx 
Bromus diandrus*ripgut bromePoaceaexxx x
Bromus hordeaceus*soft chessPoaceaexxxxx
Bromus madritensis ssp. rubens*red bromePoaceaexxxx 
Chloris virgata*feather finger grassPoaceae  x x
Cortaderia jubata*pampas grassPoaceae  x  
Cynodon dactylon*Bermuda grassPoaceaexxx x
Distichlis spicatasaltgrassPoaceae    x
Elymus glaucus ssp. glaucusblue wildryePoaceae  x  
Festuca arundinacea*tall fescuePoaceaex    
Gastridium ventricosum*nit grassPoaceaexxx  
Hordeum murinum ssp. leporinum*foxtail barleyPoaceaexx   
Hordeum vulgare var. trifurcatum*cultivated barleyPoaceae    x
Lamarckia aurea*goldentopPoaceaex x  
Leptochloa uninerviaMexican sprangletopPoaceae    x
Leymus condensatusgiant wild ryePoaceae  xxx
Lolium multiflorum*Italian rye-grassPoaceae    x
Lolium perenne*English rye-grassPoaceae    x
Melica imperfectasmall-flowered melicaPoaceae xxxx
Muhlenbergia microspermalittleseed muhlyPoaceae  x x
Muhlenbergia rigensdeergrassPoaceae    x
Nassella cernuanodding needlegrassPoaceae x   
Nassella lepidafoothill needlegrassPoaceae  x x
Nassella pulchrapurple needlegrassPoaceaex   x
Paspalum distichumknot grassPoaceae    x
Pennisetum setaceum*fountain grassPoaceae x   
Piptatherum miliaceum*smilo grassPoaceae  xx 
Polypogon monspeliensis*rabbits-foot grassPoaceaex x x
Schismus barbatus*Mediterranean schismusPoaceaex xxx
Sporobolus airoidesalkali sacatonPoaceae    x
Vulpia myuros*rattail fescuePoaceae    x
Vulpia myuros var. myuros*rattail fescuePoaceaex    
Sparganium eurycarpum ssp. eurycarpumbur-reedTyphaceae    x
Typha domingensissouthern cattailTyphaceaex x x
Typha latifoliabroadleaf cattailTyphaceae    x
Azolla filiculoidesmosquito fernAzollaceae    x
Pteridium aquilinum var. pubescensbrackenDennstaedtiaceae  x x
Dryopteris argutaCalifornia wood fernDryopteridaceae  x x
Equisetum hyemale ssp. affinehorsetailEquisetaceae    x
Equisetum laevigatumsmooth scouring rushEquisetaceaex   x
Polypodium californicumCalifornia polypodyPolypodiaceae  xxx
Adiantum jordaniiCalifornia maidenhair fernPteridaceae    x
Cheilanthes newberryicotton fernPteridaceaex x x
Pellaea andromedifoliacoffee fernPteridaceaexxxxx
Pellaea mucronata var. mucronatabird's-foot fernPteridaceaexxx x
Selaginella bigeloviiBigelow's spike-mossSelaginellaceaexxx x

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