Flora of Palo Verde Canyon and Upper Wash and Nearby Areas

Palo Verde Canyon, looking north, near the upper part of our 4/9/08 survey.

Palo Verde, Cercidium floridum ssp. floridum, 4/9/08

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Interesting Species


This checklist is a start at a flora of Palo Verde Canyon, resulting from vouchers and from three field surveys (map):

A total of 113 taxa were found in the union of all three surveys. One additional species was added on a brief stop on 2 April 2010 by Tom Chester and James Dillane.

Vouchers were searched on 16 February 2011, restricted to the area north of Highway S22 in the vicinity of Palo Verde Wash. Vouchers not clearly collected along or north of S22 were rejected. This resulted in 63 vouchers of 48 taxa.

The vouchers were from just five collectors:

# Vouchers% VouchersCollector
3048%Bill Sullivan
1829%Joe Barth
711%Michael Curto
711%R. Mitchel Beauchamp, R. C. Pierce
12%Guy L. Fleming
63100%All Collectors

Only two of those vouchered taxa were not found in our field surveys. Both are from areas not covered by our surveys. Cryptantha racemosa is vouchered from Palo Verde Spring beyond our survey end in the canyon. Asclepias subulata is vouchered from a bit to the west of our surveyed area near S22.

Interesting Species

The species found here that are found in few other areas are:

Checklist for Palo Verde Canyon

This Checklist also includes species found in the neighboring canyons to the west and east of Palo Verde Canyon. Each canyon has its own separate column in the checklist; species from Palo Verde Canyon are identified by the bolded entries in the column with the header PV.

The Checklist is sorted first by category - dicots, monocots, and ferns - and then by family and scientific name. The Family (given as a the first five letters of the name for brevity) and Scientific Name are from the 1993 first edition Jepson Manual. An asterisk before the Common Name indicates a non-native taxon.

The five rightmost columns give the "estimated minimum number of plants" found on the field surveys for each area, up to a maximum of 99 plants. If a voucher exists for a species in a given area, but we have not observed it, the column contains a V.

The areas and their column headers are:

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#FamilyScientific Name(*)Common Name# of Plants
1PteriCheilanthes parryiwoolly lipfern129928  
2PteriNotholaena californicaCalifornia cloak fern 4  
3EphedEphedra asperaMormon tea 997  
4AmaraTidestromia oblongifoliaArizona honeysweet   1
5ApiacTauschia argutasouthern tauschia  2  
6AscleAsclepias albicanswhite-stemmed milkweed  1 2
7AscleAsclepias subulatarush milkweed8 V 10
8AscleSarcostemma hirtellumrambling milkweed 9920540
9AsterAcamptopappus sphaerocephalus var. sphaerocephalusgoldenhead2   
10AsterAdenophyllum porophylloidesSan Felipe dogweed1433 
11AsterAmbrosia dumosaburroweed9999993099
12AsterBebbia juncea var. asperasweetbush3063805099
13AsterBrickellia desertorumdesert brickellia 2  
14AsterCalycoseris wrightiiwhite tackstem50 2992
15AsterChaenactis carphoclinia var. carphocliniapebble pincushion99459945 
16AsterChaenactis stevioidesdesert pincushion10 40 50
17AsterEncelia farinosabrittlebush9999995099
18AsterEncelia frutescensbutton encelia20   
19AsterFilago californicaCalifornia filago50508  
20AsterGeraea canescenshairy desert-sunflower1 5 50
21AsterGutierrezia californicaCalifornia matchweed11  
22AsterHymenoclea salsola var. salsolacheesebush9999999999
23AsterIsocoma acradenia var. acradeniaalkali goldenbush   1
24AsterMalacothrix glabratadesert dandelion10 10 10
25AsterMonoptilon bellioidesdesert star20 30 10
26AsterPalafoxia arida var. aridadesert needle2 102099
27AsterPectis papposa var. papposachinch-weedV   
28AsterPerityle emoryiEmory's rock-daisy9910504099
29AsterPeucephyllum schottiipygmy-cedar1060994 
30AsterPleurocoronis plurisetaarrow-leaf 99501020
31AsterPrenanthella exiguabright-white20   
32AsterPsathyrotes ramosissimaturtleback  1  
33AsterRafinesquia neomexicanadesert chicory103101030
34AsterSenecio mohavensisMojave ragwort50209910 
35AsterStephanomeria pauciflora var. pauciflorawire-lettuce3099654040
36AsterTrichoptilium incisumyellow-head13 20 10
37AsterTrixis californica var. californicaCalifornia trixis102512 
38AsterViguiera parishiiParish's viguiera 4  
39AsterXylorhiza orcuttiiOrcutt's woody-aster   99
40BoragCryptantha angustifolianarrow-leaved cryptantha991991099
41BoragCryptantha barbigerabearded cryptantha605030530
42BoragCryptantha barbigera var. fergusoniaeSanta Rosa Mountain bearded cryptantha2 9910 
43BoragCryptantha decipiensgravel cryptantha  V 
44BoragCryptantha maritimaGuadalupe cryptantha9965993099
45BoragCryptantha micranthapurple-root cryptantha   5
46BoragCryptantha nevadensisNevada cryptantha3   
47BoragCryptantha pterocaryawing-nut cryptantha  3 
48BoragCryptantha pterocarya var. cyclopterawing-nut cryptantha  V 
49BoragCryptantha racemosabushy cryptantha  V  
50BoragCryptantha utahensisscented cryptantha  V 
51BoragPectocarya heterocarpachuckwalla pectocarya  555
52BoragPectocarya platycarpabroad-fruited combseed2 1550
53BoragPectocarya recurvatacurvenut combseed50 20  
54BoragPlagiobothrys jonesiiJones' popcorn flower  1V 
55BoragTiquilia palmeriPalmer's coldenia10 10  
56BrassBrassica tournefortii*Asian mustard9960999999
57BrassDescurainia pinnata ssp. glabrasmooth western tansy-mustard   10
58BrassDithyrea californicaspectacle-pod5 20 99
59BrassGuillenia lasiophyllaCalifornia mustard  102
60BrassLepidium lasiocarpum var. lasiocarpumhairy-podded pepper-grass5215993099
61BrassSisymbrium irio*London rocket  992020
62BrassSisymbrium orientale*Oriental mustard  99  
63BrassStreptanthella longirostrislongbeak streptanthella   2
64BurseBursera microphyllaelephant tree  11?  
65CactaEchinocactus polycephalus var. polycephaluscottontop cactus117  
66CactaEchinocereus engelmanniiEngelmann's hedgehog cactus 21  
67CactaFerocactus cylindraceusCalifornia barrel cactus999999210
68CactaMammillaria tetrancistrafish-hook cactus2 5 5
69CactaOpuntia basilaris var. basilarisbeavertail cactus601559155
70CactaOpuntia bigeloviiteddy-bear cholla999999217
71CactaOpuntia echinocarpasilver cholla99 20320
72CactaOpuntia ganderiGander's cholla994040 60
73CactaOpuntia ramosissimapencil cholla30 52210
74CampaNemacladus glanduliferus var. glanduliferusglandular nemacladus203015  
75CaryoAchyronychia cooperifrost mat10 35V1
76ChenoAtriplex canescens ssp. canescensfour-wing saltbush   12
77ChenoAtriplex hymenelytradesert holly  30599
78ChenoAtriplex polycarpacattle saltbush   10
79ChenoChenopodium murale*nettle-leaved goosefoot  5 V
80CrassCrassula connatapygmy-weed99   
81CrossCrossosoma bigeloviirock crossosoma 125V 
82EuphoChamaesyce micromeraSonoran spurgeV   
83EuphoChamaesyce polycarpasmall-seeded spurge5060994060
84EuphoChamaesyce setilobastarfish (Yuma) spurge1 2V 
85EuphoCroton californicusCalifornia crotonV   
86EuphoDitaxis lanceolatanarrowleaf ditaxis993810 
87EuphoEuphorbia erianthabeetle spurge115220 
88EuphoStillingia spinulosaannual stillingia  1 5
89FabacAcacia greggiicatclaw570905040
90FabacAstragalus crotalariaeSalton milk-vetch   1
91FabacCercidium floridum ssp. floridumblue palo verde572991 
92FabacDalea mollissimadowny dalea3 101 
93FabacLotus rigidusdesert lotus 25  
94FabacLotus salsuginosus var. brevivexillusshort-bannered coastal lotus 2  
95FabacLotus strigosusstrigose lotus3 29999
96FabacLupinus arizonicusArizona lupine3015509999
97FabacLupinus concinnusbajada lupine1   
98FabacMarina parryiParry's marina 95  
99FabacOlneya tesotaironwood 11 
100FabacProsopis glandulosa var. torreyanahoney mesquite 1  
101FabacPsorothamnus emoryiEmory's indigo-bush2  6
102FabacPsorothamnus schottiiindigo bush5050104070
103FabacPsorothamnus spinosussmoke tree1011209999
104FabacSenna covesiiCoves's cassia 3  
105FouquFouquieria splendens ssp. splendensocotillo9999999999
106GeranErodium cicutarium*redstem filaree  40  
107GeranErodium texanumTexas filaree5 75  
108HydroEmmenanthe penduliflora var. penduliflorawhispering bells5 1010 
109HydroPhacelia crenulata var. ambiguaheliotrope phacelia9950509999
110HydroPhacelia crenulata var. minutifloralittle-flowered heliotrope phacelia   1
111HydroPhacelia pedicellatapedicellate phacelia  2  
112KrameKrameria erectaPima rhatany99 21 
113KrameKrameria grayiwhite rhatany751020160
114LamiaHyptis emoryidesert-lavender3099995040
115LamiaSalvia columbariaechia 565  
116LamiaSalvia vaseyiVasey's sage 3013  
117LoasaMentzelia albicauliswhite-stemmed blazing star1 1  
118LoasaMentzelia involucratabracted blazing star25 52 
119LoasaPetalonyx thurberi ssp. thurberiThurber's sandpaper-plant30 230
120MalvaEremalche rotundifoliadesert five-spot5 2  
121MalvaHibiscus denudatusrock hibiscus99602051
122MalvaHorsfordia newberryiNewberry's velvet mallow 50710 
123MalvaSphaeralcea ambigua var. ambiguaapricot mallow 42  
124NyctaAbronia villosa var. villosahairy sand-verbena20 30 99
125NyctaAllionia incarnatatrailing four o'clock10 20101
126NyctaBoerhavia intermediafivewing spiderling30 30  
127NyctaMirabilis bigelovii var. bigeloviiBigelow's desert four-o'clock  VV
128NyctaMirabilis bigelovii var. retrorsaBigelow's desert four-o'clock309930202
129OnagrCamissonia boothii ssp. condensataBooth's evening primrose502251010
130OnagrCamissonia californicaCalifornia suncup9999999999
131OnagrCamissonia cardiophylla ssp. cardiophyllaheartleaf sun-cup 15161 
132OnagrCamissonia claviformis ssp. peirsoniibrown-eyed primrose99 999999
133OnagrOenothera deltoides ssp. deltoidesdune primrose20  1
134OrobaOrobanche cooperiCooper's broom-rape  2 
135PapavEschscholzia minutiflora ssp. minutiflorasmall-flowered poppy5020999999
136PapavEschscholzia parishiiParish's poppy201509920
137PlantPlantago ovatadesert plantain99 99199
138PolemEriastrum eremicum ssp. eremicumdesert woolly-star 4599  
139PolemGilia latifoliabroad-leaf gilia 1310470
140PolemGilia stellatastar gilia10 20103
141PolemLangloisia setosissima ssp. setosissimabristly langloisia5  4
142PolemLinanthus jonesiiJones' linanthus7 1 
143PolemLoeseliastrum matthewsiidesert calico  20  
144PolemLoeseliastrum schottiiSchott's calico15   
145PolygChorizanthe brevicornu var. brevicornubrittle spineflower9920992030
146PolygChorizanthe rigidadevil's spineflower10 35 1
147PolygEriogonum deflexum var. deflexumflat-topped buckwheat   20
148PolygEriogonum fasciculatum var. polifoliumCalifornia buckwheat 81  
149PolygEriogonum inflatumdesert trumpet3080403010
150PolygEriogonum thomasiiThomas' buckwheat2099992040
151PolygEriogonum wrightii var. nodosumWright's buckwheat 83  
152PolygPterostegia drymarioidesthreadstem202031 
153PortuCalandrinia ambiguadesert red maids   50
154ResedOligomeris linifolialineleaf whitepuffV 2  
155RubiaGalium stellatum var. eremicumstar-flowered bedstraw 51V 
156ScropMohavea confertifloraghost flower2150V 
157SimmoSimmondsia chinensisjojoba 51  
158SolanDatura discolordesert thornapple  1 
159SolanLycium cooperiCooper's box-thorn  V 
160SolanNicotiana obtusifoliadesert tobacco 10105 
161SolanPhysalis crassifoliathick-leaved ground cherry1321 
162StercAyenia compactaayenia 1  
163ViscaPhoradendron californicumdesert mistletoe1750301023
164ZygopFagonia laevisCalifornia fagonia65   
165ZygopFagonia pachyacanthasticky fagonia  303 
166ZygopKallstroemia californicaCalifornia caltropV   
167ZygopLarrea tridentatacreosote bush9999995099
168LiliaAgave desertidesert agave9999995 
169LiliaHesperocallis undulatadesert lily10 4 10
170OrchiEpipactis giganteastream orchid V  
171PoaceAristida adscensionissix-weeks three-awn99 99320
172PoaceAristida californica var. californicaCalifornia three-awnV   
173PoaceAristida purpureapurple three-awn30201 
174PoaceAristida purpurea var. parishiiParish three-awn  V 
175PoaceBouteloua aristidoides var. aristidoidesneedle grama  5  
176PoaceBromus madritensis ssp. rubens*red brome 599  
177PoacePleuraphis rigidabig galleta4575102099
178PoaceSchismus barbatus*Mediterranean schismus9999999999
179PoaceVulpia bromoides*brome fescue 101010 

We thank Aaron Schusteff and Bob Case for help with the 2/18/11 survey; Kate Shapiro for help with the 4/9/08 survey; and RT and Shaun Hawke for help with the 12/23/11 survey.

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